I am sorry khushi (ishra,arshi,swasan) epi 27 and 28

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Hi guys…

The day was going well.
The haldi and mehandi functions was taking place. This time all boys were allowed…

Arnav was seating near khushi.
Anjali: what name I can right? asr? Or a?
Arnav: write asr…
Khushi: ok fine.
Arnav whispers in her ears.
Arnav: u were hurted na when u wrote in lavanya’s hands?
Khushi nods.
Arnav sides hugs her…
Anjali: don’t u feel shame arnav doing romance infront of ur sister?
Arnav: sister only na.
Anjali: chi. She finishes and leaves…
Khushi: arnav.
Arnav; just for fun yaar…..
Khushi smiles…

Haldi function also goes well…

At last the marriage day…
Arnav and khushi exchange garlands and take oath by taking 7 rounds around the fire and he he ties the mangalustra …
Khushi gets teary eyed and her tears falls in arnav’s hands while tying.
Arnav wipes her tears.
Pandit declares them both as husband and wife…

Some noise come from the other side of the stage.
Someone in mike.
Person: I want to say sorry to my cute sister…
Khushi: nk..
Nk: I know I got late and she didn’t speak to me when she knows that I am not coming for her marriage. I tried to come but god itself wanted to punish me by ur beatings as the flight were late. I am sorry. I am sorry.
Khushi runs and hugs nk.
Nk: u r bride today not running racer.
Khushi beats nk…
Nk smiles…
Everyone enjoys the awesome moment.
In the other side…

In ishra’s room.
Raman was seating in the bed seeing his laptop.
Ishita hugs him from behind by singing his fav song.

Hum tera bin ab rahe nahi sakte
Tere bin na kya va jud mera………..
Raman smiles but controls it and removes her hand In anger…
Ishita turns him in her side and keeps her hands in his shoulder and makes him dances.
Raman didn’t show any reaction…
She pushes him in bed and starts tickling him.
Raman laughs….
Ishita: doing so over mr bhalla. How much time u will be this much stubborn. Khadoos.
Raman: ok . sorry.
Ishita: I am sorry. we all did it for fun really. Just wanted to pull ur legs…
Raman smiles..
Raman: I will say how to pull ur legs saying this he oushes ishita towards him and ishita falls on him.
Ishita blushes…

Few days passes on meanwhile everyone were happy with the life..
At morning…
Arnav already woke and went down for having coffee meanwhile anjali comes there….
Anjali: bhabi coffee….
Khushi: what do u want tell me directly.
Anjali sits on the bed.
Anjali: I am in love…
Khushi: oh my god? What?
Anjali: I am afraid to tell everyone…
Khushi: oh my god. Superb.
Anjali: arnav will scold me..
Khushi: leave that to me .. I will take care of him…
Anjali: thank u bhabi. I love u. this is why I tell everything to u..
Khushi smiles…
Khushi: show the boy photo and how long were u in love madam?…
Anjali:for the past 7 months… here see his pic..
She shows a pic.
Khushi gets hocked seeing the pic..
Anjali: his name is rahul…
Khushi: ok I will speak to him. can u leave me alone for 5 mins.
Anjali: what happened?
Khushi: u go na. I will come.
Anjali: ok fine. she leaves..
Khushi: rahul…….
She remembers his words.
I will make u suffer miss khushi maheshwari….
Khushi sits with a thud.
Khushi: he is cheating anjali. How can I make her understand. I will say to arnav. no he will get anger and react badly. I shall seek idea from nk…
Khushi phones nk as he was in US for an work..
Khushi: nk , there is a problem..
Nk: what khushi.
Khushi explains everything…
Nk: what .. anjali loves that person?
Khushi: yes nk.i don’t know what to do. I am afraid nk..
Nk: u go and speak to him and apologise and request him to not do this..
Khushi: ok I will do as u say.
Nk: don’t worry. Everything will be fine.
Khushi: thank u nk.
She cuts the call.
She receives a call from unknown no..
Khushi: hello…
Rahul: remember me?
Khushi: rahul?
Rahul: I think u remember.
Khushi: what do u want?
Rahul: meet me at xyz coffee shop..
Khushi: ok fine . I will be at 5 pm..
She cuts the call.
She was sitting thinking ..
That time arnav came and hug her.
Arnav: what happened madam? Looking so worried..
Khushi: nothing arnav. does my look worried.
Arnav: u r hiding something? Tell me what is it..
Khushi: kuch nahi arnav; everything is fine.
Arnav: ok. leave it.u wont tell me anything if it is there also.
Khushi: it is there means I will say. what can I say if it is not there.
Khushi: why r u mood off now?
Arnav: u r not even looking after me. u r always with everyone chatting with them..
Khushi: u r going to office so I am chatting with them. And u r always busy with ur laptop saying I have this work. I have that work.not even sleeping properly. Late night work.
Arnav: so can I spend some time with my wife now is she free now?
Saying this he pulls her and makes her sit near him.
Khushi: no ur wife is not free as she have an important job now to do.
Arnav: I wont leave her.
Saying this he tightly holds her.
Khushi:arnav leave na.
Arnav: no I have not hold ur hands to leave.
Khushi: I knew..
Arnav: and I will never leave..
Khushi: if a situation comes like that , like u will leave my hand.
Arnav closes her outh.
Arnav: wont u speak anything positively.
Khushi smiles.
Arnav: don’t speak like that hereafter.
Khushi: promise.
Khushi gets up.
Khushi: ok bye mr raizada. I have to go down.
She leaves down winking him.
Arnav smiles….

Meanwhile swara was getting a call.
Swara: doctor tell me? did the report came?
Doctor: yeah swara. results are positive. U r pregnant.
Swara: really doctor. Thank u thank u so much
Doctor: ur welcome. U r healthy and come to check up. I don’t know how u didn t know that u r pregnant.it is ur 3 rd month running.
Swara: I felt sometimes like that doctor, but I take tablets and sleep..
Doctor: don’t take that tablets and all take the vitamins , that will be enough.
Swara: thank u doctor.
She cuts the call and she has a cute smile.
Meanwhile sanskar comes inside the room …
He sees swara smiling..
Sanskar: I think I should show u to a doctor yaar. seriously . from 3 months I am noticing u r laughing alone and ur attitude is different.
Swara smiles.
swara: I think u need a doctor..
sanskar: why?
Swara: don’t know how u r going to manage me?
Sanskar: why what happened.
Swara: u cant control my mood swings sanky..
Sanskar: why will ur mood swing. Only pregnant lady will have only these mood swings. R u pregnant for ur mood swings. He realizes..
Swara smiles….
Sanskar hugs her.
Swara: u r going to become father…
Sanskar: thank u swara. thank u so much. u then ma. u have given me everything. when did u come to know?
Swara: now only and I don’t know that I was pregnant for 3 months. U know I felt dizzy sometime and vomiting but I didn’t tell anyone and slept taking tablets.
Sanskar: idiot r u. wont u say a word..
Swara smiles.
Sanskar hugs her again.
Sanskar: I don’t believe at all.
Swara pinches him ..
Sanskar smiles.
Swara: we will inform all.

They both go down…
Sanskar: everyone come down please….
Swara: fast..
All of them comes down…
Sarika: what happened swara?
Swara: mom hereafter u should do whatever I ask.
Sanskar: mom hereafter I am not going to office.
Raman: why?
Swara: hereafter I cant play anything with u guys.
Ishita: why what happened.
Sanskar: u all r going to get promotion soon..
Khushi: what r u saying. Promotion. She understood.
Khushi: really.
Swara nods.
Khushi: oh my god I am going to become bua then..
Arnav: what khushi. how come u be bua. He realizes. Hey congrats.
Ishita hugs swara.
Ishita: very happy for u both.
Arnav and raman hugs sanky..
Everyone congragulates them. Thye distribute sweets and have a gala time.
Slowly the time runs and the clock strikes 4.30 pm..
Khushi hear starts beating fastly and her fears starts taking over her..

Khushi takes her bag and tells them that she is going out for a job and leaves.
At coffee shop.
Khushi was waiting meanwhile rahul comes there.
Rahul: hi khushi…
Khushi: what do u want?
Rahul: I want revenge from u. u made me arrest na. taking revenge through ur fav sister.
Khushi: she is innocent don’t do anything to her.
Rahul: u wont get affected when I hurt u. that is why through ur sister. u will feel guilty khushi . I promise u one day everyone will leave u and u will become a anaad like a person who is having no person in her life. I will make ur family against u..
Khushi: please don’t do this..
Rahul: see I need this only.
Khushi gets up and slaps him.
Khushi smiles.
Khushi: my family will never leave mr rahul. They wont believe ur sayings at all. They will be my support. Firsts I was afraid. But I am not. I will explain anjali..
Rahul: try ur best.
He leaves.
Khushi leaves to the house meanwhile..

Anjali says about he rlove to everyone there.
Anjali: I love him bhai. I love him..
Arnav hugs anjali.
Arnav: why r u this much hesitant to tell me?
Raman: we will support u in all decisions anju.
Swara cups her face..
Swara: don’t feel shy . come on..
Anjali smiles. Meanwhile khushi enters.
Anjali runs and hugs khushi.
Khushi: what happened anjali..
Anjali: I told them all.
Khushi gets shocked…
Anjali: they accepted. She says smilingly.
Khushi thinks.
How can I say u anjali. That man is not trustworthy..
Khushi: wow. Excuse me.
She goes to her room and locks herself.
Khushi cries.
Khushi: because of me she is trapped. What I can do now. I should inform about this… I should say her.
She wipes her tears and goes down and signs anjali to come to the room..
Khushi: anjali. I want to tell u one thing.
Anjali: what happened khushi?
Khushi: anjali I wont allow u to marry him.
Anjali gets shocked.
Khushi: u should not marry him. he is a cheap. U know. he.
Anjali: bus khushi. don’t u dare say anyword about him. I love him and I will amrry him onlu. He told me that u will tell like this. but I told him that my khushi will not say like this. what is the problem between u both?
Khushi: he is not a good boy. He is an womenaizer anjali. He have rapped many one.
Anjali slaps khushi.
Anjali: not a word. U r not anything to me. don’t try to stop this marriage if so then I may do anything. anjali leaves angrily..
Khushi cries out of helplessness…

Arnav enters…
Arnav: what happened khushi?
Khushi: arnav…
She hugs him…
Arnav: what happened?
Khushi: the person anjali is loving is not a good person arnav.
Arnav: what?
Khushi: yeah.he is an cheap. He is an womanizer. I know him very well..
Arnav: what happened khushi?
Khushi thinks not to tell about his behavior to her as he will be worried…
Khushi: he behaved bad with ritu(khushi’s college friend), we both only went and made him arrested. She showed his photo.
Arnav: ok , I will verify. Don’t worry.
Khushi: anjali’s life shouldn’t be fallen into a trap arnav. please.
Arnav: ok. I will take care. Don’t worry. Don’t cry. u r strong princess na. don’t cry .
He makes her drink water and made her lie In his laps.
Khushi: arnav whatever the situation u wont leave me na?
Arnav: khushi. why r u speaking like this. I promise u, I will never ever leave..
She sleeps in his laps…
Arnav places properly with pillows and comes out of the room and calls a person for investigation.
Arnav: I don’t understand anything.

The next day…
Arnav gets an information, he takes khushi to the police station…
Arnav: khushi. u didn’t see that rahul face properly. See this is the rahul u told not the person anjali loves. They both r differen.
Khushi sees in the FIR COPY and gets shocked.
Khushi: no this is false arnav.
Inspector: u complained to me only na.
Khushi: yes sir. But this is false. This is false report. I can still remember his face inspector.
Inspector: yeah , u have been drugged na then how can u remember his face?
Khushi: what drugged sir? I have not been drugged
Arnav: what drugged sir.
Inspector: actually sir the person complained here is khushi, not any ritu. She gave complain that he raped her.
Khushi gets shocked.
Khushi: no this is false. Don’t u have shame to say like that. I complained for eve teasing.not like this. I have my FIR COPY in my house. U r lying.
Inspector: madam.i am not lying . I am telling the truth..
Arnav: khushi is it real?
Khushi: no arnav , he is lying.. I told lie as u will be worried. but this Is not the truth. Please arnav don’t trust me.
Arnav: ok relax, show me the fir copy in home come.

They both reach home and khushi searches the bag in which she kept and gets shocked seeing another report.
Arnav sees this.
Arnav: what is this khushi. u could have informed me na…
Khushi: arnav,this is false .. everything Is false.. leave me alone..
Khushi runs to another room and locks the door.
She sits with a thud unabling to recall what is happening around…
Khushi: I will prove myself. I will prove.
She washes her face and goes to her room.
Arnav was sitting there.
Khushi kneels down.
Khushi: u believe me na arnav..
Arnav: no khushi. I believe this paper. U could have told me na..
Khushi: give me 5 days time arnav. I will prove myself. I will show u all the things are conspirations against me , .actually that day. She informs what happened. This only happened and nothing else. I know myself arnav. please give me 5 days time.
Arnav: ok fine.if u not prove then.
Khushi: I will itself marry anjali to rahul. I will prove arnav. I am confident. I will go to any extent arnav. I wont care about anyone in this matter. This is something related to my dignity.

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  3. Jasminerahul

    Sad that rahul trapped anjali to take revenge on khushi. Anjali even slapped khushi when she tried to say the truth.so bad.anjali will suffer for this. Poor khushi..that rahul played such a game that even Arnav didn’t believe her.how can you Arnav? Guess khushi failed to prove the truth and that’s how anjali rahul married and anjali suffered

  4. Jasminerahul

    Ishita melting raman was cute.swasan scene was so nice. Swara pregnant. Wow

    1. Akshaya.123

      thank u jasmine rahul so much

  5. If people give false FIR. Khushi should know who will support her, it is NK. Khushi should leave Arnav and go and stay with NK for her safety. Arnav will realised that Khushi left him for good and blamed on Anjali for Khushi leaving him. Arnav will secret to investigate on Rahul. Arnav will be shocking to the core of how Rahul hurt Anjali and will blame himself for getting Rahul married to Anjali and Khushi leaving. NK will take care of Khushi and give her job in other country. Arnav will be shattered by Khushi leaving him and friends because of Rahul.

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      thank u parichar

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