Kriyam-meri aashique tumse hi ep4

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Krishna was heading for her meeting. She got down and stood in front of the building. It was her collage. The place where her love story with Sayyam started. She had many beautiful memories with it. One such memory flashed in her mind, it was when she had met Sayyam for the first time.


Aakchuuuuu Krishna sneezed, she was very sick. Her roommate kritika asked her to go to the doctor or she will get more sick. Krishna came after sometime, and suddenly the lights went of. Krishna in dark opened the door of her room and entered, but suddenly she tripped over the rug and fell on something. She could make out that it was a man. She thought it was kritika but by the time the man also slipped from his feet, Krishna screamed the man also let out a scream hearing Krishna’s scream and both landed on the fllor with Krishna on top. Krishna’s hair scattered on the man’s face. He slowly removed her hair from his face just then the light came back and Krishna and the man’s eyes met. ( the face is revealed to be Sayyam). Sayyam kept looking into krishna’s eyes they both get lost in each other’s eyes not realizing their position. If only Krishna knew that moment will change her life forever. Their eye lock was broken when kritika and her boyfriend akash came from the door,kritika looked at Sayyam and Krishna shocked. Krishna and Sayyam got up and composed themselves. Sayyam had got a little hurt in his back.
Kritika: Krishna how did you both end up on floor.
Sayyam: kritika, it’s all your roommate’s fault. Firstly she sprang through the door. Then the lights went of. And then she tripped over the rug and fell on me, and how can I handle so much weight, I lost my balance and fell along with her on the floor.

Krishna: what’s my fault in this. I didn’t knew the lights will go of. And you’ll be there standing right in front of the door, and did you just call me fat?
Sayyam: it’s your fault, you could have at least looked at your steps. And no I didn’t call you fat.
Krishna: listen you, your too much, firstly you blamed me for nothing and plus you’re calling me fat.
Sayyam: I didn’t call you fat, and stop your drama and accept, it’s because of you I fell in the floor.
Kritika: guys stop it. But Sayyam what were you doing in our room.
Sayyam: I came with aakash to meet preeti. After I met her I came to your room to take aakash and leave, but I bumped into your roommate.
Krishna: but it’s not my fault that you’ve hurt yourself now.
Sayyam: fine meri maa.
Krishna glared at Sayyam and Sayyam angrily looked at her

Flash back ends.
A smile formed on Krishna’s face, she remembered how she and Sayyam always had silly arguments. But then something came in her mind, Sayyam’s words rang in her ears “I hate you Krishna”. Those words brought tears in her eyes. Krishna wiped the tears that were flowing down her cheeks, she then left for her meeting.

Khanna house
Sayyam was standing at the gate of khanna house remembering all the memories he has with this house. Here I come my friend he said and knocked on the door.. Ankita opened the door and saw Sayyam.
Ankita called everyone and then a hugging session started. Everyone was happy to met Sayyam back. Sayyam to was like a part of their family . They sat talking and time flew just like that it was now dinner time Krishna didn’t arrive from the meeting but messaged Rahul saying she’ll be late and not to wait for her. They all ate their dinner and Sayyam then went to his room.

Krishna arrived after some time. Everyone was sleeping so she directly went to her room. Krishna changed into her bedtime clothes. But suddenly the lights go off. Krishna had been scared of dark since childhood. She decided to head to the kitchen to get the candle. Meanwhile Sayyam feels thirsty so he also leaves to go to kitchen. Krishna goes to kitchen and gets the candle and leaves for her room. Just then Sayyam enters the kitchen and grabs the glass and drinks the water. But because of the darkness he couldn’t see where he was going and hence he tripped over the dinning table chair he screamed in pain aaaoch . Krishna was taking the first step of the stair when she heard Sayyam’s scream. Krishna could make out that it was neither Rahul or rohit. The first thing that came in her mind was there is a thief in the house. She thought to follow the thief and catch him red handed. She blew of the candle flame and watched the man going toward Rahul’s room Krishna followed him but instead he went to the room opposite to rahul’s .

Krishna kept following him. Krishna saw him open the cupboard. Krishna slowly entered the room. Sayyam didn’t notice her enter the room. Krishna stood beside the cupboard. Sayyam was searching for the ointment for the bruise on his toe. He then turned to go to his bedside table to get his phone for torch. Sayyam got his phone and he was now standing at the foot of his bed when Krishna thought to catch him. She slowly stepped forward and tripped on the rug and landed on Sayyam and Sayyam fell on the bed with Krishna on top. Both felt something familiar as if they knew this embrace they knew each other from before but they couldn’t get it. Krishna’s hair scattered all over their faces. Sayyam slowly removed Krishna’s hair from his face and both could now see each other’s eyes but not clearly. Just then the lights came back. Sayyam and Krishna both could now see each other There faces were inches away from each other.

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  1. Muniya

    Wow dear very nice epi…
    Kriyyam finally met eachother..
    Looking forward to what happens next..

  2. Amazing epi i loved it and i am damn confused yaar is saiyyam think that Krishna is dead or they break up plzz tell me and clear my confusion otherwise my head started paining plzz

  3. Rehmat

    intersting so my guess righte kriyam soooooo cute I love it

  4. Fidato

    Hey.. It’s… nice… kriyam met…

    So… sayyam think she is jumping from the cliff …But the Khanna’s got her injured.. I dunno if I’m ryt or not just my assumption…

    1. Aliaasif

      Somewhat correct

  5. Dewdrop

    really nice episode. finally kriyam met amazing waiting for the next one.

  6. Aarti32

    Nice update..Kriyyam’s present meeting was somewhat similar to d past one, m I right??

  7. such a nice episode…..wating for the next one…..kriyam meet

  8. hy, when will u update nxt prt …..plz update soon ……waiting for it plz plz

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