Swaragini a new journey part 6



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So without much bak bak here we go…….


Scene opens in raglak room…..

Ragini is still lying on bed unconscious……

Doctor is checking her her nerve, heartbeat n pulse rate n Laksh n swara are standing near her n all other maheshwari’s are around them…..

A smile appered on doctor’s face….

Laksh(in a serious n concerned tone):- Doctor is ragini fine??? What happened to her???

D (removed her stethoscope n faced laksh while getting up) :- Nothing to worry Mr. Maheshwari…… nothing has happened to her but is ging to happened…..

All are confused…..

S:- what you want to say Doctor….???

D:- I mean that ragini is going to become mother…. she is pregnant n it’s her first month….

All were very happy hearing this….

Doctor continued:- But she is stressing herself a lot…. her BP is also too high n dangerous for her and the baby….

She forward a prescription n said,

D:- Give this medicines to her. These are some calcium tablets and vitamins. Give it to her on time.

Saying this she leaves…

Swara goes to drop her down. Sanskar takes prescription from Laksh’s hand and says,

Sn:- You be with Ragini she needs you. I will go n bring the medicines.

RP( finally kuch to bola):- And i will handle the police….

AP sits beside ragini while kissing her forehead n cares her head…..

Sujju:- Jiji what game is destiny playing with us?? Our one child is suffering there and here Ragini is in this condition. The news we got is most awaited one but still we cant b happy…

AP( wiping her tears):- Ha sujata u r right…. Come let’s leave. Let Ragini rest n ji you to come and take some rest….

Dp nodded n went to Laksh who was sitting beside ragini on bed with moist eyes and placed his hand on his shoulder….

Laksh dam of tears broke n he hugged DP tightly…..

Dp too hugged him back and said,

DP:- Don’t worry everything will be fine, we will bring mishka back safely but now Ragini needs you…. Take care of her….

DP broke the hug n Laksh noded positively….. n DP left….

After few minutes Ragini slowly started gaining conscious… n due to her moments Laksh too wakes up who was sitting near her head…..

Ragini recalls Mishka missing n suddenly wakes up with a jerk calling her name…..

L:- Ragini slowly this is not good for you in this condition…..

Ragini looks at him questioningly…..

Laksh takes her hand and keeps on her stomach….

Ragini looks at him with a blank face n a tear escapes from her eye….

Laksh wiped it n nod his head in no saying her not to cry……

Ragini buried her face in his chest n started crying bitterly……

Laksh too hugged her back with concern n he too started crying now….

R(while sobbing):- Laksh why this happens with me always??? God takes away my one happiness before giving another…. why its always me Laksh?? Am i that bad???

L:- No ragini nothing like that…..

R(still crying badly):- Laksh i want my daughter back…. plz….. I beg you…..

L( breaking the hug and cupping her face):- I promise Ragini…. Mishu will be back to us till tomorrow evening n its a dads promise to a mom….

Ragini again buried herself in his chest n hugged him tightly…..

She dozedoff due to tiredness after sometime…. so laksh made her lie on bed n just then swara entered…..

L:- Swara plz be with Ragini I have to go n contact police…..

Swara nodded and sat near Ragini on opposite side of Laksh….

Laksh kissed ragini’s forehead and then her hand n then left from there tearing eyed….

He goes down….

Ap:- beta how is ragini???

L:- she is in very bad condition Maa…. she slep after crying n wipping a lot…..

Turning towars inspecter,

Any news about Mishka???

I:- We have traced the location of the no from which sahil called. Its somewhere near Hoogly…. we have send our cops there in civil dresses as a safety measure so as he don’t shift mishka anywhere else…. if he does it we can take quick action…..

L:- do anything inspecter but mishka shouldent get a single scratch….

I:- Dont worry sir. Trust us…. but now its you who need to take next step so we can move forward in our plan….

L:- and whats that next step???

Sn:- Handling deal papaers to sahil….

L:- But bhai you know na how much important this deal is for us???

Sn:- yes the deal is important but not more than Mishka….. n moreover the papers will b duplicate…..

Laksh sighs n nods,

I:- so Mr. Laksh you will go n handover the papers to sahil n then when Mishka will safely reach you we will grab sahil n his mans….

Laksh again noded….

It was 8AM now…..

Ragini wokeup shouting Mishkas name n swara who was still with her calms her down n gave her water….

R:- swara I want to go down….

S:- no ragini you are still weak. You net rest.

R:- Swara there my daughter is kidnapped n you want me to rest….????

She shouted n got down from bed quickly going out of room n swara too followed her getting tense for her…

@MM hall,

Sahil now calls again on sanskar’s phone who kept it on speaker….

Sa:- so whats your decision???

Sn:- we are ready to handover contract to you but we want our mishka back safely….

Mishka had gained conscious now n hearing Sanskars voice as sahils phone was too on speaker she started crying n shouting getting scared…

M:- mumma , papa, Bade papa….. plz save me…. I don’t wanna b here….

Ragini who just came there heard this n ran to sanskar grabbing the phone from his hand….

R:- mishka don’t worry mumma papa are here na??? Nothing will happen to u… Just stay silent… you are mumma’s good girl na…????

M:- mumma I want to come to you… I m getting scared….

Sahit intrupts her….

Whats a love between this step daughter n step mother duo….

But then Rasing this voice…..

Bas hogaya ab yeh rona dhona band karo…. I don’t have that much time to bear ur melodrama….

Laksh was getting angry now but was helpless…

He side hugged Ragini who collapsed on him n sobbed resting her head on his chest…

He kissed on her forehead…

MIshka started crying more on other side getting more scared when sahil shouted…

Again sahils vice came to them…

Sa:- so who is gonna come for giving me that contract paper and taking this crying Rascal back???

L( shouting):- Dont you dare to call her that sahil….

n then calming down…

And i will come to give you that papers… tell me the time and place….

Sa:- k… In next 4 hours @XYZ godown n he says the address ( I don’t know any place in Kolkatta as i have never been there)….

L:- ok i will b there soon…

And the call gets disconnected….

L( facing ragini n wiped her tears):- I promise i will bring our daughter back safely at our home….

Ragini nodes n swara comes n makes ragini sit on sofa holding her shoulders….

Ragini sits on sofa beside Ap n rests her head on Aps chest while still sobbing n AP hugs her…

Laksh sanskar and inspecter left for Hoogly….

Laksh was in one car n Sanskar n inspector were in another car at behinh Laksh….

After almost 3 hours of travelling they reached there….

A tracker with speaker was inserted in coller of Laksh’s shirt which could help police to trace his location and hear their convertion….

At entrance of godown a goon checked laksh n took away his phone n Bluetooth n later showed him way to the place sahil was….. he was not able to see tracker as it was too micro….

Laksh was taken infront of Sahil but mishka was nowhere to be seen….

Sa( in cunning voice n a smirk):- Welcome Mr. Laksh Maheshwari….

L( in anger):-Where is Mishka???

Sa:- Calm down Laksh anger is not good for health… wait i will call her….

He signed his goon to bring her…..

Mishka was brought n as she saw laksh she was about to run towards him but the goon caught her more tight…..

Sa:- First give me the papers and then take your daughter……

Laksh passed the papers to a goon who was near laksh as sahil was far from Laksh …..

The goon gave that papers to sahil…..

The papers were duplicate but looked exactly like the real one but with some changes which went unnoticed by sahil….

Sahil takes the papers and smile evilly and ask the goon to leave mishka who ran to Laksh and hugged him…..

Here in kolkatta,

Sharmishtha and shekhar who went to baadi early due to aayush came to MM when swara called them…. and as soon as Ragini saw them she ran to Mishti n hugged her tightly while sobbing badly…..

R:- Maa why this happens always with me??? My daughter…… She was not able to say anything more n burst into a cry….

Mishti broke the hug n wiped ragu’s tears while nodding in no n now her eyes were too getting moist watching her daughter crying….

She made Ragini sit back on sofa between her and Ap n said…

Sho:- Bas…. Dont you trust Laksh??? He had gone to bring her back na??? She will be with us soon….

AP:- Ragini now you get freash and eat something… You didn’t ate anything since Last night…. Its already 12 @ noon…. Its not good for the baby….

R:- No ma let mishka n laksh return then i will…..

AP:-Atleast for Mishka???

Hearing Mishka’s name ragini agreed n she got ready while Swara helped her when necessary…. and Shomi made Ragu eat by her hands….

All were very sad by Watching her condition……

Ragini even after getting freash was a total mess….

Her face was whole red with tear maks due to continuously crying n she was looking too dull n weak….

L:- Sahil you got your papers so let us go now….

Sa:- NO laksh why so hurry…..???

He called some of his other goons but no one initiated….. so he got suspicious….. and at that point many policemen entered there.

Sahil got scared n tried to escape but was caught by the inspector….

Sanskar thanked him n sanlak with Mishka were about to leave but suddenly Mishka who was in Lakshs arms started to breadth heavity…..

L( little scared n concerned):- Mishu what happed baby???

Mi:- Papa I m not able to breadth….

Sn:- Laksh we need to take her to hospital….

They rushed Mishka towards city hospital in Hooghly in their car itseft n called the Doctor from Kolkata who treated here before…..

On the way Sanskar imformed about Mishka’s bad health to all maheshwari’s and Gadodia’s….

Ragini now broke down completely but then composed herself and headed towards hospital with all….


Mishka was in ICU with oxygen mask n no of machines around her n after watching her condition Doctor informed laksh that she needs open heart surgery at that moment urgently…. or her survival chances are only 50%…..

D:- A minute late can cost her life…..

Laksh was in shock but Sanskar supported him n helped him in all procedures and paperworks…..

Mishka was shifted to OT…..

All the Family members to came there in nick of time…..

Ragini was the first to rush…. she came to Laksh… n held his shoulders tightly…

R:- Laksh where is mishu and how is she….???

L( lifelessly in a dull voice Pointing towards Ot):- She is inside for an open heart surgery….. Her condition is critical so the operation is complicated. But we brought her on time or else….. he chocked n started crying

Ragini placed her palm on her mouth in shock and broke down on Laksh’s chest hugging him tightly n Laksh too hugged her back while kissing her forehead…….

All felt bad watching them both in such a devastrated condition……

Screen freezes on crying Raglak n Lifeless Mishka in OT…..

Precap:- Mishka Back in MM…. two enties one old n another new…..

Hey guys here i finished 6th chappy of my ff…..

N guys i m very bad at writing emotional scene’s so just bear this for now….

I promise will post next part soon but can say exactly when…..

Do comment n tell me how was it…..


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