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It’s been 3 months since Kriyam’s confession. Krishna is on the terrace putting some clothes for drying, suddenly she feels drizzy and is about to fall but she manages to hold the edge of the terrace.

Krishna – (holding her head) What is wrong with me from some days. I am feeling drizzy, some times I have vomiting and sometimes I feel intense pain in my stomach. I hope no one comes to know otherwise everyone will get worried. (She continues her and goes down once it gets over)

At lunch

Everyone is having lunch but Krishna doesn’t seems to be eating

Suhani – Krishna what’s wrong, why aren’t you eating anything. (Everyone looks at Suhani and Krishna)

Krishna – Aunty I am not feeling well, that’s why.

Suhani – I have noticed this from many days, you are not eating properly. Come on, today don’t give any excuses. Yuvani go and feed her.

Yuvani gets up and goes to feed Krishna as soon as Krishna takes a bite. She gets up and runs to the bathroom and throws up. Everyone gets tensed. Specifically Sayyam, he could not see her in this state. They all wait for Krishna in the hall. She is there walking towards them, she feels too week to stand but she still tries to walk. Again she feels drizzy, this time her vision gets blur and she she falls down unconscious. Everyone rushes beside her and Sayyam takes her in his lap and pats her cheek trying to wake her. But she doesn’t wake up so he carries her in their bedroom while Yuvani calls the doctor. The doctor comes at checks her while everyone is outside the room. While checking Krishna wakes up.

Krishna – Doctor what’s wrong with me?

Doctor – Tell me what is happening from some days

Krishna – I am feeling nauseous, drizzy and sometimes there’s a sharp pain in my stomach

Doctor – (she was smiling the whole time)  Congratulations Mrs Krishna. You are going to be a mom.

Krishna – What!!! (she was still not able to believe but the doctor reassures her. Tears of joy and happiness roll down her cheek) Doctor thanks for giving me the best news of my life. But doctor I have a request. Please don’t tell this to Sayyam I want to tell him this. 

Doctor – (smiles at her) I can understand, I won’t tell this to Sayyam.

The doctor goes out. Everyone starts showering her with questions.

Doctor – She is fine. She just needs rest. Let her take rest, just her husband will meet her, and everyone must leave her now.

Sayyam goes inside, while Doctor takes everyone to the hall and tells them.

In Kriyam’s room.

Sayyam talks to Krishna about her health. But she is feeling too shy to tell him so she decides to tell him after some time.

After an hour.

Sayyam is still in their room sitting on the sofa and doing some work on the laptop. And Krishna is on the bed reading her book. She now decides to tell him as he is absorbed in his work and won’t react straight away.

Krishna – Sayyam

Sayyam – Hmm (still in the laptop)

Krishna – Sayyam what about the laundry

Sayyam – Ramdin did it (still busy and doesn’t look at Krishna)

Krishna – I asked you to bring dry fruits

Sayyam – Ramdin did it

Krishna – And what about the cleaning of our room

Sayyam – Ramdin did it

Krishna – Who prepared evening snacks

Sayyam – Ramdin did it.

Krishna – I am pregnant

Sayyam – Ramdin did it

Krishna gets shocked at frustrated by Sayyam’s reply and Sayyam realizes the last sentence of Krishna

Krishna – Sayyam I hate you.

Sayyam – (puts his laptop down and runs to Krishna) I am Sorry Krishna. I didn’t realize what I said.

Krishna – You are mad.

Sayyam – Yes I am. But tell me what you said last (Looking straight in her eyes with broad smile on his face)

Krishna – Yes Sayyam you are going to become a dad.

Sayyam hugs Krishna tightly and sayyam’s eyes are filled with tears

Sayyam – You don’t know Krishna. How much I have waited for this. Thank you for giving me this best news. Now our family will be complete. We will give our child all that happiness which we missed. (Krishna smiles and nods).

After 2 weeks

Kriyam comes to know that they were going to have twins. Everyone is happy for them and all are waiting for the babies.

Krishna is going to the kitchen when she comes in front of Baby’s room. She is sad to see Baby crying holding a pillow

Baby – (to herself) I am very happy for Krishna, after all I am going to be a Masi. I am sad that I will never be a Maa. Krishna is going to have the happiness of two kids but I won’t have any such happiness.

Krishna listens to this and feels her heart breaking into two. Her mind “How can I enjoy, when my sister is suffering. And the fact is that I was meant to be in her place. I was going to have that accident. But she saved me.” She runs to her room to talk to Sayyam.

In Kriyam’s room

Krishna – Sayyam I want to talk to you about something.

Sayyam – Yes I am listening

Krishna – Sayyam since we are going to have twins. I want to give our child to Baby

Sayyam (shocked) – How could you even think of something like this. I thought you loved our babies.

Krishna – Sayyam I love, I love them more than anything else in this world. But I can’t be selfish. You know na how Baby saved my life. If she hadn’t done that then even I would not have been able to become a mother. It’s the least that we can do. Try to understand.

Sayyam understands Krishna and decides to support her in this decision.

At Night

Everyone finishes their dinner and were about to go to their rooms. But Krishna says that she wants to talk to them about something important.

Krishna – (casually) Since I am going to have twins. I know I won’t be able to handle them. So I want Baby to help me with this.

Everyone is confused.

Baby – Yes I will of course help you. You don’t need to take tension.

Krishna – You didn’t understand Baby. I am saying that I want you to take the responsibility of one of the child

Everyone gets shocked by Krishna’s words.

Baby – What are you saying Krishna. Are you sure that you want to give me your child.

Krishna – Of course I am 100% sure. And the child won’t be mine it will be your’s.

Everyone understands and supports Krishna  Baby is happy and now takes a lot of care of Krishna.

After a few months.

It is Krishna’s God bharai rasam.

Everybody is happy. The room is filled with laughter and chatter. Some ladies are chatting and laughing, some are dancing, some are playing music, some are around Krishna, decorating her.

She is getting ready with the help of some ladies and Baby. Today she looked like a queen. Her dark green saree and glowing fair skin was looking so beautiful that Sayyam would have got an heart attack by looking at her. But thankfully he wasn’t there in the program. It not just him but all the males of BM were out as this program was just for ladies.

After some time the function is over and Krishna is tired but she feels suffocated so is climbing the stairs to go to the terrace. She is on the stairs and sees a mouse. She screams and loses her balance and falls from the stairs. She comes rolling down and finally she lands on her stomach. She feels an intense pain in her stomach and she screams in pain. All the ladies of BM gather around her and are shocked to see Krishna lying on the floor and crying in pain holding her stomach. Suhani quickly calls Sayyam and tells him about Krishna’s state. He feels as he will lose all he has in just a moment. The ladies take Krishna into the hospital and the males join them there. Krishna is taken to OT as she needed to be operated immediately.

Sayyam – Maa everything will be fine na? I will get the happiness na?

Suhani – Yes Beta everything will get fine. Why will God do anything bad with you? You both are so nice.

Everyone is praying for Krishna.

After 2 hours

They hear the cries of children. Soon the doctor comes out

Doctor – Congrats it’s two baby boys. And Krishna is perfectly fine.

Everyone gets happy and goes in Krishna’s room. Sayyam hugs Krishna and she hugs him back.

Krishna – Baby this is your Baby he is the elder one (She hands her the elder boy)

Baby – Today I am complete because of you.

Both the sisters hug each other.

After 6 months.

Krishna – Baby have you seen Ahaan.

Baby – Yes he is in my room playing with Ansh. Let’s go and check them.

They both go to Baby’s room and both the children playing peaceful holding each other’s hand. Krishna takes Ahaan in her lap and Baby takes Ansh in her lap. They both hug their kids. Tears are formed in both their eyes as they hear both the kids speak for the first time.

Kids – Maa.

Krishna and Baby gets emotional. But soon that emotional movement is turned into fun movement when Sayyam and Yuvan enter the room.

Yuvan – Very bad Ansh I thought you will first say papa.

Sayyam – And Ahaan you are following your big brother. Very bad.

Krishna and Baby (together) – They love their Maa more than their Papa.

Just then they hear both the Kids saying PA.

The End.

So guys it was the last chapter of this FF. I am going to start another FF of kriyam. In this Sayyam is going to be a Gangster and Krishna is a simple girl. So please comment and let me know if I should start it or not.

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  5. Muniya

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      It will be posted till tomorrow morning ☺️

  8. Iyat

    Thanks to all of you for your sweet comments.I am glad you liked it.

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    1. Iyat

      It’s “Awakened Destiny”

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