Kriyam FF Awakened Destiny (Episode 1)

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So it’s my second Kriyam FF.

Here’s a little intro.

Sayyam – A gangster who kills bad people mercilessly. He met his mother a few months back and loves her and all the people in BM. Yuvan is married to Siya and they both love each other. Yuvan has joined hands with Sayyam.

Suhani – Loves Sayyam a lot but wants him to leave all this.

Krishna – A simple and innocent girl who hates violence and even hates watching action movies. She loves her mother a lot and can do anything for her. She misses her dead father a lot.

Saumya – Krishna’s mother who loves her daughter and is always worried for her.

Suhani and Saumya were besties in college but eventually lost contact.

So here’s the story

In morning

Krishna is at a temple with her two besties. She is doing the Aarti.

A man is running but stops outside the same temple as he sees Sayyam with a gun pointing towards him. And Yuvan and all the other goons are surrounding the man.

In the temple Krishna finishes her Aarti and comes out from the temple, she was wearing sandals. But she gets scared as there is a sound of bullet. Sayyam shoots the man on his head.

Krishna gets scared as she watches the goons surrounding the dead man. Sayyam is not visible to Krishna. But Sayyam sees Krishna and is attracted towards her. He knew that it was love at first sight for him. He kept admiring her every feature. He was lost in her thoughts but his thoughts were broken by Yuvan.

Yuvan – Sayyam where are you lost? All the signs and the body is destroyed.

Sayyam is still looking at Krishna who is scared and hugging her friends and they are consoling her.

Sayyam – Bhai. Please do me a favor.

Yuvan – Yes tell.

Sayyam – Can you see that girl? (He points towards Krishna) Please can you give me all her details.

Yuvan – Ooho so my brother is in love ? Nice choice Sayyam I will give you all her details till today evening.

There Krishna is still upset and unaware of that she had caught the attention of none other than Sayyam. Her friends tries to cheer her up and takes her to a Maggie stall which is opposite to the temple.

Sayyam follows her and sits on the stall waiting for his Maggie. Krishna is sitting in front of Sayyam. He is constantly looking at her but she is upset and looking down. Sayyam feels bad as he was the reason due to which Krishna was so upset and scared. But soon her sad face turns into a broad smile as she takes a bite of her Maggie. Sayyam is eating his and gets happy, seeing the sudden change in Krishna’s mood.

Sayyam in mind (she looks soo beautiful when she is happy. I will always try to keep you smiling like this. At least there is one similarity between you, me and my family. Maggie can instantly change our mood)

Krishna leaves from there and even Sayyam leaves.

In evening.

Sayyam is in his room still thinking about Krishna. Just then Yuvan enters.

Yuvan – Sayyam I got all the details.

Sayyam – Thanks Bhai please tell.

Yuvan – Her name is Krishna. She is 2 years younger than you (24). She only has a mother her father died before she is born. She is a very innocent and shy girl. Her house is just 2kms from our. Here is her photo. Bro she is really a very nice girl, good choice. (He gives Sayyam the address and leaves)

Sayyam is sitting in the balcony holding her photo. In mind (You are the first girl who made my heart skip a beat and you will also be the last one. I will you mine.) He takes his bike and goes to Krishna’s house. He is outside her bungalow and feels glad as he watches Krishna sitting peacefully in her balcony and ready a book, she was lost in her book and Sayyam was lost in Krishna. He was wondering how can someone be so innocent and beautiful. His thoughts are broken as he gets a phone call. He takes the call and soon his calm and happy mood is replaced into angry and dangerous one. He starts his bike and looks at Krishna for the Last time before leaving. He goes to his house. He enters the study room and pushes a shelf reveling a secret passage. He goes inside and there is a huge room just like a basement. There are many fitness equipments and there are goons who are holding a man. Sayyam goes near the man.

Man – (holding Sayyam’s legs) Leave me. Please. Don’t kill me. I won’t do it again. Pardon me

Sayyam gives a tight slap on the man’s face.

Sayyam – Leave you? Never. Here there is no mercy or pardon. The one who comes here never goes out alive.

He takes the gun and shoots the man on the center of his head. Then the goons take away the body for destroying the signs and the body.

Sayyam then goes to his room, cleans his face as there was the man’s blood on his face. He then lays on the bed with Krishna’s photo and keeps looking at it until he falls asleep.

Precap – Sayyam and Krishna’s first meeting. Krishna unaware of Sayyam’s identity. And Sayyam to marry Krishna at any cost

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  1. its superb..awesome…really love it..thank you Iyat!!!

    1. Iyat

      Thanks for your sweet comment ☺️

  2. owo tanu suprb ff love this sayyam love at first sight….plzz continue waiting for next part…& thank u Soo much….

    1. Iyat

      Thanks for a lot dear.

  3. oh God it’s really superb.
    I always want to tee read gangster story on kriyyam
    It’s amazing
    Post soon

    1. Iyat

      Thanks. I will try to post it soon

  4. Hey Iyat ur precious story is liked by many people on wattpad
    Can I post ur this story also there

    1. Iyat

      Yes dear ?

  5. Muniya

    Hey dear…it was a superb starting.
    Plz continue the story.

    1. Iyat

      Thanks for your support. Yes I will continue it

  6. This is the best ever storyline of any of the kriyam’s ff..
    And plz try not to make the things fast

    1. Iyat

      I am glad you liked it ?. I won’t make the things fast

  7. Wow excellent idea love this story plz plz post next part soon

    1. Iyat

      Thanks a lot I will post it as soon as possible

  8. Wow amazing superb idea love it plz plz post next part soon

  9. Wow so amazing ff loved it waiting for next update

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