My life is your smile (ek deewana tha ff) chapter – 14 akash in breakdown

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Chapter :- 14..

Akash in room…

Radhu and aki speak phone ..

R:- really … shivani agree to delete footage ..
Wow..this is good news..
After this everything will became normal …

A:-yes.. everything will got fine..
You’re also ready na..

R:- what?

A:- tomorrow you should propose my brother ..

R:- akash .. I’ll propose him..


R:- I’ll propose in correct time ..

A:- when will it come?? Don’t fool your self RG.. we should make correct time to propose our feeling .. tomorrow you’ll got that time ok.. I’ll make everything correct .. you should prepare only how to propose..ok..

R:- but.. aki..

Kk enters akash room..

A:-I’ll meet you tomorrow ok.. bye….


They cut the call..

Kk:-who is in phone ..

Aki:-My friend ..

Kk:- who .. that radhika or shivani ..

Aki:- why only radhika or shivani?

Kk:-nothing .. i asked you by mistake devil….

Aki chuckle ..

Kk:- i come here to tells you that mom call you to hall…

Aki:- I’ll come before that you have one appointment tomorrow morning at park..

Kk:- what nonsense meeting ..

Aki:-you promise me that obey my schedule in this week..

Kk:-ohhh… god… for one mistake i’m suffering somuch..

Aki hugs kk..

A:- please kk .. please come with me na please …

Kk:-(smile) ok.. ok… what’s that meeting ..

A:-that is secret kk…

Kk:- ok…ok… comes mom will wait ..

Akash and kk leave to hall..


In Gupta mansion …

Shivani in bed..

Radhu comes to her room..

Sh:- come..

R:-mmm.. how’ll mom and dad return from dhelli ..

Shi:- I think next week…

Radhu watch everywhere ..

S:- if you want to tell me something ..

R:- yah.. if you forgive kk..
S:-(smile) yes.. i thinks they don’t
Respect girl and make fun of them but I’m wrong .. kk is good heart and akash is innocent .. akash help me pure hearty …
I misunderstood him with that phone call… so i want to right my mistakes ..

R:-Thank you..

S:-(confused) why..

R:-just for fan..

They smiles and hug..


In bedi mansion …

Madhavi and rajan sit in sofa.
Arjun and anamika sit in front of them…

Akash and kk arrived hall..
Anshi also comes there..

Ma:- how much time we are waiting for you two…

Aki comes and hugs madhavi …

Aki:- sorry .. madhu ???
Kiss her cheek…

Everyone chuckle ..

A:- your dearest kk only make me late … and he ask question about my girls friend ..

K:- lier ..

kk chase him but he hides behind anshi ..

Ma:- stop your fighting some time…

Ar:- mom why this meeting ..

M:- i think anamika also stay here until shiv rathri ..

Ana:- why ma..

Ra:-because until shiv rathri ,time is not good for our family ..

An:- papa.. what rubbish is this..

Ma:- don’t make fun of this .. i didn’t allow anything happened to my family so please obey my orders ..

Anami:- mom..don’t worry I’ll stay here until shiv rathri..

Madhavi and rajan smiles..

Aki:- wow… bhabi then it’s fun.. we’ll enjoy here..

Kk:-then bhabi you’re gone..

Aki glare at him..
Anami smiles…


BEDI Mansion..
Dining table….

Ak:- today I’ll going with kk papa..

Ra:-but today holiday na..

Kk:-yes ..but he torture me..

Ma:- he is right this Time ..
(Kk smiles at akash)
you should go out and enjoy your holidays ..
(Akash smiles at kk..)

Anshi :- mom if dadi come to this shiv rathri like every year..

Madhavi :- yes..

Aki:- wow.. it’s double fun my darling and bhabi both are in here..
I’ll call dadi and make her come before one day..

Rajan in mind..(if ma come to shivrathri then how will i check the palace …)


In park…

Akash and kk comes to the park..
That decorated like palace ..

Kk likes the decorations ..
Kk turns to akash but he didn’t in there…

Kk search him that time radhika enters there ….

“Ek…deewana…tha… plays….”

Akash stands behinds tree and watch everything …

Kk in mind:- so this is your surprise ..devil…

Radhu comes to kk..

Kk:- what’s this all..
Ra:- i don’t know akash did everything ..
Kk turns to go..
Ra:- kk… please listen to me one minute..
I want to share my feelings … when i see you first i fall in you… i hope your my world my superman who save me from everything ..
I want to live with you my entire life…
Please accept me …

Akash smiles..
Kk in tears but don’t turn..

R:- Kk “I….Lo..”
Radhu and akash in shock…

Kk remember the past

Kk stand before one girl her face not shown… he propose her like radhu..
That girl hug kk..
And tell “I’ll never leave you krish i love you”….
“Ek deewana tha”…plays…

……fb …end….

Ra:-what happened?

Varun enter the place and slap kk and holds his shirt…

Radhu and akash in shocked..

Akash comes to them..

A:- (angrily) varun bhaiya why you slapped my brother?
V:-what he’s your brother ..

Varun show the video how kk slap radhu and she got hurt…

Radhu :- bhaiya this is past.. he is not in wrong! Please leave him..

Ak:- yes .. my brother is innocent .. he done this because of misunderstood .
Va:-don’t support your brother akash .. and radhu don’t speak to me you hide this from me..

R:-bhaiya ..

Kk don’t speak anything he accept varun punishment ..

V:- shivani tells everything to me and give this video.. she tells you go to kk… thank god I come here.. if anything happened to you then.

Akash :- shivani…

Varun pull kk and submit him to police who he bring with him..

Radhu shakes aki..

R:- aki… what happened ..

Akash comes to sense…

Aki looks police leaves with kk .. and varun drags radhu with him..

Aki:-(shouts) bhaiyaaaaaa….


In police station …

Arjun and rajan arrived there…
Akash in full shock..

Arjun come and pats aki..

Aki comes to rajan and hug him tightly ..

Ra:- papa.. kk…

Arjun goes to police station …


Varun scolds radhu …
V:- what happened to you? ? Why you Follow him again .. he hurt you…but you want to friend with him and spent time with him..

Shivani comes there ..

S:-(in shock) what happened radhu why are you crying? ?

Radhu glare at her…

Varun :- thank you shivi .. you tells everything about kk ..I’ll going to station again..

Varun leaves..

Radhu holds shivi ..
R:- why you do this.. what reason behind this??
S:- what? (Confused)

Radhika tells everything to shivi…
Shivi in full shock…


Arjun in police station …
Arjun comes to kk..

A:-what happened? When we in office Aki call me and tells police arrest you .. what happened kk?

Po:- your brother tried to attack a girl ..

A:-what… my brother is not like this .. who tell like this.

Varun enters..

V:-arjun .. i only file complaint against kk..

A:-you!! Varun .. why??

Varun shows the video to kk..
Arjun in shock..

V:-this is my sister arjun … i didn’t want to hurt you what this is important for my sister’s safety ..

A:- varun .. my brother is not like this..

V:- you never know about him arjun but i know everything ..

“You don’t know anything bhaiya ”
Shivani enters with radhika ..

Var:- why you’re two come here..

Shivani:- if you want to punish kk then you punish me too…


Shivani tells everything how she misunderstood aki and slap him then kk misunderstood radhu and slap her… aki meets accident because of her then varun save him…

V:- then why you don’t tell before ..

Sh:- sorry bhaiya .. I’m in confused.

Ar:- thank you somuch shivani..
Va:-sorry arjun ..
Ar:-it’s ok everyone have false .. i also responsible of kk behavior .. sorry ..
Varun nods….

Police release kk.

Arjun leave with kk ..
Varun also leaves with shivi and radhu ..

In car rajan trying to console aki..

R:- don’t cry bachcha.. arjun will handle everything ..

Aka:-(summers while talk) no papa.. my only mistake make kk like this.. i should behave carefully … kk…

He hugs rajan and cry rajan pats his back…

Kk comes to car..
Arjun and kk sit in car..

Arjun towards kk:- are you ok na kk..
Kk nods in agreement ..

Ra:- what happened?
ar:-A small misunderstanding papa..
we’ll discuss this home papa ..

Rajan nodes…

Kk sits besides akash ..

Aki hugs him..

Kk:-shhhh.. don’t cry nothing happened to me…

Ak:-I’m sorry sorr..y….

Kk:- it’s not because of you..

Ar:- don’t cry.. we’ll go home first .. don’t cry like this..

Akash wipes his face ..

Akash leave from car..

Ak – papa … you go home I’ll come after finish one work ..

A:-come aki.. don’t play..
Kk:-come on devil..

Aki:- i promise you all I’ll return soon please .. I’m ok.

Ar:-it’s ok.. i think it’s better to him to spend some time with his friends …

They nods..

Ar:-how’ll you go..

Arjun watch akash he look at shivani..
She also look at him..
Radhu and varun ready to leave another car…

Ar:-ok ….bye come fast..

Aki nods..
They leave …


Other side…

S:- you and radhu go first bhaiya I’ll come after submit this paper to court..

Varun nods and leaves with radhu…

Radhu looks at shivani…

Flash back shown..

After radhu tells everything ..
Shivi in shock…
Ra:-why you did this???
Shi:- no .. radhu i didn’t this… i never show video to bhaiya .. some thing happened here…
S:-you hope me na… how’ll i lie to you?
R:-what whose done this?
S:- we should find this but before this.. don’t tell anyone that someone behind this then that person got alert ..
R:-but akash will feeling hurt if he think you cheat him..
S:-I’ll handle him.. but first we should save kk…
Radhu nods …

…….fb ends……

Radhu leaves with varun …
Shivi looks on..

Akash comes behind her…

Shivi turns at him and looks helplessly ..

a:- who do this??
A:-tell me one thing..
Who did this?
A:-(shouted) who did this??
S:-(in mind i should hide this to you to find the culprit)
I’m ..

Akash slaps her…

Ak:-(in crying and strummers)
Why??? Why????
I hope you….
I think you’ll understand my feelings ..
I imagine you’ll keep my family happily ..
I hope you’ll became my soul.. i think you will love me like i love you hard than my life ..
Yes…”i love you”..but
You proved I’m wrong. But still i love you…

He falls down and crying badly ..
She in tears .. she feels hurt to see his heartbroken state …
She feels helpless ..
She runs to him and hug tightly ..
She pats his back….

Episode ends with their emotional moment …

Precap:-anshi fights with varun ..??
Akash and shivi trying to escape from suraj’s goons.. ??
Kk meets radhika parents …
They look shock????

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