How Krishna and Saiyyam became Kriyam part 19

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Kriyam were still talking till morning.
Saiyyam looked at the time and Krishna also followed his gaze.
Saiyyam:”we should go outside now.”

Krishna nodded yes and went to the washroom.
In the washroom:
Krishna looked at the bruises on her hand due to what happened last night.
She had tears remembering what Yuvan did.

Saiyyam waited for her and then knocked at the door.
Krishna opened the door and hugged him.

He hugged her back.
Saiyyam:”Krishna… look at me.” He made Krishna look at him.

Saiyyam:”i am with you, right? Don’t be scared.”
Krishna nodded yes. He took her in the washroom and opened the shower on them.

He wiped her tears and also wash her hands where the bruises were. He cleaned the wound.

He was upset seeing Krishna’s tears and sadness. He wanted to take away all her worries but felt helpless. He couldn’t see Krishna in this state but didn’t know how to ease her pain. He just knew that he will be there for her always.

After sometimes:
Saiyyam came out in the garden with Tiger. He saw Yuvan there. Saiyyam got angry ah he remembers Krishna’s state.
He went to him and pushed him.

Yuvan:”what’s wrong with you?”
He stood up. Saiyyam punched him.
Yuvan, confused:”what are you doing?”
Saiyyam punched him once more.

Saiyyam:”how dare you touch Krishna?”
Yuvan:”ohhh… so she told you. I thought that she will tell you, she was a coward but now suddenly became so fearless”

Saiyyam hit him more:”she was never a coward. And yeah, don’t you dare touch her again.”

Saiyyam pushed him away, Yuvan was slightly bleeding from the mouth. This time, Yuvan kicked Saiyyam, and Saiyyam fell down. Tiger bit Yuvan and he screamed.

Saiyyam stood up and stared at him angrily. Yuvan pushed Tiger and stood up with difficulty.
Yuvan:”i love Krishna. That’s why i did so.”
Saiyyam:”Love? Really, just go and see in which condition she is because of you. You hurt her, is all this love for you?”

Yuvan:”i don’t care. Krishna is mine and i will take her.”
Saiyyam punched him again.
Saiyyam:”Krishna was never yours. She is my wife, so better you stay away from her. If i see you near her, Yuvan, i will kill you. And you know that i am capable of doing it.”

Yuvan, mockingly:”wife? You didn’t even fulfill her forehead.”
Saiyyam:”i did all other rituals, 7 vows and mangalsutra which also represents marriage. And no one can deny that she is my wife.”

Yuvan:”you are wrong and you will see i will marry Krishna in front of your eyes and you won’t be able to do anything.”

Saiyyam could no more control his anger and beat Yuvan badly. Even Yuvan responded and hit him.

Birla family and Krishna came out hearing the noise. The others were shocked seeing the boys fighting. Krishna was just worried for Saiyyam.

Suhani, shouted:”stop it.”
They both stopped beating each other and looked at her. Krishna went to Saiyyam. She touched his wounds and his blood. While Saiyyam gave her a comforting smile to tell her that he was fine.

Suhani:”what’s all this? Why were you fighting?”
The boys stared at each other.
Dadi:”Suhani, take them inside. Why to make a scandal outside?”
They all came in the house.

Yuvraj:”we are still waiting for your answers. What was all this?”
Yuvan:”maa, you saw it right? I told you.”
Yuvraj:”told what, Yuvan? Tell me.”

Suhani:”i have a taken a decision.”
Yuvraj:”what Suhani?”
Suhani:”Yuvan want to divorce Baby.”

Everyone looked on shocked even Baby as she didn’t expect it.
Suhani:”and if Yuvan is not happy in this relation then better they get separate.”

Dadi:”Yuvan, is that true?”
Yuvan nodded yes.
Suhani:”and Yuvan want to rectify his mistake if leaving Krishna in the mandap.”

Kriyam looked at each other puzzled.
Yuvraj:”and what does that mean?”
Suhani:”he wants to marry Krishna…”

Kriyam and other family members were shell shocked.
Saiyyam looked at Krishna who was teary eyed.

Yuvraj:”do you know what you are saying? Have you gone mad, Suhani? Krishna is married to Saiyyam.”
Yuvan:”which marriage, dad? A forceful marriage doesn’t count.”

Suhani:”this decision will rely on Krishna. What do you want, Krishna?”

Saiyyam looked at Krishna waiting for an answer.
Krishna:”aunty, what am i for you? Am i toy? First you married me to Saiyyam and now telling me to marry Yuvan. Aunty, i am sorry but i won’t accept this. I don’t want to leave Saiyyam.”

Yuvan:”but Krishna… (he came to her and hold her hands)”
Saiyyam jerked his hand away.

Saiyyam:”don’t you dare touch her.”
Suhani:”beta, i am just asking you, not forcing you.”
Krishna:”aunty, i don’t accept this. I will never Saiyyam, for anyone.

Saiyyam:”and what Yuvan is telling you, is not the complete truth. He is saying that he loved Krishna and all. Just ask him what he did last night.”

Suhani looked at Yuvan questioning.
Saiyyam:”he won’t tell. I will tell you… from the past few days, he is troubling Krishna and yesterday he crossed all the limits. He was misbehaving with her and if i didn’t come on time then he would have…..”

Suhani looked at Yuvan teary eyed.
Yuvraj slapped Yuvan.
Yuvan:”he is lying…”
Yuvraj:”no. He is not. How could you do that, Yuvan? Is this what your mum taught you? How could you do this with a girl?”

Suhani also slapped him.
Suhani:”i always hated Saiyyam thinking he was a devil’s son but i didn’t know that my own son whom i have raised will be like that. What went wrong with you? Why did you do this?”

Yuvan:”i love her….”
Suhani slapped him again.
Suhani:”that’s not love. Yuvan, you should be ashamed of you did. Krishna, i am sorry that i told you to consider him for marriage. And for the first time, i felt sorry for Baby. She deserves better than you.”

Yuvraj:”get out of here. I don’t want to see your face. Don’t show me your face or else i will not spare you. I will forget that you are my son.”

Dadi:”Yuvan won’t go anywhere. This is his house.”
Yuvraj:”but Dadi.”
Dadi:”i have already said it.”

Saiyyam:”you can keep your wonderful grand son in your big mansion. But i am leaving with my wife. I am sorry, i was staying here because of you (Suhani) but now no more. I don’t want him near Krishna.”

Precap: kriyam in Saiyyam’s house where they went previously
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