Love ka hai intzaar twinj shots by kiya (Episode 9)

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Episode 9…
Episode start
Twinkle and Kunj woke up at the same time both look …each other….both get up and twinkle goes in washroom. And kunj went for jogging ? ….she gets to freshen up…ready….after sometime Kunj came form jogging ..and went in washroom…
He came out of in the washroom in towel…
While twinkle went to the wardrobe and taking out off his clothes. Kunj stands very near her ..only one inch gap between them. She turned and look at him.. both can feel each other breaths …while Kunj wet hair water drop fall on twinkle lips …..he wiped waters on her lips …. both looked at each other.. with pain…. just then Ansh wakes up
Both separated….she gives him his clothes..and went toward Ansh…and took him in washroom and makes him ready… both went downstairs…and goes in the kitchen ….
In dining table…everyone comes for breakfast……had their breakfast …and sit in hall (Sunday)
Niki looks at twinkle face and smiled…
At [email protected] all sit …Ansh and aayat was watching cartoon in tv ?…
Manohar and kunj discussed about office work….anant reading newspaper..
Bebe and bhua dadi chit chat with each other

Maya and twinkle was working in the kitchen ….

Suddenly aayat and Ansh fighting with each for remote…..
Aayat: ansh mujhy remote de smaja
Ansh: ja nhi duga…
Just then kunj took the remote form ansh hand .. off the tv
K: now be quiet ? both…
Aayat screams loudly…daddy
Anant comes there and look at her daughter…and went toward her asked her what happened why r u shout…
Because of chachu…he looks at him..
And asked her but why …
Aayat : daddy chachu ne remote lel liye aur tv off kar diya and ? cry….aur yeh Ansh daily mujhse fight karta hai …aap iss ko dato….aur kunj chachu ko bhi…..
While Manohar and Bebe or buha dadi
Laugh ?..
Anant was shouted both ( fake) aayat get happy of this….just then Ansh started to cry
????all of them look at each other faces ????ansh went toward kitchen And goes to twinkle..and crying more …..
T: what happened ansh kyu roh rahe ho kuch hua ….hai
Ansh: mamma and woh daddy ne mujhy shout kiya ….
T: aap ne kuch kiya
Ansh: nhi mamma mene kuch nhi kiya phir bhi…..sob
Maya : kyu shout kiya mere bete ko daddy
Let’s see ur daddy come with
Maya take him with her …went in hall
Maya: anant aap ne ansh ko kyu data …
Ansh: maa iss aayat ki wahje se maa iss ne daddy ko bola mujhy shout karne ko
Maya: anant tum bhi aur tu ruk aayat tujhy toh me dekhti hu ..
Aayat hide behind manhoar….
Aayat: mummy mene kuch nhi kiya iss ne mujhy remote nhi diya iss liye daddy ne chachu aur ansh ko data and (smiled)
Aur aap apne bete ko samja do mujh se fight na kar….( cry baby show her tongue ?)
Twinkle take ansh …with her and went in her room….
T: bas ansh now don’t cry ….
Ansh : mamma I will not talk to her …
T: ok
Kunj entered in room goes toward them
And sit beside….ansh hugged kunj …
Ansh: papa aap bhi aayat se baath mat kar na ab se ….( twinj smile)
K: ok hum aayat se baath nhi karege now happy
Ansh: haa??aur aap us ke liye chocolate ? bhi mat lana
K: okk
He cupped ansh face …u r not looking good while cry u r my hero na now stop
I thinks (? aayat is right u r cry baby???)
Ansh : papa
K: sorry I m just kidding…and kiss on his cheeks
Just then aayat entered in room
Aayat: I am sorry ansh
Ansh turned his face …
Aayat: ok sorry bola na ab toh maaf karde plz I am ur sister na ….
Ansh think:ok fine don’t do this next time
Papa aap aayat ke liye bhi chocolate ? lana ok
K: okkk and hugged both of them…
Now don’t fight again….u r good babies na
A/A: yes ??
They both went downstairs…..
_____________________________________________twinkle tried to get up suddenly Kunj pulled her ..fall on bed and Kunj come top on her ….twinkle face covered with her hairs..he tuck her hair behind ears ..
Both looking at each other….without to blink their eyes…..kunj rubs twinkle cheeks with his thumb….her cheeks were still red because of him ….
T: kunj utho mere upar se ……turned her face …
K: sorry bola na mene tujhy kal ke liye….
T: okk fine ab utho…
He kissed on her cheeks (while she closed her eyes due to his touch..,,,
He looks at her lips ? and sucking wound on her lips corner slightly. Twinkle was looking in his eyes…
Just then they heard noise…..
Sorry sorry…di and jiju…both get in hurriedly and feeling awkwardly in front of mahi …
M: sorry jiju mene aap do no disturb kardiya
K: no mahi looking down aur tum keshe aai yuvi bhi aaya hai Kya….
M: yes niche hai ….
K: ok you sit with ur di I m going…
Left…mahi smiled…..went to twinkle
M: hoo di…
T: chup aur bata keshi hai tu
M: I m gud u
T: me bhi gud yuvi Kesha tere saath
M: she blushed di yuvraaj bhut acha hai I soo happy with him
T: gud keep smiling
They both talking to each other for sometime…..and after they went downstairs….

At hall…..
Everyone were sitting in hall …
They all watch maya and anant wedding video ….
Twhi also sat beside maya ….
Aayat: offo mummy daddy u both r looking awesome ?????
Ansh: haa maa aap kitne pretty lag rhe ho
aap kitne young lag reha hai ??
Ansh : stell they young aayat…???
Maya kissed ansh ..mera beta…
Phar mummy is video me twinkle chachi toh hai hi nhi aap ne unko invite nhi kiya ta aapki wedding….me ….
All smiled..
U:aap ke mummy papa ki saadi me twinkle chachi keshe hogi aayat
Aayat: means dadi
U: kyu ki tab tak kunj chachu aur twinkle chachi ke saadi nhi hui ti na iss liye woh keshe hoti…..saadi me ..
Aayat : okk understood ??
Video end…
Riya plays next video it’s twinj wedding video …
Ansh: it’s my mumma papa wedding video…
While watching video twinj looking at each other ……
Ansh: see aayat my mumma was also looking hot ..???
Mahi smiled on him statement…
While twinkle mouth got open ?
Yuvi: slightly said to kunj
saale tere se acha toh tere beta hi hai atlest us ko hi pata hai us ki maa hot hai or ek tu hai …..
K: chup Saale kuch bhi bolta aur mene kab kha twinkle hot nhi hai…
Y: toh tere ko wo hot lagti hai
K: of course she is
Y: hot toh hai twinkle such hai yeh baath toh
K: Saale biwi hai meri ?
Y: tujhy yeh pata hai ….
Kunj hit him on his feet
Y: aauch
M: what happened yuvi
Y: kishi kamine ne mara
M: what
Y: nothing
Suddenly video gets changed
U: are yeh video konshi aagai beach me ….
B:yeh to godhbari ki video hai
(Niki and riya smirk each other)
Aayat : what is this godhbari bebe …
B: godhbari means…aayat tu nhi samje gi puttar tu video dekh…
Aayat: chachi yeh toh aap hai ….
(Its twinkle baby shower video)
Maya : haa yeh aap ki chachi hai
Aayat laugh ? ale chachi aap ka tummy
Kitna bhar hai ..ab toh nhi hai…..
Ansh : haa
Aayat : dadi batao na godhbari kya hoti hai …
U: ha batati hu meri maa…. jab baby hone wala hota hai na tab maa ki godhbari karte hai
Aayat: phar kyu karte hai
Y: are aayat issliye kyu ki new baby aane wala hota hai na means.. party karte hai na celebrate karne ke liye . Toh godhbari karte hai …
Aayat : ok now understood
All: thanks god
Aayat: chachi aap ke tummy me Kon hai ….
Everyone looks at each other faces…..
Ansh: me hu mamma ke tummy me pagal
Aayat: tu keshe hai tummy ke andar
Ansh: suna nhi kya tune dadi ne kya bola
Baby hota hai tummy me ..toh obviously me hi Huna kyu ki unka baby toh me hi……
Huna (( all got silent ) twinj and maya or Anant looked at each other…..
( riya and niki happy inside in the heart ❤️)
Aayat: toh phir meri mamma ki bhi godhbari ki video hogi …
Mamma I want to see ur godhbari video also plz show me …maya don’t know what to say ….she stands up
Maya: aayat baby woh
Just then twinkle said to aayat woh aap ki mummy video na kishi ne banai nhi
Aayat: kyu ha ?
T; because aayat jo baby special hote hai na unki godhbari ki video nhi banate
Iss liye mamma ki video nhi hai
Aayat: okk iss ka matlab yeh Ansh special baby nhi hai …( got happy ? ????) hai chachi
T: ha
Aayat shows him tongue ? and ran from der ….ansh also ran behind her….
All look at twinkle face and smile….
(Only Riya and niki got sad )
Riya : aapka to yeh plan fail hogya
Niki: ek plan fail hua hai abhi baki hai…aur
After this ….
all having their lunch ?…
Yuvi asked who made this dish
Maya : twinkle
Yuvi : twinkle u r really good chef ?‍? kunj u r really lucky to twinkle is your wife
Twinj look at each other…
K: Saale taunt mar na band Kar samja na..
Y: chal chup chap kahan kha le because teri wo Alisha baby toh banati nhi hogi khana itna tasty ? sorry ?
Woh kahan keshe banaygi
While Kunj looked him
K: kyu
Y: because woh toh tujhy bana rhi hai
And laugh ? aur
K: aur kya bak jaldi kute
Y: aur tu ban raha hai…??kya bol ti hai tujhy babyyyyy us pagal ladki kha se tu usko baby lagta hai…. bache ka baap us ko baby ? lagat hai OMG ????
K: aur me batao mahi ko tujhy saniya Kya bol ti hai… Yuvi were coughing…
Mahi: kya hua yuvraaj slowly khao
K: haa yuvi itni jaldi kya kahan khai bhaaga thodi jarha hai….( smiled) twinkle tum yuvi ke liye yeh dish pack kar ke dena usko….
T: okk….
After lunch yuhi left for der house ?
All went in their rooms …(afternoon…)
Twinj room…..
Kunj lay down on the bed …
While twinkle to keep ironed clothes in the
Wardrobe… just then she heard noise of aayat and ansh she went toward balcony
Saw both playing in the garden it’s too sunny ☀️ outside…she went downstairs and go to the garden…
T: what r u doing here u both….
A/A playing….
T: let’s go inside…
A/ A : but why we want to play
T: play in the evening not now
She takes both of them forcefully inside…
T: aayat go to ur mamma room…
Maya came their
Maya: kya hua twinkle
T: bhabhi dono bahar itni dooph me khel rhe te ..
Maya: thik kiya dono ko andar lake
Maya takes aayat with her in her room…
Twinkle and Ansh went upstairs…while ansh were running ?… and goes inside the room..twinkle comes inside and locked the door ?
K: ansh why r u running if u fall down
Ansh: because of mamma
He looks at her …with questioning face
T: nich dhoop me kehl rahata
K: okk
Twinkle also lay down on the bed..with ansh…
Ansh: mamma bor ho rha hai mujhy khelna hai
T: chup chap so jao samje
Ansh: but I don’t wanna sleep and not sleeping too
He lay down in her lap ..twinkle caring
Him hair ….. kunj looks both…..and smiled..
Soon Ansh slept twinkle laying him on bed
But twinkle mangalsutra stuck in Ansh ? shirt button …twinkle try to out but .. not happening.
K: may I
T: hmm
Kunj trying
T: Kunj dhire se toth na nhi chahiye hai
K: itna important hai yeh mangalsutra tumhare liye…
T: apni jaan se bhi jata
K: he touched by with her words
Kunj turns out of Twinkel ‘s MangalSutra button inside…
T: thanks….
Kunj held her hand….just then Ansh laughs at in sleep they see and smiled and both kissed on his forehead… hugged him and both lay down beside him…..
Just then kunj phone rang….it’s Alisha’s
Calls ….he gets up and went toward in balcony……..talking to her………
At night:……..
Twinj room…..
Kunj gives one packet of the twinkle…
T: what is this
K: gift hai tumhare liye first open this
T: mujhy nhi chahiye hai


Precap karwa chauth

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