Krishna Chali London 3rd June 2019 Written Episode Update: Shukla meets with an accident

Krishna Chali London 3rd June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer recording Radhe’s dance. Naini calls him and asks him to talk to Sunaina. Veer says I can’t talk to you right now. Sunaina calls Radhe and asks where are you. He says I will call you later. Veer says I m outside, Eid celebration is going on here, I will call you later. Sunaina calls Radhe. He says I came here for Eid, I will talk later. Sunaina says illiterate man, he is celebrating Eid there, instead marriage arrangements. Naini says don’t know where did Veer go for Eid, I couldn’t talk to him, I m tensed. She talks to Shashank. Sunaina says what, Veer went for Eid, even Mohan went for Eid, I hope Veer didn’t go after Mohan, what shall I do. Shuklain goes to Radhe’s room. She thinks he is sleeping. Shukla asks driver to drive ahead. Driver says Eid celebration is going on, there is much traffic. Shukla calls Shuklain and says we have come here for work, but got stuck in traffic. Shuklain says I was in Radhe’s room, he is sleeping. Shukla asks driver to do something. Radhe dances with his friend. Veer records him.

Sunaina calls Radhe again. He says did she get mad, so many missed calls. He reads the message, Veer is around, be alert. Bilal shows Veer to Radhe. They hit on Veer’s head and crush his phone. They run. Krishna shouts Veer. Bilal asks Radhe to go home, none will know about him. Radhe wishes him happy Eid and says pray that I marry Krishna soon, we will get rich. He thanks Bilal and says you will get your share. He hugs Bilal. They get shocked seeing Shukla. Shukla recalls Radhe’s words. He says you liar, fraud, drama company, you fooled me on Radhe’s name. He beats up Radhe and Bilal. Shukla falls down. Radhe says we will talk, wait. Shukla gets a stick to beat. Radhe says you are also fraud, consider me as real Radhe. Shukla beats them.

The man asks did they do anything wrong. Krishna says no, we were following a thief here, I m a doctor, you can check at the hospital. She sprinkles water on Veer. He gets conscious. The man asks Veer how did that thief look. Krishna asks Veer is he fine. Veer says I had made video in my phone. She says your phone broke down. He says we have to go and retrieve the data. She says you are hurt, we should go to hospital first. Gajanan asks where did Shukla go, he had gone to washroom.

Shukla stops Radhe and Bilal. He says you think I have come alone, I will call Gajanan, he came with me. He calls Gajanan. Gajanan asks where are you. Shukla says I m at the back street, Radhe is a fraud Mohan. Gajanan asks what are you saying. He doesn’t hear anything. Gajanan goes to see him. A truck comes their way. Radhe sees this and pushes Shukla. Shukla gets hit. He shouts Gajanan. Gajanan asks the man for directions. Radhe and Bilal see Shukla fallen and run away. Truck driver gets worried seeing Shukla and runs. Radhe says I had to kill Shukla. He laughs. He sees Gajanan coming there. Gajanan gets shocked seeing Shukla. He shouts for help. Veer says there is nothing seen. The man says look at your phone, it doesn’t have any data. Krishna says try once again. Bela and Triloki dance. Lali asks Triloki to dance as Bela is doing. Shuklain jokes on Bela. She laughs. Bela dances. Shuklain says Shukla didn’t reach yet, call him.

Triloki calls Gajanan and Shukla. He says its not reachable, don’t worry, go and make food. Lali says even Krishna didn’t come yet. Gajanan gets Shukla to the hospital. He cries. He asks Krishna to answer the call. Ajit asks what happened to Shukla. Gajanan asks him to call Krishna. Ajit tries. Krishna doesn’t check her phone.

Doctor says Shukla has an injury near his heart. Krishna says there is just one heart specialist. Gajanan asks him to call the doctor. Krishna says Dr. Veer. Veer looks on.

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