Meri Hanikarak Biwi 3rd June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishri gets abducted

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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 3rd June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ira refuses to give up on the girl (Mishri). She will regain her pulse if the blood is supplied to her brain in a minute’s time. She recalls Pushpa’s words. I am going ahead with the procedure. Nurse is reluctant but Ira is positive. She assures Mishri to stay strong. You cannot leave your parents like this. You have to live for them! She completes her procedure.

Akhilesh is in the temple in hospital. He prays to God to give strength to Ira to do the operation.

Mishri’s pulse is revived. Nurse praises her for making it happen. Ira smiles out of relief and sits down feeling emotional. Thank you Ambe Ma. This girl will be fine now. She will also come out of coma.

Some goons kidnap Adi and tie him to a chair. He questions their boss who asks them if he knows the goons. Adi looks at them. Their boss says these are the same guys who your mother bought for some money. She gave them a diamond ring later asking them to leave the city. That was a fake one! We will handle police but you will make up for the loss that we have suffered! Adi says I don’t have money. The goons decide to take out his kidney to gain money. Adi shouts as he is being taken away but he shares an idea with them. Kidnap Mishri. Your plan foiled because of her only. Everyone loves her very much. You will get just as much as you will ask for! Boss is unsure but Adi insists it is the best plan. He calls at landline and finds out that Mishri has gone to hospital with Akhilesh. He informs the goons about it.

Ira asks Akhilesh to hug her for 2 minutes. He asks her what happened. She requests him not to say anything for 2 minutes. He abides by her wish. Did everything go well? Ira shares that it was successful. She will come out of coma very soon. Akhilesh hugs her out of relief as well. His eyes well up. You don’t know what you have done! I knew that you wont make any mistake. I am proud of you. She looks at him. You are pleased as if it was your daughter! He says I can understand as a father. She nods. I wonder how thrilled her parents will be once she wakes up from coma. When I touched her for the first time, I felt as if it was Mishri! It was maybe because I was very much stressed. He tells her not to over think. I am really proud of you. Ira wants to speak to Dr. Singhania regarding the boil scars on the girl’s face. He asks her to go home and rest instead. I will manage this. She agrees.

Akhilesh runs to meet Mishri. Her oxygen mask has been removed. Nurse shares that she is breathing on her own. She will gain conscious very soon. Akhilesh holds Mishri’s hand. Everything is fine. I am sorry Bajrang Bali for losing faith on you for a while but I am sure it is just you who can fix everything! He removes the bandage from her face. Your Ma did your operation. She gave you a second life. Open your eyes soon. I am dying to see you smile! He goes out to bring some medicines. Meanwhile, the goons walk inside the hospital. They collide with Akhilesh but they don’t get noticed as their faces are covered with masks. They recognize him though. Akhilesh goes his way. Their boss is on call. He asks them to quickly kidnap the girl and bring her there.

The goons see Mishri and are upset that she was the one who foiled their plan. Their boss says she only will make us the king now! His men kidnap Mishri and carry her out on a wheelchair.

Bhavik thanks Dr. Pillai. Your creation helped us very much. Vansh is also there. I dint get a chance to even say goodbye to Mirchi. Dr. Pillai switches on her main circuit (on her head) so Vansh can bid her adieu. Bhavik switches her on. She starts sharing the temperature but Vansh tells her that he will miss her very much. She says I don’t know what that means but why are you crying. Vansh calls her the best robot. You are going away from us. Dr. Pillai seconds him. This is why I am taking her to USA. Vansh tells her he will miss her. He also wishes her Happy Journey. Bhavik switches her off.

The goons kidnap Mishri successfully.

Akhilesh returns to Mishri’s ward but finds the bed empty. Maybe she gained conscious! She might have gone for some tests. He checks with the nurse but she has no clue. She hasn’t woken up yet. They check the room again. They ask everyone but no one has seen or taken Mishri. He reprimands the nurse on her callousness and checks the CCTV footage. They see the same masked guys dressed as ward boys who end up kidnapping Mishri. What’s happened with her! Why is God punishing me? Find out about their whereabouts. The staff members agree.

Mishri is still unconscious. They pour water over her face to wake her up.

Akhilesh panics seeing Ira’s call. She asks him about Mishri. Is she with you? He lies that Bhavik took her with him. She asks him to tell Bhavik to bring her home. I have a headache. It will go away once I speak to her.

Mishri finally opens her eyes but her head is still buzzing. Who are you guys? Where am I? Who am I? They get confused. You don’t remember anything? She denies. Who is my Bapu?

Precap: Akhilesh asks Mirchi to help him find Mishri. She readily agrees. She recognizes the goons. The goons make Mishri wear a torn dress and rub polish on her face and hands. She asks them why they want her to beg. The main guy lies that this is what she used to do earlier too. Ira reaches hospital just when Akhilesh is about to leave with Mirchi. Nurse points out that they wont be able to say anything when Ira will ask about the girl (Mishri).

Update Credit to: Pooja

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