Krishna Chali London 3rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna assists Veer

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Krishna Chali London 3rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna telling Radhe that entire family is bound to their dream now, they shouldn’t fight with Veer and mind their own work. Radhe asks what are you thinking. She goes to talk to Veer. He says your husband would have brainwashed you. She says no, I have come to say sorry, you were right, we should have left from there, I just want to focus on studies. Veer gets a call and says I will be there. He asks Krishna if this is her dream, will she do anything for this. He asks her not to ask anything and just do what he tells her. The man says its a high profile case, the son of a politician, he is an Indian. Veer says I don’t perform on cases that aren’t a part of my university. The man says all the best.

Veer asks the students to come. Krishna messages Radhe to inform him that she will be late. He asks her to leave the phone in patient’s stomach. She says sorry. He says you are a fresher, even then I got you here, you want forgiveness, you want me to believe you that you are sincere and talented. She says yes. He says I will show you something, today’s performance will decide your future, if you can continue in my class or not, or go back to India. She nods. They go for the surgery. Krishna assists Veer. Radhe waits for Krishna. the guy says Krishna is with Veer, pray for her.

Radhe asks what do you mean, just go, Veer has done all this. Veer scolds his interns. Radhe argues with guard and says I will talk to Veer, I m warning you. Krishna recalls seeing Dubey’s medical practice. She asks Veer to give her a chance, she can do this. Veer asks are you sure, one mistake can kill him. She says I can do it. He asks her to come. She assists Veer. Veer says good job, did you learn this. She says no, I used to assist my dad, he isn’t a MBBS doctor, I have seen him treating a goat, he did this surgery on a goat. He asks is your dad a vet. She says no, he would treat everyone, animals and human, he is the only doctor in my town. He says wow, I have to learn more from you, you are uneducated, still I have a lot to learn from you, anyways, good job. He goes. She smiles. She says you can’t make me out of here, I m number one. Everyone congratulates her.

Krishna checks Radhe’s missed calls and messages. She calls Radhe. Veer sees her and gets taunting again. He asks her to clean the OT, since she is the junior doctor. She says but its 10 o’clock. She checks her phone and says even the battery is dead. She worries and goes for work. Radhe says Veer, I will not spare him, my wife is troubled. Guard pushes him out. Radhe says I m coming Veer, try to save yourself. Krishna quickly cleans the OT. Radhe goes to Veer’s house and shouts to Veer. Sunaina says he isn’t here, stop Radhe, what happened. He says I m enraged. She asks where is Krishna, tell me. He says I don’t know, Veer has taken my Krishna, I know he is your son. She stops him. She says my son is not Raavan, why will he kidnap Krishna, I will call him.

Radhe says I got Krishna. Shukla scolds Radhe. Veer and Sunaina hear Shukla’s voice and go to see. They get shocked. Veer says Shukla is Radhe’s father….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What is happening on this serial? Isn’t Krishna a first year mbbs/mbbch student in London? Which college or doctor would let a firts year into the ot, let alone perform a surgery.
    And why is very, a cardiac surgeon, teaching first year medcial students? He should be mentoring junior cardiothoracic surgeons who are under training.

    Please apply some logic. This makes it feel like becoming a doctor is really easy. They got the entrance also wrong. You think just by scoring good on some pre medical test, you’ll get admission into a medical college in London? It’s not that easy. Please do your homework and stop disregarding the hard work and skills of a professional.

  2. And what stupidity is this my father cut goats and all and that’s how I learnt? The first thing that surgeons in medical college teach students is the difference between being a surgeon and a butcher. Please respect the profession. And know which degrees are required for what, what exams are done, what interviews are done, which year has what subjects. Please. Medicine is no cakewalk. Don’t show that it is.

  3. I think my suspicion was quite correct. Veer’s father and Sunaina’s to have been husband is none other than Baade Shukla, Radhe’s father.

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