Siddhi Vinayak 3rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Divide and rule strategy

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Siddhi Vinayak 3rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vin suddenly starts breathing heavily which sends Siddhi in panic. She asks nurse to call the doctor. Nurse starts looking for his medicine but then lies to Siddhi that the medicine is over. Bring it asap. Siddhi runs to bring it. Nurse fixes the drip again. Manjari pays her money and asks her to step out of the room for some time. Nurse complies. Manjari enters and takes Vin’s thumb impression on the papers. Your mother has to do so much for your sake. You must be in a lot of pain right? Don’t worry. I will free you very soon!

Siddhi returns with Vin’s medicine. Nurse tells her not to worry. Vin is fine. Siddhi cries holding Vin’s hand. Don’t do this. How will I live if anything happens to you? She notices the ink mark on Vin’s thumb and stops the nurse. Who came here?

Lawyer looks at the papers. Urvashi congratulates Manjari. You were right. I will learn a lot by supporting you. Lawyer asks Manjari what joke is this. This is just an ink mark which has no value in court. She nods as she looks closely. There are no fingerprints. He leaves. Urvashi asks Manjari if she dint take the thumb impression correctly. Manjari is confused.

Siddhi repeats her question at the nurse who apologizes and accepts what she did. I needed money for my son’s operation so I did what your MIL told me. I created panic and went out for a while. Siddhi says I can understand your pain as you are a mother but will you be able to make your son happy this way. I will send you to jail if you repeat it next time. Nurse leaves after apologizing to her. Siddhi turns to Vin. I knew that Manjari Ma will stoop low but I dint expect her to stoop this low. Prachi and Rajvir come there. Is everything fine? Siddhi shares that she was right but I was well prepared. I made sure Manjari Ma does not get Vin’s thumb impression. Rajvir asks her what Prachi told her. Prachi shares that she overheard Chachi ji telling Urvashi that she will take Vin’s thumb impression on the property papers tomorrow morning. Siddhi says I put wax over Vin’s thumb. I got this idea from his movie. Rajvir says I wonder what kind of a mother would put her son’s life in risk. He also praises Prachi on her smartness.

Urvashi says Siddhi fooled you again. Manjari refuses to let Siddhi win. I will get this property in my name real soon.

Siddhi dips Vin’s hand in water and cleans the wax. She notices sensation in his hand. You just moved your hand right? Vin mumbles Siddhi’s name. She tells him that she is right here. You are fine now! He tells her that his hand is burning due to hot water. What is this way to bring a guy out fo coma? She apologizes to him. You are pulling my leg the moment you woke up. She raises her hand playfully when she realises that it was only her imagination. She gets teary eyed. When will you wake up and trouble me again? Please say something. Prachi comes there and feels bad for her. She asks her sister if Vin Bhaiya will be happy to see her cry. You are very strong like Aai. You are both Aai and Baba for me. Siddhi hugs her and cries. Prachi assures her that Vin Bhaiya will be fine real soon. Siddhi tells her he has no other option but to wake up. I also have no option but to separate Urvashi and Manjari Ma somehow. They have become stronger since they joined hands. I have to create a rift between them at any cost! I have to also find out where Manjari Ma has kept Papa ji. I would take Rajvir’s help for that.

Shankar shifts his chair a little and picks a broken glass piece. He manages to cut the ropes.

Urvashi thinks to apply oil in Manjari’s hands to make her feel better. Siddhi says I thought you will become the queen of Kundra Mansion but you seem to have turned into Manjari Ma’s servant. Urvashi gets angry. Siddhi says I pity you as you are acting like a meek cat around Manjari Ma. Your earlier profile was better than this as you atleast had money in your hands. You are holding an oil bottle in your hands today! Go ahead. I thought you will strengthen your hold in Kundra Mansion when you will return home but you ended up kneeling straight in Manjari Ma’s feet! Urvashi tells her that Manjari takes good care of her. She got me out of jail. Siddhi laughs at her. I can bear shameless Urvashi but not a dumb version of Urvashi. Ma does not care about you but only about the grandson inside you. She is only concerned about the baby inside you. I think you know it too well! I will tell you what you don’t know. Ma wants to take revenge from you. She thinks you have insulted her and slapped her. Understand the game. Ma told you that she got Papa ji kidnapped and wont bring him here till the time she does not want it. Urvashi asks her how she knows this. Siddhi says he isn’t kidnapped. He is instead a part of this plan! He does not like you since beginning. He is on her side. Who risks her husband for an unknown person? The day Ma gets her grandson she will throw you out of the house! You may not believe me but you can listen to this audio recording. You will understand what I am saying. She plays the audio where Manjari is saying that she will kill Urvashi once her grandson is born. Urvashi drops the oil bottle in shock. It means she wants to kill me? Siddhi asks her if she understood the truth now. Urvashi asks her about the tape. Siddhi says Manjari Ma changes colour frequently. I recorded her voice at the right time.

Flashback shows Rajvir playing a clip where Manjari is speaking of killing Vin. There is another clip where Manjari takes Urvashi’s name. They mix the audios together. Flashback ends.

Siddhi and Prachi look at each other. Urvashi asks her why she is helping her. Siddhi says I only want to expose Ma before everyone. You must fail Ma’s plan if you want to save your life. I can help you if you want. Urvashi says I can do anything to save myself. Siddhi asks her to find out where Shankar has been kept. She extends her hand towards Urvashi. Prachi mentally coaxes Urvashi to accept it.

Precap: Prachi asks Siddhi what will happen to Urvashi now. She dint agree to what you said. Urvashi heads upstairs but is still listening to their conversation. Siddhi says she will also become Ma’s target. She will meet a similar fate like Kanta. Urvashi goes to Manjari’s room and sees her using a crop knife.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Good episode… ?when will Vinu get recover from coma.. ?now Siddhi is trying to fail Manjari’s all plans… ?Good job Siddhi…??

  2. Waiting for tomorrow episode…?

  3. Summer

    Hi Fs, How are you? Hope you are well! 🙂
    It looks like to me that Manjari time is up and she is running out of luck! Finally Shankar is starting to think and have doubts on Manjari…Vin will learn the truth about Manjari. So nice to see Rajvir and Prachi supporting Siddhi, they make a good team. I thought the moment that Rajvir complemented Prachi was cute. I get the impression the serial is wrapping up hence the progression towards Manjari being exposed: which is good, otherwise it will keep going round in circles. Looking forward to tonight’s episode. 🙂

    1. Hi Summer..?I am fine…yes I really liked this episode…oh no! didn’t think about it…is it true?
      So that is why they are showing this type of scenes… thanks for the information…I will miss the show… ?

      1. Summer

        HI FS, not sure if it’s true, but that fact that Shankar has realised his wife is behind his kidnap and the direction the storyline is taking, makes me think…they are wrapping up. 🙂

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