Krishna Chali London 24th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Shukla makes a plan

Krishna Chali London 24th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prashant meeting Shukla. Shukla asks will you take the heroine or get beaten up like a villain. Prashant says I didn’t see any mean person like you. Shukla says I m unique. Prashant says I won’t let Krishna stay in your house, its like a hell. Shukla says enough now. Prashant says I accept your deal. Shukla shakes hands with him. Prashant asks what do I do now. Shukla says just do as I say, in 7 days, Krishna will be out forever. Shukla leaves.

Krishna sees Radhe sleeping. She goes out. Shukla comes and sees her. He says why is she here at night, if she sees me, she will doubt. He removes his shoes and goes. She thinks of the tortures and wakes up. She hears sound and turns to see. He hides. She keeps the plant pot and says maybe its some dog. She goes. Shukla says she is calling me dog, I will no leave her. Its morning, Krishna wakes up Radhe. She says you have to do something. He says my life is ready for you. She says I want something from you. He asks her to just say. She holds his hand and says promise me, you will listen to me. She shows a chart and says I will cure everyone here. He says just dad is ill here. She says no, we have to make everyone fine, I want your help. He says I m fit, I have no illness. She says you have low self respect, everyone insults you, I don’t like anyone insulting my husband. He smiles. He thinks its right.

He says I didn’t pass 9th class. She says yes, I will make you study 10th and 12th, so that no one insults you. He says no, I can’t do this. She says you promised me. He says listen to me, I already tried thrice and failed. She holds his hand and says I was not with you that time, please agree, I m with you. He agrees. Shukla asks did you make this accounts. Triloki says Gajanan and I made this together. Shukla says if anything happens to me, they will sink the business. He scolds everyone. Radhe asks Krishna not to talk about studies this time, dad is angry. Shukla says I have to go shop now. Shuklain says no, you are unwell. Shukla says there is no smart person in the house, tell me, is there anyone. Krishna says I will manage. Shukla asks what did you say. Krishna says I will manage. Shuklain asks did you go mad. Shukla asks will you manage shop, I will manage it. Shuklain says calm down. Krishna says I will handle it until dad is unwell. Shukla says fine, handle the business. Triloki says who is playing the game, Krishna or Papa ji. Shukla says handle it till I get fine. Krishna thanks him. Shukla smiles.

Krishna comes to Shukla with files. She gets some smell. Shukla asks did class end, did Krishna reach there. He does a drama.

Update Credit to: Amena

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