Krishna Chali London 18th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna learns Lali’s illness

Krishna Chali London 18th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lali, Shuklain and Bela being at the fair. Lali says I will start preparations right away. Shuklain asks are you fine, take care of yourself. Shukla talks to minister and says everything is done, just bring him here, it will be good. Gajanan says I have to collect Lali’s reports, its a call from hospital. Shukla ends call and asks him to attend work first. Shukla asks Radhe where did he go. Radhe says I got late in distributing the cards and slept at Saajan’s place. Shukla says you look fresh, great, do you feel good to be free, forget Krishna, go and enjoy. Krishna packs her bags. Bua says there is less time, you have to leave in 2 days, we shall do puja, your dad’s mood got fine after difficulty.

Dubey does the puja. Krishna attends. She gets Dr. Agarwal’s call about Lali’s reports. Krishna says I will come. She says they won’t let me go if I say. Radhe waits for Krishna at the pandal. Saajan teases him. Krishna goes to meet doctor. She asks what happened to Lali. Lali makes food. She feels stomach pain. Doctor gives the reports to Krishna. She says Lali has cervical cancer, stage 3, cancer is spreading in her body rapidly. Krishna gets shocked. She thinks of her mum and cries.

Doctor says Lali can live for few months, she immediately needs medical attention. Lali feels hurt. Saajan announces in the Dandiya night. Lali sits crying. Krishna cries for Lali. Everyone dances. Radhe thinks why didn’t Krishna come. Krishna comes there and thinks how shall I tell everyone about Lali’s cancer disease, they won’t even know what cervical cancer is. Shukla says I will show the grand arrangements to minister. Gajanan says I will go and get reports. Shukla says it will come, hold this mobile and shoot a photo, I was given responsibility of pandal, I m very talented. Gajanan gets worried for Lali. He rushes to help her. He asks are you hurt. She signs no. She smiles. He goes. She cries of pain. Krishna cries seeing papers.

Saajan jokes on Radhe. Radhe asks him to tell the matter. Saajan says you said Krishna comes to meet you by excuse, your prediction came true. He shows Krishna. Radhe smiles seeing her. He gets angry thinking of her words. He says I have been good boy for long, I will show her the pain of heartbreak. Saajan asks him to stop it now. Krishna goes to Radhe to say about Lali. Radhe says I know what you want to say, you have come to me, show them the pass which I give you. She asks what are you saying. He says we should celebrate if you are here. He asks her to play Dandiya. She stops him. He says the real fun of playing Dandiya will begin now, why are you feeling shy. She says Radhe, if you are assuming that I m here after you, you are wrong, there is some other reason for my coming.

Krishna begs to Shukla and cries. She says Lali will die. Gajanan gets shocked. Krishna says Lali has cervical cancer, if she isn’t treated on time, she will just live for few months. Shukla and Gajanan get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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