Siddhi Vinayak 18th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Manjari curses Siddhi

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Siddhi Vinayak 18th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urvashi keeps hugging Vin tight. I think of Rudra whenever I look at this room. he loved me so much and took care of me. I miss him very much. Vin thinks of what Siddhi had told him. He tries to break the hug but she does not let go. My parents are no more. I finally got Rudra but he too left me. Where will I go now? Vin tells her it isn’t so. Urvashi is impressed by Vin’s muscles and great body. Gauri thinks to change sides if she wants to stay in this house for long. Urvashi is very smart.

Everyone is making preps to do the last rites of Shankar. Shankar cries. Hope no father has to see this day. I handed him over to Baba in childhood and got him just now. I got him after 24 years and he dint spend even 24 days with us! Vin feels bad for him.

Gauri acts to be sympathetic

with Urvashi. Urvashi mentally wonders how much more time she will have to do this drama. My eyes are all puffed up.

Pundit ji asks for Manjari. Vin goes to call her. Vin knocks at Manjari’s door. It is time to bid adieu to Rudra. Wont you see him for the last time? Please open the door. Manjari opens the door. She is still in the same clothes. She walks out in a trance. She comes downstairs thinking of the time since Rudra came to Kundra Mansion. Rudra’s full body is covered in white cloth. Manjari breaks down. You cannot leave me! I forgave your every mistake. I wont let you go anywhere! Shankar tells her to control herself. Manjari says you always wanted to throw him out of the house. You never accepted him. You are eager to send him away but I wont let it happen. He will stay with me. How can you say this to your own son? He wanted to stay with us here but he was sent away by force. It wasn’t done by God but by your beloved DIL, Siddhi!

Manjari tells Vin his wife killed her son. She is a murderer! Siddhi’s words echo in Vin’s head again. He tries to explain to her but she pushes his hands away. Answer Urvashi. Tell her the truth! He suggests speaking on this matter later but she tells him nothing is left to discuss. You are trying to hold Rudra’s body with the same hands with which you are trying to comfort me. This blood is of Rudra! This may dry but my tears will never stop. Shankar tells her to stop but she refuses. Siddhi has ruined everything. I wont spare her! She will have to answer me before answering God! She begins to go. Vin tries to stop / accompany her but she warns that no one should come after her! I can fight my son’s battle on my own! Saying so, she walks away.

Rajvir suggests taking Rudra now. They lift the dead body on their shoulders and walk out of Rudra Mansion.

Siddhi is about to drink water when Manjari calls her murderer. Siddhi drops the glass startled. Manjari asks her if she her thirst isn’t quenched by Rudra’s blood. Siddhi tries to explain that she dint kill Rudra. Manjari refuses to believe her. You killed her with the same hands right? Did you wash away the stains? Siddhi points out that it was Rudra who was after her. Rudra was holding a gun in his hand. Manjari reasons that she should have stood between Vin and Rudra. He wouldn’t have shot you ever! You wanted blood. My son would have been alive if you had cared for him. No one is born a criminal. My son has lived a miserable life for 24 years because of your husband! You snatched the life that he finally got. You killed me with him today! Siddhi requests her to believe her. I dint shoot him. Manjari says I just touched my son’s cold body. Who should I believe? My son was happy with his new life, with Urvashi. It was you who wasn’t happy which is why you killed him! Siddhi shakes her head. Manjari says you wont understand my pain as you have no kid. I want you to understand and go through this pain. I pray to Bappa that you become a mother soon. You snatched my son, my life from me. You too will lose everything in a similar manner! It is a mother’s curse! She cries and runs away.

Manjari’s words echo in Siddhi’s mind. She is disturbed and shaken. I dint kill anyone! I dint kill Rudra. Manjari’s words and the incident haunt Siddhi. She feels dizzy and falls down. She hurts her head and passes out. Constables rush to check on her. They decide to take her to the hospital.

Precap: Nurse tells Vin that Siddhi has lost a lot of blood. We need O- blood or she can go in coma. Vin requests Manjari but she refuses. I have been like your real mother since all these years but you couldn’t become my real son ever. You are my step son only!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Good episode…I think it’s good news for Siddhi and Vin.?
    Gauri bhabhi again changed her mind like todays woman.. selfish..?
    When Rudras character entered the show I thought, Rudra (her own son) will kill Manjari.. but nothing had happened.?
    Now she lost her own son and now ready for killing others ?
    Vinu is still in confusion…?

  2. Waiting for tomorrow episode… Now who will give blood ???

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