Krishna Chali London 16th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Dubey lashes out at Shukla

Krishna Chali London 16th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna greeting everyone. Radhe comes and greets her. He asks for a glass of water. Shuklain says its your first aryali teej, wear some good saree, all the neighborhood women will come, give water to Radhe. She asks Radhe what’s Prashant’s matter, she is worried. Radhe says I told you yesterday. Shuklain says tell me the truth or find out the truth, this is a disaster, it didn’t affect you, you have become modern suddenly. Krishna gets water.

Shuklain takes the glass and asks can I talk to my son, will you stand here now. Krishna goes. Shuklain says don’t be blinded in Krishna’s love, sort this matter, no one would give 10 lakhs without any reason, that guy is planning something, go and talk to him. He goes. Guddan serves food to Saajan. Radhe comes there and asks Saajan to come. Saajan asks what happened. Radhe takes him. Prashant says everything is fine, there are chances of my going to London, I won’t come alone if everything goes fine. Radhe and Saajan come to his house.

Saajan says lets sit inside and talk. Prashant says talk here itself. Radhe insists and gets in. Radhe says you helped my wife, have this money, take one rupee shagun as well, I don’t keep favors and debts. Prashant says you have come so far, I will keep this one rupee, you keep this 10 lakhs, take it back, Dubey has refused to take your help, you are strange, you have come here to get humiliated.

Saajan scolds him. Radhe says lets explain him in his language first, Dubey is my Sasur ji, its our family matter, you are an outsider, behave like that. Prashant says don’t be mistaken, I have known Krishna and her family before you did, I have done this for my Krishna. Radhe says she is my Krishna, my wife. He beats him. Prashant says you don’t deserve her, you are uneducated, uncivilized, she is district topper, she wanted to go London, you all are criminals. Radhe gets angry and asks am I a criminal. He beats Prashant. Saajan stops Radhe. Prashant threatens to get Radhe arrested. He says Krishna won’t be your wife for long, go home and see what’s going on there, a surprise is waiting for you. Radhe runs. Prashant asks him to take money. Saajan runs after Radhe. Prashant smiles.

Ladies praise the arrangements. They ask did Krishna learn a lesson. Shuklain says Krishna is silly, she is not clever like your bahu. Krishna smiles. Shukla asks for tiffin. Dubey and Bua come there, shouting Krishna. Dubey taunts Shukla. Shuklain asks how are you feeling now. Bua says its getting fine slowly. Dubey says I will make things fine. Shukla says I heard you went to jail, what was the hurry to come. Shuklain asks them to come. Shukla asks her not to stop the function. Dubey says today we have come for the talk. Shukla says we have guests here, you go out and wait, I will come. Dubey says so what if guests are here, are you ashamed to talk in front of guests, where did your shame go when you tried to burn Krishna alive. Everyone looks on.

Dubey scolds Shukla. He says you are already stunned, I will show your status in front of everyone. Shukla asks him not to forget his worth. He says you are misbehaving with me. Dubey says lower your tone, its not imp to be loud, voice should have power. Ladies record them. Dubey gets angry on Shukla. He says you got me arrested, I m not afraid of it now, you are right, I got exposed, and now I will expose you in front of everyone. Shuklain says you are girl’s father. Dubey says yes, I used to respect Shukla, you don’t deserve this, sorry, I hadn’t sent any bandhua labor here, I had got Krishna married to Radhe, she was my honor, you tried to burn her alive, your house is safe, I will set this house on fire if I lose my temper, I have come to protect my daughter. Krishna comes and asks what happened. Shukla asks what will you do. Dubey says shut up, you have said enough, today I will speak. He asks Krishna to take the divorce papers. Radhe comes there and gets shocked. Dubey asks Krishna to sign the papers.

Shukla says Dubey insulted me in my house, I can’t tolerate this, it wasn’t right, earn for yourself now, you have 10 lakhs, this is 1 lakh, 11 lakhs is auspicious amount, leave us alone, go away. Radhe and Krishna get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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