Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 16th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Imli runs the party

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 16th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Imli refusing to become CM. Chaitu and Puttan insist and promise to help her. Genda imagines beating up Chaitu. Imli promises to do her best. She gets emotional and meets all the family members. Puttan asks Imli to come fast, they will miss imp work. She runs to check pressure cooker. Jha gets calls. He asks the to hurry. Imli leaves for the oath ceremony. Imli swears to do everything for the betterment of the state, while Puttan swears to do everything for their betterment. She keeps state first, while he keeps family first. Everyone congratulates Imli. Jha says all the best, its your first day in CM office.

She sits in the chair and shouts. She says I won’t sit on it, get my chair from home, its comfortable. Jha says you have become CM and have to sit on it. She says fine, I will sit on it. Jha says this is your schedule of today’s meetings. She gets a call and directs for pickles box. Jha explains the meetings. She passes time gossiping on phone. She asks is there any network problem, get new mobile tower on office. Puttan asks him to get tender for him. He gets a call. He says Chaitu is in jail, AC is not working there. She asks to go and get it fixed. He leaves.

Khoji congratulates Imli for becoming CM and asks for some message for public. She says its same like Chaitu, we won’t change the flag. He asks what’s the agenda, what are your future plans. She misunderstands his questions and goes. He says breaking news, Imli has shown a degree in MA, but she doesn’t know the meaning of economics. Genda says Imli got caught. Uncle says we should get this topic of fake degree, we need a proof like Imli’s fake degree. Genda says I have thought about this. Puttan asks why did you do this, I already explained you. She apologizes. He says Genda and media won’t leave you now. Jha says you have to reach CM office on time. She says I have to be at home and attend uncle, I have to make lunch for him, get the meeting in my kitchen, what’s the big deal. He says its a big matter, its cabinet meeting.

She insists. He says fine, as you say. Puttan says I got a trainer for you, he will teach you everything, how to handle media. Imli says fine, I have to do my work now. Imli discusses the serious matters while talking to ministers, and making them peel peas. Jha tells about drought regions. She asks him to peel off the brinjal. Everyone do some work. Khoji comes and says this is the first kitchen cabinet meeting. Imli asks him to grate the bottle gourd. He says I m from media, I have come to take interview. She asks him to grate the gourd, else she won’t give him interview.

He accepts the condition. He asks why did you keep this meeting here. She says we will know the problems faced by people. Khoji asks him about her education. He says no comments. He says its cheating, tell us from which university did you pass MA. She says from Golganj. He shouts breaking news, this university don’t teach economics. He goes to Genda and asks her what’s her take on Imli’s fake degree. She says its a big cheat, I want to congratulate you, you aren’t scared of anyone, you are genuine journalist. Khoji says Genda is against Imli’s fake degree, she has praised me. She says you know media isn’t genuine, you always show true news, show this news on channel. He says if we get proof of Imli’s fake degree, I will raise the TRP. She says I will arrange it, so that Imli loses her chair because of her lie.

Jha asks Imli to check the fils. Imli asks them to get light files first. Ministers argue with Puttan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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