Krishna Chali London 14th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Shukla reveals about Prashant

Krishna Chali London 14th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bua asking Radhe to leave. Radhe says I got 10 lakhs for bail, I m trying to say this, but nobody is listening to me, just give money to Prashant and send him. Dubey says no, there is no need for this. Radhe gives him money, its my hard earned money, I wanted you to give this to Prashant. Dubey says let us decide it, I will arrange money and give it to Prashant. Bua says what if your dad charges us for theft and gets us arrested, no, we don’t want your… Radhe goes.

Radhe talks to his mum and says how can I bring Krishna home, Dubey isn’t well. Shuklain says your dad is angry on Krishna, you come back soon. Krishna takes the call and hears Shukla shouting on Shuklain. Shukla says they have driven me crazy, ask them to come. Shuklain says come back fast, your dad has already lost his cool. Krishna says I will be there with Radhe tonight. Shuklain asks is your dad fine. Krishna says yes, we will be there soon. Prashant looks on. Radhe says why did you tell mum that we will return. She says I don’t want him to get angry on your mum, I will give Sonal some instructions about medicines, then we will leave.

She goes. Prashant pulls her hand. Radhe looks on. Prashant says your dad needs you and you are going Kanpur, why. She says its imp. He says its not imp for someone to go, you are leaving now. She says I can’t thank you enough for coming and getting my dad bailed out, I know what to do now. She goes. Sonal gives medicines to Dubey. Radhe and Saajan come there. Radhe says take care of yourself, I will come soon. Dubey stays silent. Bua says I will stay back but you also stay back, listen, I want to discuss whatever happened there. Krishna cries. Bua says we have sent you to that hell, take care of yourself. She goes. Krishna says I will leave now, I will call you after I reach, take care. Dubey holds her hand. Krishna cries and hugs Sonal. Prashant looks on. Krishna thanks him. He asks her to take care and holds her hand. Radhe gets angry. Prashant says call me if you need any help. Krishna and Radhe leave with Saajan.

Shukla asks where are Radhe and Krishna. Shuklain says they are coming. He says you are saying this since an hour. Krishna and Radhe are on the way. Radhe thinks of Prashant and Krishna. Radhe and Krishna come home. Everyone gets shocked seeing Radhe’s injury. Shuklain asks what happened to you. Krishna says he wanted to arrange money so… Shukla comes and asks how did you get hurt, did you arrange money. He says Radhe went to earn money and got 10 lakhs, he risked his life for earning money, but I felt very bad because someone else paid the bail amount, who does this in today’s times, who is that great man, do you know, everyone would be wanting to know about him, I will say, what’s his relation with Dubey and Krishna, who is he. He says I know everyone has this question in mind, Radhe, that great man who bailed her dad is her ex-boyfriend, do you understand.

Radhe says I want to ask you something, do you still love Prashant. Krishna says Prashant made me dream of becoming a doctor. He says I m not interested in knowing your past, answer me, do you still love Prashant.

Update Credit to: Amena

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