Mere Sai 14th August 2018 Written Episode Update: People Think Tulsa Is Dayan

Mere Sai 14th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Women while fetching water from well discuss how to identify if Tulsa is dayan/witch. Someone says Dayan’s feet will be in reverse direction. A man Digambar walks to Sai and pleads him to save his cow as she is very ill and his father had gifted that cow to him. Sai picks his bag and walks with Digambar. Tulsa says even she will accompany Sai and follows him. Digambar takes Sai and Tulsa to his house. His wife tells Sai that their cow’s condition worsened after Digambar went to call Sai, their cow gave birth some time ago and since then she is very well. Sai speaks to cow that she has gone weak, but is not that ill to ignore her calf, her calf needs h er. He asks Diagmabar to heat water in an utensil and asks Tulsa to get some green leafy vegetables. He prepares rice and vegetable porridge for cow. Om Sai Om… song plays in the background. Tulsa asks cow not worry, Sai will treat her and son she will take care of her calf. Sai smiles and extends hand in hot utensil. Diambar says food is hot, his hand will burn. Sai smilingly picks food and makes balls out of it and gives it to Tulsa to feed cow.

Keshav hiding near tree checks his cig pack and sees only 1 cig. He says it is such a boring place, don’t know how his father stays here. He returns to village. His Taatya traveling on bullock cart asks him how is he. He says Jibri and they all did not want to speak to him. Taatya says friends fight and reunite, he is going to city, if he will accompany. Keshav says it is humid, he will feel more hot in city. Taatya thinks he is so arrogant, but reminisces not to give up on friends so easily. He tries again. Keshav says city would be crowded, so he would love to come. Taatya happily takes him along.

Sai asks cow to have food as all her friends helped preparing it, Digmbar brought rice, his wife lit stove, Tulsi cut vegetables, calf collected wood for fire. Cow eats food. Sai says cow is fine now. Cow thanks Sai. Sai says no need to thank him, he will ask favor in return when time comes.

Keshav sees Taatya heading towards city in different direction and asks if Sai ordered not to go on usual route. Taatya says a few years ago, few miscreants open arrack shop there, even after big fight, they did not budge, so villagers don’t go on that route.

Parvati gets engrasped in thought while boiling milk and it spills away. Her daughter comes and asks what happened. She says milk spilt away, Malhaari does not sleep without milk. Malhari insists for milk. Parvati scolds him. Mansapati walks in and asks to calm down, he will bring milk from village. Tulsa takes Malhar out to tell story and make him sleep. Mansapati asks why she is tensed. Parvati says she is worried for Gowri, boy rejected her due to her dusky color.

Taatya returns to Sai. Sai without seeing him asks if he returned from village. Taatya asks how did he identify him without seeing and says he met Keshav while going to city and took him along, he is good but being in city, his behavior has changed. Sai sees bell in Taatya’s pocket and asks if he can give it. Taatya happily gives and asks what will he do with bell. Sai smiles.

Malhari tells Tulsa that he is unable to sleep without milk. Tulsa says sometimes when they don’t find what they want, they should compromise. She prays god to arrange milk for kid, else he will think god does not help. Said rings bell. Malhari falls asleep. Tulsa hears sound and think someones cow must have lost way and walks out searching. Said stops ringing bell. Tulsa sees Radha cow in front and thinks she can get milk for Malhari from here, but everyone must be asleep, so better she gets milk. She asks Radha to give milk for Malhari and milks some milk. Sai thinks he told Radha that he will ask favor in return when time comes. Diamgbar’s wife hears sound and peeps from window, sees Tulsa and thinks what is she doing here, why did not she wake her up. Tulsa goes and feeds milk to Malhari and makes him asleep.

Next morning, Digambar’s wife goes out to milk cow and does not find any milk, thinks why cow does not have milk, reminisces Tulsa near cow last night and reminisces women discussing cow’s milk dries up when dayan is around, so if Tulsa is reason behind it.

A woman searches her child. Tulsa sees child crying and dog trying to attack it. She shoos dog away and rescues child. She sees child’s injured hand and runs lifting him with her, applies bandage on his injury. Mother continues searching child. Tulsa sees cold waves around and draps child with shawl. Mother sees Tulsa holding child and alleges she is trying to steal child. Tulsa says child is injured. Other women join and yell on Tulsa. Mother yells she is trying to steal her child, who gave her right to touch her child, stay away from her child. Tulsa says she is mistaken. Mother warns to dare not come near her child again. Tulsa walks nervously. Women sees reverse feet marks on floor and get afraid thinking Tulsa is a dayan.

Precap: People discuss Mansapati and Parvati don’t know that Tulsa is dayan, they should inform them. Sai gives holy scripture to Mansapati and asks to recite it when in distress.

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