Krishna Chali London 13th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Shukla makes a plan

Krishna Chali London 13th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lali saying I should have thought that you are newly weds, Radhe would want to go out, I came thinking he is talking about us. Bela says Radhe didn’t go so far, we can’t trust Krishna. Saajan says I m asking permission from aunty, she is elder, why are you saying. He asks Shuklain to say. Shuklain asks Bela to call Triloki home. She says I will manage here. Krishna and Radhe smile. Krishna comes to Saajan’s house. Radhe says listen to me. She says Lali and Gajanan have to go Mumbai, Saajan spoke about me. They go to Saajan and see him talking to Shukla by acting as a minister’s PA. Saajan asks him to send Gajanan for work, it can be good for us. Shukla says sure. Saajan says Gajanan and his wife should come to Lucknow. Shukla says fine, but I don’t understand,

why to send wife along. Saajan says wife will take care of him. Shukla says fine, I will send Gajanan and his wife to Lucknow. Bela hears this. Shukla asks Gajanan to get ready and go with wife.

Krishna asks what’s happening. Radhe says we know Gajanan, he won’t go alone, he will come back, we will go along, he will feel good and spend more time. Krishna asks what do you mean. He says Gajanan will go Lucknow, we will convince him to come Mumbai. She says I don’t like this lies. He says I convinced dad. Saajan says actually… she goes. Radhe says you told me she will agree and forgive me. Saajan says you are mad, you are going on honeymoon, you will get many chances. Radhe asks what about Prashant, if he runs away. Shukla drinks juice. He says I can’t have this karela juice. Krishna comes to taunt. Shukla asks what did you say. She says nothing, I got diet bhel for you. He asks what. She says you didn’t get fine. He says I did some good deed that you are related to me. She says you have done good deed in this birth as well. She smiles and says I will keep this with you, I m going to Mumbai with my husband, who will take care of you when I leave, I told you, I will need two days to remove poison from Radhe’s heart, I always keep promises, you would know other promises right, take care. She goes. He says I promise less and fulfill more.

Bela calls Triloki. She says Radhe and krishna are going Mumbai, Gajanan and Lali are going Lucknow, I m going all work, I will go Maayka with Shukla. He asks what, where are they going together. Prashant comes out of drum and hides. He takes something. Triloki stops him. He asks where are you going, who are you. Prashant gets slapped. He falls down. Bela says he has no time for me. She sees Shukla. Triloki scolds Prashant and goes. Shukla says you and Triloki always wish for more, greed is bad, you can get extra things. Bela says I know you want something too, what’s the matter. He says I want to oust Krishna, help me. She does drama. He says I will give two more petrol pumps and ration shops. She smiles. She asks why did you get Krishna back.

He gives her an example and asks her to stay in limits. He says Radhe and Krishna will leave tomorrow, we have to do setting. Shuklain cries and says house will look lonely without you all. Shukla jokes. She feeds them curd. He asks her to go along with them. Radhe, Krishna and Gajanan’s family leaves in car. Prashant cleans his face and clothes. He sees Radhe and Krishna at the shop. Krishna asks Radhe to hurry, they will get late at airport. Prashant shouts to her. The car leaves.

Prashant takes a man’s bike and follows the car. Radhe takes Gajanan’s purse. He says I want some money. Gajanan gives his wallet. Radhe takes his IC and gives wallet back. Prashant thinks Radhe is taking Krishna out of Kanpur, I will tell her truth that Radhe kidnapped me. He shouts. They reach airport. Gajanan asks Radhe and Krishna to take care. Radhe asks him to come inside with them and have icecream. Gajanan asks what nonsense, I don’t have tickets. Radhe says rules changed, come. Krishna also insists. Radhe gives all ids and tickets, and checks in. Prashant comes there. Lali signs Radhe. Gajanan says we shall leave now. Krishna and Radhe worry.

Prashant calls Krishna to tell everything. He sees Radhe on call. Radhe threatens him. Krishna sees him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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