Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 13th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika proven greedy for Yash’s property share

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Vaidika reads the will paper and considers it a liar. She questions what the lawyer wish to prove? The lawyer asks how he can say her husband’s signature be a lie. The doctor says he told her clearly outside the City hospital that if she won’t have the child she will not get her share from the property. Bari Amma blames that Vaidika ran away with Gauri’s child just for the greed of property. Vaidika wasn’t ready to accept this rubbish. Bari Amma says only yesterday Deepak told her that Sadika was his child. Deepak slaps himself and holds himself responsible for leaving her in the hospital. He put his life at stake and went to save her in hospital. He says it was Vaidika, she created a drama here even before he could tell everyone about it. Vaidika holds her arm to slap Deepak but Bari

Amma stops her. She asks if Vaidika wish to capture Yash’s property. She asks Sahil if he understands Vaidika’s plan. Sadika says he is impressed, she came out to be a liar, shrewd and a greedy person. He wish she never gets her lost son. She doesn’t deserve a child. Vaidika tells Sahil to think whatever he wish to, she isn’t moved by any of his believes. She knows her son is alive, and she will find him anyway.
In the room, Gauri was walking restlessly. She gets a call from M. She had just attended the call. Deepak enters the room, joins his hands and kneel down in front of Gauri. Gauri slaps Deepak. Deepak accepts his mistakes of mistreating her. When a daughter was born to him he left her to Vaidika considering it the best decision. But now, he wish for a single chance and he will make everything right. Gauri gets in a dilemma.
Sahil comes to the room where Bhoomi was packing her bag. She tells Sahil that she, Sahil and Ved won’t live here anymore. She doesn’t care what anyone did five years ago. She only knows that Ved is her son and she can’t leave him at any cost, even if she has to leave the house. Vaidika came here for money only, she will find her son soon. Sahil was determined not to let Vaidika succeed in any of her missions.
Maya and Vaidika come to the hospital. Vaidika thanks Maya for the CCTV footage access of the day. Maya assures God always paves a way for his men. They look for a footage after 12am, it was missing.
The nurse comes to Bari Amma intriguing her yet again. Bari Amma decides to teach her a lesson.
Sadika was playing in her room. Vaidika comes in. Sadika tells Vaidika she wish to sleep with her tonight. Gauri even hugged her the way Vaidika does. Vaidika takes Sadika in her lap and asks if Gauri is nice? Sadika asks why was Gauri hugging her? Vaidika says her Sadika is really nice, and even sensible. She narrates her a story in which there was a minor child. She notices Sadika had already fallen asleep.
Ved wakes up from sleep after a nightmare about the terrorist attack. He wakes up shouting Vaidika’s name and runs outside the room. Vaidika had fallen Sadika to sleep. Ved asks to sleep with Vaidika and hugs her tightly. Vaidika makes him lay into her lap and sings a lullaby for her.
Sahil comes looking for Ved and hears Vaidika singing inside the room, while the kids were sleeping in her lap. Sahil had walked into her room. Bhoomi reaches from behind him and takes Ved into her arms. Ved wish to sleep with Vaidika but Bhoomi replies that kids must sleep with their mothers. She brings Ved to the room and puts him to sleep. Sahil comes and asks Bhoomi why she is doing so? Bhoomi says Sahil must have brought her kid back to her. She insists that its their responsibility that Ved isn’t further hurt due to any of the reasons. Sahil wasn’t convinced of Bhoomi’s attitude.

PRECAP: Vaidika prayed in a religious procession. She gets a note with a riddle on it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Leisa s morris

    Sooooo lemmi get dis straight, BA was able to convince sahil dat vedika left her child whom she agreed to have to get yash property but took guari child to come back five yrs later to claim for yash’s property saying sayin dat sadika is yash child. BA admits dat vedika only found out d day before dat sadika isnt hers so dat meant up until dat time she believed dat she had yash child and came back for dat childs inheritance and havin found out sadika isnt hers wants to now find said child ,a child dat she abandoned as said by BA so she can get to yash’s property share hmmm. Everyone on dis forum seeing how insane dis is yet d overly always smart sahil has fallen fir such a scenario. I got confused just trying to put it into wrds for u guys so I know ur honna b confused too

    1. Leisa s morris

      If she was dis greedy person wouldnt she have kept her child and use dat child for d property. So wat BA is really sayin to sahil is dat.she took vedika child told nurse to say it had died to protect said child from vedika who only wanted it for money and dat vedika didnt really abandoned her child. She must really b generous to hate d parents so much yet accept their child with open arms.

      1. Leisa, it feels painful to wrap my brains around BA’s convoluted scheme today, I can’t think, she’s a brain drain, always thinking of ways to do put Vedika in the doghouse, just seeing her hair sprayed hairstyle, gives me a headache. I hope that Vedika give it to her really good the day this secret is revealed.

      2. Leisa s morris

        Naz if I was ti break down dis whole scenario in parts all d contradictions would be easily seen so I dont know how sahil fell for dis. Lets just take d main part for example, accordin to d lawyer vedika agreed to have d child for yash property yet accoding to bari amma vedika abandoned her cash cow (child) in d hospital and ran away. Lets throw in d mix dat deepak heard her baby had died and left his so vedika thought sadika was hers how come BA came home with a child saying it was vedika’s and she had abandoned it? I can understand sahil wanting to beieve d worst of vedika after her so call betrayal but even someone with half a brain would question dis especially someone who has most of d facts after all HE has vedikas child. Im confused at dis plot and im just surprised dat sahil isnt

  2. I am surprise that Sahil believe BA. Poor guy he is in such a dilemma. Bhoomi is beginning to sound like a broken record with her obsession about Ved. Fair enough she brought the child up for five years, but he was never hers. The realisation will kick in when Vedika drop the bombshell that Sahil is Ved fatheR . CCTV has been deleted, only the nurse can tell the truth ..
    Hope it’s soon…..

  3. I know they’re trying to make abhi and kiara’s relationship deepen but is it realistic? In the sense that if we, the viewers, didn’t know who kiara was, wouldn’t their friendship be strange? Like since when does a mother allow her child to roam alone with a total stranger( before pragya knew that it was abhi) ? Or that children allowed to go on a playdate without the parents having net/ spoken to each other… Pragya’s motherhood is questionable :/……. I thought just maybe aliyah might soften knowing she’s got a niece but her rigud butch face stood strong🤔😐…. When does tanu ever lose her character is so unnecessary like she’s the third woman since the beginning of the serial 😣

  4. this is not about abbhi or pragya its about sahil and vedika

  5. I thought Sahil would believe her and stand by her even if no else does.. but he too joined the clan.. disappointing for once.. But i hope that he tries to help out vedhika find her son in guise..
    There are many moments that they get to be together, they why doesnt vedhika talk to sahil about anything..?

    1. Yes Dolly.. I was really disappointed with Sahil as well. Truely thought that he would defend her and shut BA up.

  6. whats wrong with this show …where is the love story …they r playing baccha baccha games ..stupid show …is this really a love story …?????48 mein vedika 4th marriage kareki sahil k sath just becoz she was carrying his child …woh bhi unknowingly …but wasnt ved is yash heir and his son ..??? if she wanted to be with sahil then why got preg for yash …idiot sahil should have gone to mountains instead of marrying bhoomi …sahil hiding truth vedika hiding truth ….is this some treasure hunt game ….makers dont have story anymore …at this rate sadika will suck …

  7. Friends… My brains was fried with this episode… I haven’t seen a frustrating episode on this serial since a while but today certainly is. I don’t think Bhoomi’s love for Ved or obsession if I may say so, looks healthy. She’s getting crazy. For goodness sake, Ved is Vedika’s son, have a heart na woman, at least allow the boy to bond a little with your sister, the worst Vedika can do is love the child as if he’s her own, Bhoomi is getting on my nerves. As for Sahil, it hurt seeing him say those awful things to Vedika, she should have told him to be careful of the things he’s saying to her, that he’d regret it later. For me, the only thing to blow this crazy ass BA off is for Vedika to let Sahil and the whole family know that Ved is Sahil’s son. BA is really a nasty minded old woman…in all… This is a frustrating episode for me, I see Vedika will be getting clues from today I’m sure it’s the nurse who’s helping her and milking BA for all she’s worth. Anyways.. The best part of this episode was Vedika singing for Ved to sleep and Sahil looking at her with turmoil in his heart and also the little conversation she had with Sadika, cute little girl, very adorable when delivering her dialogue I liked her the moment I saw her perusing the cake in the bakery very determined to buy her mother a birthday cake. Friends, no matter how much I complain, I love this serial more than I can say…

  8. Muniya

    Didn’t like the epi as much as i liked others till date…
    Bhoomi is getting annoying…

  9. guys whats wrong with u all how can u like this …?? the characters lost the charm be it sahil or vedika …plus this show is not doing well..the other new shows launched by zee tv guddan and rabta ..they beat apke …apke is far behind ..it was used to be top 4 zeetv shows now its out …not even close…the concept is ruined and at this rate if zee finds new show ..they will off air apke …since viewers r not interested in kids story and leap in age gap love …they have changed this show totally in just 7 months….vedika character butchered to the core and now its sahils turn ….plus vedika is just busy being a mother ..so what if sahil hates her or consider her as a murderer his pain and suffering is least of her priorities …this show is all bout ba, deepak gauri ..gauri ex husband …arya and her bf …bhoomi and her insecurities …punesh and his gf …and the kids …
    this show is not def about sadika anymore….and i dont think at this rate any one can accept sadika together

  10. Yes absolutely right, this serial has lost its charm as like Piya albela.

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