Guys first scene is full of Varun burst out if u dont want than u can skip it but after that full of SWASANSHU..!!




Episode starts from SwaSan entering the court hall hand in hand in a newly wedded couple..!! Shekar getsup from his seat seeing Swara married..!! Adarsh stamps his foot in anger..!! ” So My lord..!! Here my clint..!! Nd yeah i think Mitra ji asked me question in last hearing..!! Nd now i have the answer for his question..!! That My clint Mr.SM is married nd now he can took care of Ishita Sanskar..!! So My lord now the decision is urs..!! ” said Shan..!! ” Objection my lord..!! ” Mitra xclaimed as Adarsh glared him..!! ” Objection Over rule..!! ”

Said Judge nd without any option Mitra ji backed off..!! ” The proofs nd points of either sides are reviced nd from that I , Suklesh Yadhav the Judge of this honorable court had taken a final decision that is ISHITA SANSKAR MISHRA’S custody is being given to Sanskar mishra..!! Nd that court is adjunt..!! ”

Said The Justice before getting up from his chair..!! ” Thank u My lord..!! ” said Shan Justice nods nd leaves..!! Adarsh glares at Shan..!! Shan bcm sad nd went near him nd held his hand Adarsh jerks him nd went from there..!! Sanskar puts his hand in shan shoulder..!! Shan hugs him hidding his sadness..!! ” Congrats bro finally i gave ur daughter to u..!! ” said Shan..!! ” Thank u Shan..!! ” said Sanskar..!! ” Sanky..!! ” said Varun nd came forward..!! ” plzz mr.Mishra dont create a scene over here..!! ”

Said Sanskar while showing his hands..!! ” Sanky plzz..!! ” said Varun..!! ” Shan i m leaving Come Swara..!! ” saying so Sanskar took Ishu in his arms nd held Swara’s hands nd starts to leave from there..!! Varun follows him while calling out Sanskar’s name..!! ” Ruko yaar..!! ” Said Varun in his top voice while coming infront of Sanskar..!!

” I said DONT CREATE ANY SCENE OVER HERE M..!! ” but before Sanskar could complete ” BAS Sanskar..!! BAS..!! Enough is Enough..!! Till when Sanskar..!! Till when u will Hate me haan..!! U r just Seeing from ur eyes..!! Just think once from My side atleast..!! U r angry on me that i leaved Kavitha coz Only for My So called Father nd His properties rite..!!

Than Sach me Sanskar u the Biggest fool in the world dont u trust ur bhai with whom u lived 24 yrs of life..!! With whom u shared ur Childhood..!! Just listen Sanskar..!! Yeah i admit i leaved Kavitha that day..!! But that is not for the B***** properties nd all but only for MY KAVITHA ND MY CHILD..!!

Did u heard that yes FOR MY KAVITHA u know our So called Father trapped me..!! He said If i marry Kavitha than he will surely kill My Kavitha nd My Unborn child..!! Just think from my Pov Sanskar..!! Just think it Sanskar how it would feel when i got know that My love ‘s life is in danger..!! So i did it but than also coz of this Shekar Malik only

Coz of him only Papa sent goons that day to kill Kavitha..!! But by god Grace or Gods Curse i dont know u marry Kavitha..!! U know when the day i came to know Kavitha is dead i tried to kill myself but i m alive here u know Sanskar i hate my life..!! I hate My everything..!! But when i Saw my Ishu i feel like i got my life back..!!

But u Everytime Stops me from meeting her..!! What u all guys are thinking about me..!! Am i not a human Being..!! ” Said Varun..!! Sanskar is in tears nd held his hands..!! Varun jerks him Sanskar forcefully hugs him nd cries..!! ” I m sry bhai..!! I m sry..!! I should not do this with u..!! ” said Sanskar..!!

Varun too hugs him..!! SanRun breaks the hug..!! Varun smiles seeing Ishu who is standing by holding Sanskar’s thigs..!! She is trying to hide behind him..!! Sanskar held her..!! ” Baby He is my Bhai only ohk..!! Go..!! ” said Sans..!!

Ishu came forward Varun took her in his arms nd kisses her whole face..!! Ashok came forward nd asks forgivness..!! But Sans is not ready to forgive him..!! After that Varun leaves Ishu With SwaSan as he knows only they can take care of her..!! Shan leaves to MM to convince Adarsh..!!


SwaSanShu was about enter the mansion but stops hearing a Scream..!! They Saw Karan is coming there with a arthi plate in his hands..!! ” What..!! ” said Sanskar..!! ” Arey my bhabhi is coming here first time after marriage i need to take Arthi rite..!! ” said Karan..!!

Sanskar looks at Swara nd She blushes a little..!! Karan did their arthi nd SwaSanShu enters inside..!! As,soon as they enter..!! Ishu hugs SwaSan from their neck ” I missed u both sooo much..!! ” said Ishu..!! ” Aww we too missed u baby..!! ” Said SwaSan..!!

” acha acha now tell me when did u both got married without me..!! ” asked Ishu while putting her both hands in her waist with a,pout..!! SwaSan is dumb that what to answer her..!! ” so what Baby..!! That is only court marriage we will do their marriage with full rituals once again whatsay..!! ”

Said Karan while Ishu jumps in xcitement..!! ” Yeah Uncle its an awesome idea..!! Papa plzzz plzzz na..!! ” said Ishu..!! ” Nhi..!! ” Swara nods her head in a big noo..!! ” Ofcourse baby..!! ” said Sanskar which makes Swara horrified..!! ” Yieeeee u r the best papa..!! ” Said Ishu nd hugs Sanskar..!!

While Sanskar winks at Swara..!! Nd Karan clears his throat to took them back to the world..!! Karan ” Sanskar i m going to look after ur marriage arrangements ok..!! ” said Karan before leaving ” Itini jaldi..!! ” Swara squeled..!! ” Ofcourse jamun I want everything Quickly..!! ”

Said Sanskar..!! Karan laughs a lil nd leaves..!! Swara who is sitting beside Sanskar changed as a scared Kitten..!! ” what do u mean by I WANT EVERYTHING QUICKLY ” asked Swara in a shivered voice..!! Sanskar grins..!! Nd pulls Swara closer by her waist..!! ” Dont u Know..!! ” asked Sanskar while moving closer..!!

” Papa tum kya kar rahi ho..!! ” Ishu’s statement get them back to the world..!! While Sanskar bcm embaressed nd trying to answer her with his ” Wo.mein..!! ” words..!! Swara who is supressing her laugh till now burst out into laughter..!!

Without knowing any reason Ishu also Starts to laugh with Swara..!! Sanskar got irritated..!! ” Chup..!! ” he shouts which bring silence there for a min..!! But again they both Started laughing..!! ” Jamun aaj me thujhe chodunga nhi..!! ” said Sanskar nd starts to chase Swara..!! While the Innocent Ishu claps her hands in xcitement..!!

SwaSan reached under the staircase..!! Sanskar caught hold of Swara’s wrist !! He pulled her pinned her to the wall..!! Swara’s laughing stops rite there..!! Sanskar’s one hand reaches her waist caressing her there..!! Breathing beacaming difdicult to her..!! Sanskar is moving closer nd closer to her..!! He kisses her cheeks sensuoly..!! Both Were lost in the moment..!! Unknowingly Swara’s hands is clutching His collars..!! Sanskar breath is touching her face..!!

Their lips were carving to met..!! They are inch apart..!! He was about to took her lips in his but again stops hearing Ishu..!! They giggles nd went to Ishu..!!

At night..!!
Swara is sleeping in one room nd SanShu in another room..!! Already SwaSan slept but our lil don is not getting sleep she is crawling here nd there..!! Turning to the left nd right sitting in the bed nd again lying in the bed..!! Finally she jerks Sanskar to woke up..!! He sleeply opens his eyes lightly..!!

” Kya hua baby..!! ” asked Sanskar..!! ” Papa getup first..!! ” said Ishu while holding his hands nd made him sit on the bed ” Papa i want something..!! ” said Ishu..!! ” Ishu baby ask me what do u want in the morning i ll definetly give u ohk now sleep..!! ” said Sanskar..!! ” Promise..?? ” asked Ishu..!! ” Pinky promise ” said Sanskar..!! Nd made her lie beside him nd covers her with the blanket..!!


SanShu was having dinner while Swara is serving them..!! Sanskar made her also sit beside him in the chair..!! She starts to eat..!! Ishu who is sitting on the dinning table shouts making SwaSan split their food..!! ” Ahhhh..!! ” screamed Ishu.!!

Kya hua Baby..!! ” asked Swara..!! ” I want something..!! ” said Ishu..!! Swara looked at Sanskar nd asks him through her eyes that ” what ishu wants..!! ” he nods in negative that he dont know..!!

” Ohk baby now tell me what do u want i ll give u..!! ” said Swara..!! ” Pakkq na..!! ” said Ishu..!! ” Pakka..!! ” said Swara while holding her hands..!! ” Hmm than i want a Lil sister..!! ” said Ishu..!! Which make Sanskar to cough like hell..!!

” Haan mom u know Papa is also having bhai & Shan uncle is also having brother & even my all friends have brothers or sisters but i dont have..!! So i want a sister..!! Mom u ll give me na..!! ” said Ishu..!! To which Sanskar smirks a lil nd Swara turns into dark shade of red..!! Swara thought Sanskar will divert the topic..!!

But do u think guys..!! ” Haan baby Zarur I m ready ask ur mom..!! ” said Sanskar which made Swara shocked..!! ” love u papq..!! Mom plzzzz bolo na..!! ” said Ishu..!! Swara is seeing here nd there..!! ” Kya bolu..!! ” a voice came from behind there comes our Karan with the preperators..!!

” Haan Ishu bolo kya hua..!! What do u want..!! ” asked Karan ” Uncle see na i asked for a Lil sister papa had accept it but Mom is not saying anything..!! ” said Ishu..!! ” Haan ishu baby..!! See ur Mom dad’s weeding is 2mrw wont u help me in the oreperations..!! ” asked Karan sensing the situation..!!

” Sachiii..!! I ll help u Uncle Come on Come on..!! ” said Ishu while Jumping from the table..!! ” Sambal ke Ishu..!! ” said Swara..!! ” Hmm Bhabhi i think u should think about Ishu’s words..!! ” said Karan while giving a hifi to Sanskar..!! Swara glares them Karan leaves nd Sanskar gulps his Upma..!! :-p


” Karan is everything is ready..!! ” asked Sanskar..!! ” Yes bro Just needs to send it..!! ” said Karan..!! ” Do it Fast Karan I want him at road As soon As,possible..!! ” said Sanskar..!! ” Whom are u talking about..!! ” asked Swara from behind..!!

” Woo..!! Bhabhi..!! ” Karan Stammers..!! ” We r talking about Mr.Malik Swara..!! His punishment Starts now..!! ” said Sanskar Swara wipes a lone tear escapes from her eyes..!! Nd leaves from there..!!

” Kya bro go yaar..!! She needs u now..!! ” said Karan..!! Sanskar nods nd left..!!

In Swara room

Swara is standing near the window looking outside..!! Sanskar kept his hand in her shoulder..!! Swara turns .!! ” Swara i know it will hurt u but..!! ” before He could complete Swara said ” Nhi Sanskar it wont hurt me..!! U r rite at ur place he needs punishment i already said coz him many souls had suffered now not more..!!

Do what do u wanna do with him..!! ” said Swara..!! ” I m not going to do anything Swara..!! He only loves his money nd fame i m going to snatch it from him thats it..!! He had done this much only for this rite i ll snatch it from him..!! ”

Said Sanskar..!! Swara nods her head Sadly..!! As she also knows how Sanskar is hurt nd Her father is Cause for it..!!

Nxt Day

The whole is decorated like Heaven after all this is our Heavenly couple marriage..!! Karan is looking over the last min preperations while pandit is chanting the mantras..!! Varun is already present there..!! Nd playing with Ishu..!! ” Bring the Bridegroom..!! ” said the Pandit..!!

Varun went to bring him while Ishu ran to Swara’s room..!! Varun brings Sanskar to the mandap he is wearing a meron colour shervani looking xtremly handsome..!!

At Swara room

Swara is ready atlast..!! Ishu came runningly to her..!! Swara turns Ishu acts like fainting..!! ” Mom u know u r looking like an Angel Pinky promise..!! Papa will also faint like me..!! ” said Ishu..!! Swara blushes a lil ” Tum bhi Teri papa ki tarah besharam hogayi..!! ” said Swara..!! ” haahaa..!! :-D” Ishu laughs out loud. !!

Soon the voice came ” Call the bride..!! ” Ishu brings Swara to the mandap..!! Sanskar is awestruck to see his lady love in bridal attire..!! SwaSan had an eyelock Iahu made her sit beside Sanskar..!! ” U r looking like an angel..!! ” Sanskar wispers to her..!! Swara smiles a lil. Looking at Ishu while she winks.!!

” mangalam bhagwana vishnu mangalam garudath vaja..!! ” Pandit ji is continuing his mantras..!! Ishu went to tie Swara’s saree with Sanskar’s shawl..!! ” Stop the Marriage..!! I have an Objection..!! ” all turns to see Shan is standing at the door step..!!

” How can u guys do this marriage without us..!! ” said Shan.!! Nd adarsh nd his mom came from behind..!! Sanskar smiles ear to ear..!! ” Haan bro how can u marry without us..!! ” said Shan..!! ” Shan do u really had any habit to stop the things in middle..!! ” said Karan all giggles..!! ” wo tho hai..!! ” said Shan..!!

Than adarsh folds his hands inorder to apologize from Sanskar..!! Sanskar nods in no..!! Ishu ties the knot..!! ” who will do Kanyadhan..!! ” asked Pandit Swara bcm Teary eyed..!! ” Mein hoon na..!! ” said Shan nd came infront nd does Swara’s Kanyadhan..!! Swara smiles inbtw her tears..!!

Pandit ji asked them to take the prehars..!! Nd finally SwaSan gets seated nd Sanskar made her wear the Mangalsutra nd Fills her maang by Sindoor..!! SwaSan had an eyelock..!! Ishu came inbtw nd kisses SwaSan’s cheeks..!! Karan clicked Their picture..!!

The Happy Family..!!

••••••••|THE END|••••••••

Hey guys i was supposed to write this nxt week but i m having my xams at 15 only so thought to complete it now itself..!! I hope i didnt bored u all..!! Sorry if i disappointed anyone but i have to complete it..!! Nd NOW THE QUESTION TIME

ND GUYS TODAY U HAVE TO GIVE LONG COMMENTS THAN ONLY I GIVE EPILOGUE..!! ND dont worry about hot romance coz i m not going to write but by my friend..!! Ok guys love u all babye..!!

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