Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 1st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 1st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abeer picks the torn paper which is thrown by Amla. Amla comes out and sees him. He comes infront of her as she is about to go. In the lock up, goons ask Evan what crime he has done and holds his face. Evan is scared and is about to cry.

Abeer tells Amla that he didn’t come to apologize to her forcibly without her wish, and says he came to tell her something. Amla asks him to go. Abeer says I came to know something about that night. Amla says I don’t want to hear you. Abeer says I told you in hotel that I may have not done anything. Amla asks him to go and closes door on his face. Mannu wakes up. Amla makes him sleep. Abeer goes to his outhouse and closes the door.

Goons ask Viraj what they have done and says they seems to be rich. Goon asks what they did? Viraj says they are here for drunk and drive case. Goon laughs. Evan cries and recalls constable telling Abeer and Suveer to go, and telling Evan and Viraj to sit as they will be presented before the magistrate next day. Evan cries.

Darshan scolds Divya for behaving strictly with Viraj and says you have punished him. He says don’t know where is he? His phone is off. Divya asks him to talk to Rishan or Raunaq. Just then Viren calls him and informs that Viraj and Evan are in the lock up for drunk and drive and tells that he will free them in the morning, and asks them to come to session court at 10 am. Darshan tells same thing to Divya.

At the dining table, Pallavi and Rishan are having food. Hema and Raunaq comes and tells that they are going to court. Pallavi tells that she wanted their kids to come together, but..Hema says she can’t have food until her son is in lock up. Rishan says he didn’t use any contacts to free Suveer and says he is freed as no alcohol was found in his drugs. Viren says lets go. Pallavi says I will also come.

Abeer is in the outhouse and recalls what Amla had said. He peeps out from the window. Mando comes to make Mannu have milk. Mannu runs away. Mando gets upset and goes.

Viren comes out of session court and tells that Viraj and Evan are arrested as their bail is rejected. Hema is shocked. Darshan asks him to tell Rishan to do something. Divya cries looking at Viraj. Viraj looks at her Evan tells Raunaq that he don’t want to go to jail and asks him to do something. Abeer waits for Amla to come out. Karuna and Raghu comes out of house.

Viren calls Rishan and tells that bail is rejected and that’s why he has to do something and free them out. Rishan says I will meet Evan in jail and smirks. Viren says Thakur Saheb will not do anything and asks him to do the needful. Rishan says it is good that you have done right thing, I haven’t make any mistake to make you as my partner, and says Evan’s ego will be shattered against the walls. Amla comes out of house and calls for Mannu. Abeer looks at her, and then wears his shirt. He comes out of his outhouse and asks Amla to hear him. Amla says you have to hear him. He says I met those three guys and now I came to know about the truth. Amla asks you met them again, and says whose life you have ruined.

Karuna asks Abeer from where did he get money to buy air ticket and says you might have taken from friends, and says she hates him. Later Dev and Suveer collide and come face to face. Abeer picks a stick and comes to Amla. Amla is shocked.

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  1. This show is too far to the original turkey series fatmagul.amla looks elder than abeer.and abeer,only god knows what he is trying to convey through his and bhao are the best ones in this show.draaagging unnecessarly,the pragnancy drama now this stick drama.hope CVS will get better ideas

    1. I respectfully disagree with you. The show is an adaptation not an exact copy of the original series hence there are differences. Amla does not look elder to abeer. at the beginning of the series before her innocence was robbed from fer she look young and happy but since the incident you wouldn’t expect her to have that same youthful look. You need to understand that it is a hindi drama and it is going to be long and drawn out. i have never a hindi drama which is is fast paced and just gets to the point. even hindi movies are long and drawn out with the long musical numbers.

    2. Agree with you on Abeer’s acting. Either it is his character in the show or he can act only through eyes, which God only can understand. But he is a goodlooker. So we all tolerate.

  2. @sitagita I agree this show is far more better than d all d other TV series…
    This is d only one realistic show. N amla is pretty n Ambeer will make a cute couple. Amla looked cute in d beginning epis.. Hope she will cum back to dat luk after Ambeer fall for each other… I agree d story is being dragged but it’s better than all d other saas bahu dramas. N this show definitely deserves a better time slot. Hoping AMBEER to happen soon..?

  3. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    My goodness … what the heck is Abeer gonna do ??
    forgive me but for some reason I feel for Evan, even tho a man, he still has childish traits ?

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