KKM Story Of Love And War Between Siblings Episode 47

The episode starts with Sanju getting a shock of his life on hearing, Priyanka’s demand, he asks her, “But Madam ji, you had just asked to mess up with Shahana, but now you are demanding him to FORCE HIMSELF ON HER!!! Do you even realize what can that cost for Shahana throughout the rest of her life???” Priyanka lets out her evil laughter and says, “Exactly that is what I want, I want her life to be SPOILT IN SUCH A WAY, that leave about Rishi, no other man will ever turn towards her!!! And that is her punishment for eyeing my Rishi!!!” then she takes out a bundle of notes from her purse and gives it to the man. The man takes it cheerfully and says, “I never knew I will be double-benefitted here, fill my pocket with money and have ONE-NIGHT STAND with a WOMAN!!!” Priyanka asks him to come along with her to see the GIRL. Priyanka and the man leave while Sanju stays behind tensed in thoughts, “This Priyanka Madam surely has some nuts loose, what is she trying to do in her MADNESS to get Rishi??? I will have to inform Sunil Bhai, he had asked me that the plan should not go overboard, now this MAD WOMAN, Priyanka has already gone OVERBOARD!!!”

In Disha’s Room, Sunny is changing inside the bathroom, while Disha tells him she has kept the other clothes for him outside. Purab comes there and knocks on the door, Disha turns around and is shocked to see him. She remembers Sunny’s revelation and how he had made her promise that she will never reveal his truth to anyone in Mehra Family. Purab comes near and tells her, “Disha, I just wanted to…” when all of a sudden, Sunny calls out from the bathroom, “Ma, I’ve forgotten the towel, could you just pass it on to me!!!” Purab is in for a shock and also recognises the voice, he asks Disha, “Isn’t that my employee, Sunil Sharma, how is he related to you?? And why is he addressing you Ma??” Disha gets nervous and starts trembling, when suddenly, Hritik comes there, asking for something, but stops himself, seeing Purab. Disha blurts out, “SUNIL IS MINE AND HRITIK’S SON!!!” Both Hritik and Purab are shell shocked to hear that. Purab asks her, “But you aren’t married to…” Disha cuts in and continues, “Yes I’m not married, but when WE SEPARATED, I GOT RELIEF IN HRITIK’S ARMS, which started our relation and Sunil is the RESULT OF THAT RELATION!!!” Purab is completely heartbroken on hearing that, he loses his balance when Hritik holds him. Purab frees himself from his grip saying, “I can still handle myself!!!” and barges outside. After he leaves, Hritik questions Disha, “Disha, what did you just tell him??” Disha cries and says, “I had to SAY IT, Hritik, otherwise, Purab ji was so close to Sunny’s truth!!! And I can’t let Purab ji know the TRUTH about his son, not only because Sunny had made me promise, but also because I know how much HATRED Sunny has for his DAD!!! And I’m sure Purab ji will be able to handle HIS SON’S HATRED as much as he can handle this LIE!!!” Hritik gets worried and continues, “But Disha, after all Sunny is Purab’s blood!!! Don’t you think, Purab will recognize his SON, SOME DAY OR THE OTHER!!!” Disha wipes off her tears and tells him, “That is WRITTEN IN FATHER-SON’S DESTINY, Hritik and if DESTINY wills it, then it will surely happen!!!” Just then Sunny comes out and gets surprised noticing Hritik and also notices, Disha’s teary face. He gets tensed, comes near her and asks her the matter. Disha tries to ward off his anxieties by replying, “Nothing!!!”, when suddenly, all of their attention gets shifted to Sunny’s phone. Disha notices it is a call from Sanju and tells him, “That jerk friend of yours is calling, answer it and get ready, while I go with Hritik and check on all the media arrangements!!!” Sunny nods and after Disha and Hritik leave, Sunny takes Sanju’s call and asks him the matter. Sanju at first being completely tensed is unable to speak anything, which makes Sunny worried, he shouts at Sanju and asks him to speak up. Sanju blurts out everything about Priyanka’s plan. Sunny gets a chill in his spine and puts his phone down, he tells himself “No I can’t let this happen, no, no…but how will I stop it without letting Priyanka know??? Then all of a sudden, he remembers how he had warned Aryan last time regarding Priyanka’s plan and says, “Yes, Aryan!!! I will have to do the same thing; I will have to warn Aryan!!!”

As he comes out, he hears the announcement that St. Thomas church’s choir will be performing a welcome song for the INTERNATIONAL CONCERT which will mark the beginning of the concert and soon after the concert, the FASHION EVENT will start” Sunny gets tensed thinking, “Oh god, the program has already begun, so Priyanka will also execute her plan soon, I will have to find Aryan somehow!!!” he is about to move, when he stops his feet suddenly listening to a melodious voice singing, he remembers having heard the voice before and recognises it to be the same person who had comforted him earlier on DIWALI NIGHT, with a message on her handkerchief, he takes out the handkerchief from his pocket and goes near the stage to see the person’s face. There, he gets surprised to see Rakhi singing, he smiles and says, “Chasmish has such a BEAUTIFUL VOICE??? But a few minutes back she was growling and fighting me like LADY HITLER!!!” he then continues to look at her and smile (romantic bgm plays).

Then, suddenly, Sunny, notices Aryan near the stage and gets reminded of Priyanka’s plan, he bangs his forehead, “Oh fish, I got so lost in the song that I almost forgot what I had to do!!! I will have to warn Aryan as soon as possible!!!” He catches holds of a fellow student and tells him, “Please inform Aryan Khanna, standing there, that his dad is calling him backstage!!!” The guy does as instructed and as soon Aryan goes backstage. Sunny too makes his move. Aryan reaches the backstage and looks around for Purab, calling him out, but on not finding him, he turns to leave, when Sunny comes and stands in front of him. Aryan recognises him being the same person who had warned him regarding Shahana being in trouble on their HOUSEWARMING PARTY and asks him, “What is it you are doing here in our college??” Sunny gets irritated and tells him, “Look, Aryan, it’s not time to discuss all that, listen, Shahana is in danger once again!!!” Aryan gets shocked and shouts, “Wait a minute, last time too you came to inform regarding Shahana being in trouble and now again, first tell me, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU???” Sunny gets extremely exasperated, catches his head and shouts, “I’m Mr. Purab Khanna ELDER SON and your ELDER BROTHER, SUNNY PURAB KHANNA!!!!”

Aryan gets thunderstruck at those words.


To be continued.

(Next episode to be updated tonight 12-02-2020, Wednesday)

  1. Woah. Now there’s confusion between disha ,purab, aryan, and sunny. That twist was awesome. I wonder what would be the result of the fashion event. Plz have prachi win n not rhea??

    1. Aleyamma

      I know thwas a BIG TWIST, but that twist was necessary for me to continue with the story!!! Fashion event result WILL BE A PART OF EPISODE 49, so wait and see, who is gonna WIN!!!

  2. wow!! finally sunny excepted he is purab son!!
    And so sad about purab??

    1. Aleyamma

      Yeah I know, but unfortunately, Purab’s entire family: himself, disha, his two sons, Sunny and Aryan but not that vamp Aliyah, are tragic characters in my ff.

  3. Jasminerahul

    being a woman how can priyanka plan such a cheap thing? shame on her.even sanju has more emotions towards shahana than priyanka.good thing that sanju informed this to sunny.omg finally purab realized that Sunil is related to disha. but sad that disha lied that he is her son from rithik.but like ritik said one day purab will identify his son.sunny realizing that the girl who impressed with her voice is Rakhi was lovely.waiting for their next encounter.shocking that sunny revealed his real identity to Aryan .never expected this

    1. Aleyamma

      In my ff, you can never predict the twist and turn of events!!!

  4. It’s a request, please write your updates as soon as possible as I ‘m in love with this version of yours rather than the original.

    1. Aleyamma

      Hey Paru, Thanks a million dear, that is so encouraging of you, I never knew my ff is so LOVED!!! I know I had not been very regular lately because of my sicknesses and my exams. But now, I am trying my best to become as regular as before. Hope you will not be disappointed.

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