Love Story Of Demi-Djinn And Ayaana ~ Destined To Be ONE – Episode 19

The episode starts with Aman and Roshni feeling each other’s presence. Roshni runs towards the exit door, keeps her ear close to the door and murmurs, “Allah knows best, is it FOR REAL or am I just imagining things?? Has Khan Baba really come for me????” while Aman outside says, “Today no one can stop me from reaching YOU, ROSHNI, now, I will not return from this PLACE without you!!!”

On the other side, Kabir gets restless realising Aman’s presence. Rakh djinn notices his perturbance and asks him, “Abba, what is the matter, why are you so worried??” Kabir shouts back at her, “HE HAS COME HERE!!!” Rakh djinn gets confused and asks him, “Who???” Kabir roars, “Aman Junaid Khan!!!” The whole castle shakes at Kabir’s uproar, while his voice echoes in Aman’s ears.

As soon as Kabir’s voice reaches Aman, his veins start BULGING WITH DARK BLOOD FLOWING IN THEM. He starts shivering and slowly his demi-djinn starts to reveal, his eyes start glowering blue. Aman closes his eyes and tries to control himself while thinking, “Who was the PERSON WHO PRONOUNCED MY NAME??? AND WHY DO FEEL A STRANGE CONNECT WITH HIM!!! NO, I CANNOT LOSE HOLD OF MYSELF, IF I LOSE CONTROL, THEN I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SAVE ROSHNI!!!” He gets thinking about Roshni and their moments together before their separation, he gets emotional (Kahani humari plays). Soon, Aman starts clenching his fists hard and tries to fight against himself. Baazigar gets scared on seeing this state of Aman and starts shrieking loudly. Roshni hears Baazigar’s shrieks and gets thinking, “Allah knows best, isn’t it Baazigar??? So, is it true that Khan Baba is here with him???”

Rakh djinn still not able to understand Kabir’s anxiety, asks him, “Abba, You are THE BADSHAH OF DJINAAD and there is no being in this whole world of Djinaad who is as powerful as you then why are getting tensed on the arrival of that Aman who just has A PART OF YOU LIVING INSIDE HIM!!!” Kabir stares back angrily towards her who gets scared at his stare, while she looks down in fear, Kabir continues, “Because Aman Junaid Khan IS THE ONLY COMPETITOR OF DJINAAD WHO CAN DEFEAT ME!!!” Rakh djinn gets astonished and asks, “What??” Kabir goes on, “Yes, the FIRST TWINS born of the MALLIKA (Parveen) of Djinaad will become the GREATEST WARRIORS OF DJINAAD AND THE STRONGEST BEINGS OF ALL BADSHAH, which I did not want to happen, that is why I made a deal with Parveen’s shohur, Junaid, to hand over Kabir to me, but my “iibnat alhafid” ( great granddaughter) played against me and got my plan backfired onto me when her shohur offered me Aman instead of Kabir. Now, I have possessed Kabir completely and have erased his destiny of becoming more powerful than me, however I cannot succeed in my plan to KILLTHE OTHER GREATEST WARRIOR OF DJINNAAD USING KABIR ANYMORE, BECAUSE A PART OF ME LIVES IN AMAN RIGHT NOW!!! THUS, IF I KILL AMAN, THEN IT MEANS I AM KILLING MYSELF…. BUT” Rakh djinn asks him, “But what, Abba???” Kabir continues, “But Aman having a part of my powers and being one of the greatest warriors of djinaad can DEFEAT ME!!!” Rakh djinn’s eyes widen in shock. Kabir continues, “And I cannot let that happen!!! And neither can I let him unite with his destiny, with AYAANA!!! Because she is God’s warrior and her powers can erase off ANY CURSE BEFALLEN ON A DJINN AND ALSO MAKE HIM MORE POWERFUL, that’s is why I brought her here as I want her to become my STRENGTH NOT HIS, now you make sure that Aman does not reach Roshni!!!” Rakh djinn bows down in front of him and says, “As you command, Abba!!!” She turns and goes towards Roshni’s chamber.

Outside, Aman had made his steps forward to DJINAAD’S CASTLE and makes his entry. Kabir sensing his entry clenches his fists and grinds his teeth hard in anger. Aman slowly makes his move inwards with Baazigar directing towards Roshni’s chamber when all of a sudden, Rakh djinn shouts out, “Markhab, markhab, Saaviza!!!” Aman is thrown backward by a sudden gust of wind. Baaziggar flies upward. Aman gets up quickly and looks upwards to see Rakh djinn standing and smirking in front of him. He reminisces how he was brutally attacked by her before Sifrati djinn abducted Roshni in front of his eyes. She says, “I think Nawaab Sahib did not get enough from me last time, that he has come here to my abode of living to get the rest of it!!!” Aman remembers Tabeezi’s instructions that if he has fight another djinn then he will have to take out his demi-djinn form and use the djinn powers, not baazigar, he closes his eyes takes out his demi-djinn form and shouts, “Sinsaa!!!” The ground around Rakh djinn cracks open with springs of water propelling onto her. Rakh djinn’s body starts fuming producing smoke. Aman grins and remarks, “Obviously WATER is the GREATEST ENEMY OF ALL DJINNS who are made of FIRE!!! But for a RAKH DJINN, WATER CAN COST HER LIFE, RIGHT???” Rakh djinn glowers at Aman, while Aman smirks at her and stealthily leaves from there along with Baazigar. Kabir who had been visioning all this in his chamber, bangs his fists hard onto a stone seeing Rakh djinn’s failure.

Aman makes his move further inside and reaches the exit of the prison chamber of Roshni. Baazigar signs him approvingly while turning his wand. Aman shouts out, “Kiya Mifa!!” Soon the exit door breaks and falls inwards. Roshni gets terrified and looks outside to see Aman standing there. A cold chill pass both their spines as if they have waited for YEARS to meet each other. Roshni tells herself, “Allah knows best!!! I think I’m hallucinating things again, wy will Khan Baba be here??? When HE HARDLY CARES FOR ME!!!” while Aman draws closer and snaps at her, Roshni opens her eyes, slaps her cheeks several times and says, “So I’m not HALLUCINATING, Khan Baba is here for real!!!!” Aman replies “Yes I’m here, for real!!!” Roshni stares back him frustratingly and says, “It has been 50 days, 51 nights……” Roshni gives a long list of calculated time which she spent in that prison, while Aman gets irritated and says, “Total Rubbish!!!” Roshni is left agape, “Allah Knows best. You find that RUBBISH, then why did you come here for me!!!” Aman gets more irritated and shouts out, “BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, Goddamit!!!” Both are left shocked.


To be continued.

(Next episode to be updated on 14-02-2020, Friday)

  1. was amazing

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a lot Reem!!!

  2. Wow what an ff it was,it’s really amazing and mindblowing??. I have waited this update for so long and it was really amazing. I am so happy that I am one of the reader of your ff??.
    I really like the way when aman grins and remarks, “Obviously WATER is the GREATEST ENEMY OF ALL DJINNS who are made of FIRE!!! But for a RAKH DJINN, WATER CAN COST HER LIFE, RIGHT???”
    It was kinda awesome and I felt like rather than reading your ff I am actually watching it??.

    Man I really liked the last line when Aman gets irritated and shouts out, “BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, ??. OMG OMG it was sooo aww-some.
    Waiting for your next update.??

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a million, Petal!!! You and your friend Miss.T, are the same, flattering with your words about my writing, which is really kind.
      And thanks a lot Petal for suggesting my ff to your friends. You are so sweet!!! Thanks!!

    2. @Aleyamma
      Its my pleasure aleyamma.??
      And thanks for the compliment,actually when I first started to read your ff,I really liked it, so I recommended it to Miss T??,because your ff is so good and so much fun to read plus Miss T is a fond of mythological serial so when you started a ff about Radhakrisna I immediately suggested her to read your ff??.
      Thanks again for making this ff and waiting for your next update????.

    3. Aleyamma

      Thanks a lot Petal, that is indeed a great amount of appreciation from you!!! I was supposed to post the next episode yesterday, but have rescheduled it due some submission woek which came up!!!
      So please do read the next update on the rescheduled date!!!

    4. Your welcome????.
      Can you tell us the rescheduled date of your ff?.

    5. Aleyamma

      Actually I had put it earlier but it was not posted!
      Anyways the rescheduled date for the next update is on 21-02-2020

  3. Amazing as usual. I have been waiting long for this one. I am not even watching the current track but keep checking for your FF updates. Eagerly waiting for the next one.

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a million MD, I thought you had left reading because of the long gap. However, thanks for reading and giving in your loyal remarks as usual. The next update should have been posted yesterday, But I’ve rescheduled it due to some work. Please do read the next update on the rescheduled date!!!

  4. Well I know its a little bit late but
    I forgot to mention one thing about this ff. The thing is that ROSHAN are now finally met and they are now together,as in this update aman express his true feeling for roshni in a surprising way.
    So it would be interesting to see how ROSHAN’S love story progress in your ff??.

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a million again for that comment, I hope I won’t let you get disappointed with ROSHAN’S LOVE STORY!!!

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