KKB…Changed Destiny: Episode 7

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Abhi gets ready for his performance. He wears a white T and over it a black jacket, and wears a stripped jean. The world famous rock star Abhi look…

Then he comes down with his guitar. Meera followed him from the entrance to the car.

He leaves in his white Mercedes (don’t know from where he got????), while Meera follows him in another car.

He goes to the venue that is already crowded. Arvind runs to him.

Arvind, i am sorry sir…i was not able to come as promised.
Abhi, sorry…go to hell with it. When should i perform?
Arvind, Just a little later sir…i mean, after this performance that is going on now.
Abhi, ok…i will wait…i can read ur mind. I am not rude. Just perfect.
Arvind, no, no sir…u’r absolutely right. Its my duty to see to it that u r comfortable.
Abhi walks in…some girl is rocking the stage. He felt his heart beat faster. His serious aggressive look in his face drops. He looked around and touched his chest with his palms.

He sees the girl…the girl’s face is not visible…coz he is facing her back. she then turns but even now he is not able to see her face…before the song completes…he decides to see her. But as soon as the song ends, people gather around her. She gets out with a lot of difficulty.

Then it is time for Abhi’s performance…
Arvind goes to the VIP seat where Abhi was seated. He is talking to Meera and turns and continuously talks with Abhi.
Arvind, sir…urs is next. I just want yo…sir where are you??? (just now he notices that he was talking to no one and Abhi had disappeared to nowhere.)

Abhi is running madly behind a car. Not too fast and he doesn’t go far too as Arvind stops him.

Abhi, her…i want to meet her.
Arvind, sure sir…now u have to perform. Neenga perform pannadhukku apparam avala…i mean avangala meet pannalam.
Abhi, (blank face)???
Arvind, oh…sorry sir. Now u have to perform. After that u can meet her.

After he gets him back, Arvind settles the audience back with his mike.

Arvind, wow…wow…wow…that was an awesome performance. Now we have north’s best and the countries only rock star…MR.ABHISHEK PREM MEHRA…

The crowd goes crazy just after hearing his name
Arvind, he is…popular everywhere. Home town is diff. But here ppl die for his one look and can afford anything for his million dollar smile…just a smile…many might think. But that can do wonders with girls!!! Lets now welcome him…ABHI!!! THE ROCKSTAR…

Abhi comes in waving his hands…
Abhi, hi guys. I dont know what all ur screams mean. I cant understand ur language. But i know…one language that everyone can understand… the language of love…i can see ur love. And you will see my love in this song. So i dedicate this song to my beloved…

Tum ho toh lagta hai main hoon
Na ho toh lagta hai kyun hoon
Tum ho toh udta hai mann ye
Na ho toh thehra sa hai kyun

If you exist then I exist
If you don’t then I feel why I exist
If you are with me this heart wants to fly
If you are not then it is stable, why?

Ho sake toh rehna tum saath mere
Ho bure ya achhe halaat mere
Zindagi bhar rehna tum saath mere
Ho bure ya achhe halaat mere

If it is possible, you be always with me
Whether it is miserable or good conditions of mine
You be with me for whole life
Whether it is miserable or good conditions of mine

Saath mere.. o..
Saath mere.. saath mere..

(I will stop this here…i know many know this song)

This song…the rocking, but meaningful one…gave audience immense pleasure.

After he completes his song…the same thing that happens in his concert happens here. Gals and boys drool over him…click pics…get autographs…and usual routines. But he is just standing there. All his thoughts and mind is around that girl…only that girl.

Arvind…with lot of difficulty cleared the group. But still abhi stood numb. Arvind shook him.
Arvind, Purab said he will accompany you. But that dumbo didn’t come till now.
Abhi, DUMBO???
Arvind,(bites his lower lip) mchhh…sorry sir. Actually purab became a gud friend of mine. We dont talk much…but twice in a month. And that too will only be for 10 or 15 mins.
Abhi, how come u know him?
Arvind, actually sir…i was the one bothering him to make u perform in TN. For almost two years i was asking him and now he agreed….i mean u agreed.
Abhi(in mind) so u r the one responsible for dragging me here. But thats also gud coz my heart says that im gng to get back sth that i lost.
Arvind, sir are u there?
Abhi, friends?

Arvind, ha??
Abhi, haan.
Arvind, but…sir.
Abhi, i thought we were friends even before.
Arvind, my pleasure sir.
Abhi lifts his eyebrows.
Arvind, sorry sir…mchh…sorry. it will surely take time. Btw what made u make a friendship with me?
Abhi, if u are Purab’s friend then mine too.
Arvind, OK sir…Abhi. your flight is by 12.30 am.
Abhi, see Arvind, i dont want to go. I want to stay here for some more. Just book me a room in a hotel. I will leave after a week.
Arvind, sari sir…naa unga ticketa cancel panniduren. Neenga thangi irundha hotellaye thangalaam.

Abhi, (blank face)???
Arvind, iyyo…sorry sir. I will cancel the ticket then. U can stay in the same hotel as u stay now. (he receives a call.)
Arvind, ada…sari…sari…haan…aanaa…mudiyaadhu…no, no….sari…ok…ippo unakku enna? Neeyuma…sebba…OK. (arrey…k…k…haan…butt….no way….arrey no no…k….now what for u?…u too…god…k)
Abhi, who is that?
Arvind, my son and mom…and sissy.
Abhi, your mom?
Arvind, his mom.

Abhi, oh…
Arvind, OK…i have to leave…im having a lot of works…else both will kill me.
Abhi, (in a low…very low voice) i think ur sissy shares a gud bond wid ur wifey…first time i am seeing sth like this. How nyc it wud have been, if i too had a sis who loved my wife…
Arvind, what happened? Did u say sth…i just didn’t get it sir…Actually i didnt here it.
Abhi, no…no…i was just missing my wifey. My life wud be more pleasant if she was wid me.
Arvind, OH…i am sorry.
Abhi, (has tears) hey dont kill my wife…she is alive but not wid me…just searching her.
Arvind, sorry yaar. (Wipes Abhi’s tears)Fine…i won’t talk abt it.
Abhi, OK…no worries. I am leaving man. Call Purab…say him that i wont talk to him…and also ask him to cm here immediately. If he says he won’t come…tell it is Abhi’s order. Ask him to take Aaliya and Bulbul also wid him when he comes. If he didn’t come naa…he will see the real me.
Arvind, OK…OK.

Precap: the dance…
OK…what i gave was not at all a precap. But just wait…i think tmrw’s epi will be gud…
Thanks for ur cmnts guys. I replied to everyone’s cmnts…Do support me yaar…it makes me write. and guys…i am in a hurry, i didnt proof read. forgive for mistakes…

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