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so the next episode begins here.
there is a 6 months leap and we saw the change in swasan’s life.
sanskar hard work could be seen as he got multiple promotions in this 6 months time and no one could even think of so much progress in such a small span.
one fine morning, as usual sanskar woke and did his daily chores and again began with his work. it was breakfast time. all were present there and were doing there breakfast. sanskar was also eating but along with working. he was talking to his clients.this has become there habit to see sanskar working all the time.

it’s not that he never cared for them. he did but not by spending time with them instead fulfilling all their materialistic needs.he everyday asks sumi about her health and uttara about her studies as soon as he comes home and swara about the homely needs.but he did forget to ask her that how are you feeling?should i have the pleasure to spend some time with you? he forgot that she used to be his princess and he always found ways to spend time with herr, tease her, romance her and make her laugh, blush and smile all the time with his talks.
sanskar was leaving for office.swara handed him his hanky, mobile, wallet and car keys etc. she came behind him to see him off like everyday and as everyday sanskar sat in his car and drove away without the realisation that he is deeply hurting someone and that someone is his love, his swara. swara everyday desires that he once look at her and give her a smile or either wave his hands to her as bye. she knows that her this desire won’t be fulfilled but she believes that always awake hope in yourself. who knows that oneday your desire gets fulfilled. she really miss the time when sanskar used to find ways to meet her before leaving to office in earlier days and mostly used to kiss on her forehead before leaving although swara said him not to do so as someone may see but now she really wants to replenish that one single moment at present, to feel the solace of his love.

she stood there until his car disappeared along the road and as it disappeared a tear escaped her eyes which she holded back as not to let him know that she is hurt that she desired something which he couldn’t fulfill as what she desires is his time which he don’t have.
swara wiped her tears and came back to her room and bolted it from inside and sat down holding swasan’s pic and caressing sanskar’s picture weeped silently so that no one could hear her crying sounds.

swara-[speaking to the pic of sanskar]- its been so long, so long sanskar we have talked and shared our feelings. i have been understanding you and so i don’t have complains but i do feel that i am losing something precious and that’s you sanskar.sanskar i miss you so much. you are there but still you aren’t. i am craving to see your genuine smile once. i want you back sanskar. i have lost you and it feels like i have lost myself. i miss your charm, your love , your care, the warmth of your embrace, everything sanskar. i am craving for you sanskar, iam craving for you. i fear that i will breakdown in front of you and this may break you.
she cries miserably holding the pic near her heart.
swara- no what am i thinking. i can’t let this happen. i need to control myself. i have to keep myself calm for sanskar. i will sanskar as i can’t see you broken or guilty.i will ensure that i wait till you get over your grief and yourself come to me.i will wait, wait for the day when you start smiling again. i will be your support till then.

she was determined but still tears were falling down her eyes and she remembered there happy moments.
this song “yeh honsla” plays in background when swara is crying.
yeh honla kaise jhuke, yeh aarzoo kaise ruke ]*2
manzil muskil toh kya
dhoondhala sahil to kya
tanha yeh dil toh kya hoooo……
[swara remembers their proposal, marriage and their consummation]
raah pe kante bhikre agar
uss pe toh phir bhi chalna hi hai
shyam chupale suraj magar
[swara then remembers aadarsh betrayal and the family members distrust on sanskar]
raat ko ek din dhalna hi hai
root ye tal jayegi
himmat rang layegi, subhah phir aayegi hoooo…
yeh honshla kaise jhuke ,yeh aarzoo kaise ruke….
[swara remembers how sanskar decides to find a new job and uttara supporting them and sumi trying to live her life with help of swasan support]
hogi hume jo rehmat aada
dhup kategi saye tale
apni khuda se hai yeh duwa
manzil laga le humko gale

[swara remembers daadi and pari’s taunts and sanskar completely broken. but then he decides to come to mumbai and start their new life]
jurrat sau baar rahe
uncha ikrar rahe
[swara remembers their first day in mumbai and then sanskar gettinng a job]
zinda har pyar rahe hooo…….
yeh honshla kaise jhuke, yeh aarzo kaise ruke.
[swara finally remembers the past few months when sanskar has worked day and night to get good position and his hard work showed up as his promotions. she remembers sanskar’s sleepless nights and those nights in which he slept while working]
swara wipes her tears with the thought that sanskar is working hard for them and she should be his support and not his weakness.
she wash her face thoroughly and did some makeup so that no one could make out that she cried and gets ready and goes to her school.


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