If only I am yours….(KKB) two shots…

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If only I am yours, then I would feel the whole world is meaningful but If I am not yours then I would feel the whole world is meaningless….

Abhi is seen waiting for a person at the church. Abhi asked the person is she inside? In response the person said she is inside but not willing to meet him.

He turned away to hide his tears. Then he walked away from the church and hoped one day she would run towards her and say to him the meaningful words that he expect.

Time passed….Days passed….Months passed….Years passed…

But Abhi’s thoughts on her didn’t passed away….

He always go to the church on Sundays and wait for her to see her…but as usual she always avoid him.

I am not expecting to see her…I am expecting to feel her…I am expecting to feel her love through her eyes…through her words….but why is she always avoiding me….I don’t want to follow her and disturb. That’s why I am waiting like this for her…..

With that thoughts, he closed his eyes and let his lonely tears to flow….

As for Pragya, she too closed her eyes and remembered how easy it was to be belonging to him…..

She couldn’t accept the fact that she is making him wait for her. It was not waiting but it was avoiding to her….avoiding his love….avoiding his presence…avoiding him….

She don’t want him to wait for her but he is very persistent making her contemplating with her thoughts and feelings….

If only I am yours then the whole world will be mine but if only I am not yours then the whole world will be yours…..I want this whole world to be yours….Your world that is revolving around your family….

I hope you can stop your perseverance in getting me….I won’t see you so that you will get fed up of waiting for me….

With that thoughts, she prayed to the lord to leave his thoughts within her and leave her thoughts away from him…..

To be continued

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  1. Saranya24

    As usual suprb diff one akka loved it??????

  2. Sowji

    Excellent…keep going…awaiting for next ff

  3. Reshma_Pradeep

    Interestinggggggggg Boss!

  4. Interesting…take care dii..take rest

  5. superb diii..

  6. nice sweetheart love it

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  8. Prathi

    I fond out it was you just by seeing the title… Interesting start, where is MMMM? 😀

  9. Nice episode sis loved it waiting for next one

  10. Nice dear….

  11. Nice start diii…beautiful story….pragya’s words are really superb…. want to next one soon…

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