Kkb (Love of Life) Episode 25

In Mumbai
There was a lot of hustle- bustle in the house , a boy was getting ready for going to his office while a girl was working in the kitchen..
The boy – Listen I am leaving, I am getting late.
The girl – Bhaiya wait, lunch is ready just take it .
The girl comes rushing with lunch box in her hand and hands it to the boy. The girl is revealed to be Prachi.
The boy – Abhigya, your lunch is always ready on time, you are my sister you don’t need to do this much for me.
Prachi – Bhaiya what I am doing is nothing in front of what you have done for me & Shahana. We would have not been alive if you would have not saved  our life that day.
In the Flashback
At day of accident when Prachi & Shahana’s car was about to fall down the cliff they both jump out of the car. They both were injured when  they were saved  Sunny. Sunny took care of them as his own sisters and after they recovered they started living with him.
Back at present
Bhaiya I will always be grateful to you for giving us new life, though we don’t share a blood relation but you  have always given us more than the ones with whom we had blood relation says Prachi emotionally.
Sunny – Abhigya always remembers that the bond of hearts are greater than blood relation, sometimes the person with whom we have blood relation give us the biggest pain of our lives says Sunny remembering Purab.
Prachi gets emotional remembering the pain Abhi & Ranbir gave her and hugs Sunny. Suddenly a girl enters with her hair scattered.
Without me a hug, how is it possible say the girl ,she rushes towards them and hugs them tightly.. Trio share a group hug.
Sunny – Okay, now it’s enough for today , Shahana you see Abhigya makes me cry every day… Chalo now I need to leave you both also get ready on time to leave for your office and Abhigya Ishaan is coming to pick you so be ready.
Prachi and Shahana nod their head in confirmation… Sunny leaves from there and Prachi and Shahana get ready for their office.
While Shahana was getting ready for the office, Prachi enters the room and starts staring at her..
Shahana – Why are you staring at me?
I am sorry Shahana because of me you are living such life…I am sorry , that day I ruined your life completely I took you away from maa and your friends and now I am forcing you to hide your past  and real identity from other people says Prachi emotionally.
Shahana goes near her and hits her on her head.
Are you mad Prachi? you are my sister and you have not ruined my life indeed you gave me a new life, and didn’t you hear what Sunny bhaiya said, the relations built with heart are stronger than blood relations… So don’t you dare to speak this again otherwise no one will be worse than me says Shahana scolding Prachi.
Prachi hugs Shahana and both have an emotional moment. After that Shahana leaves for office while Prachi waits for Ishaan. After some time Ishaan and Prachi leave for office…
The Mehra Mansion
Rhea calls out everyone to the main hall. After sometime everyone gathers Aryan gets happy to see Kiara and stands next to her. Rhea introduces Kiara to everyone… Ranbir enters there… Kiara asks Rhea to introduce him but she remains silent Aryan notices her and introduces Ranbir to Kiara… Everyone go to their respective room while Alia stares at Kiara and gives a wicked look.
Alia’s POV
Again middle class girl, I don’t know why all middle class people are in our lives only, first Pragya then Disha then Prachi and now this girl Arya. I just hate them I need to do something before she also becomes a part of this family in fact bhai is expert in making middle class people his family so I can’t let this happen this time.
Rhea takes Kiara to the guest room and then asks her to come to her (Rhea) room..
In Rhea’s room
Kiara – If you don’t mind can I ask you something?
Rhea – Yes dii you can surely ask!
Kiara – Are Aryan and you siblings?
Rhea – No di.. he is not my real brother he is my buji’s son.
Kiara – Oh! So it means you are a single child.
Rhea gets emotional No dii I am not a single child I have a twin sister …
She was about to say something when Kiara’s phone rings.
Rhea one minute I will just come says Kiara .
She goes outside and attends the call.  After Kiara enters the room after attending call she finds Rhea sleeping, she caresses her face and goes to her room… While on her way Kiara meets Pragya.
Beta, you here if you want anything you can ask me says Pragya.
Kiara – No aunty nothing like that actually I was with Rhea so I just came from there.
Pragya – What is Rhea doing right now?
Kiara – She is sleeping.
What? She slept today so early, you know she doesn’t sleep at this time it’s just 7 pm, what happened to her today says Pragya.
Kiara – Maybe she is tired that can be a reason.
Pragya – Yaa. I guess you are also tired go and have sleep.
Kiara nods in affirmation and goes to her room. Kiara goes to her room and starts looking at stars and thinks of King.
Kiara – I am sorry dad, I didn’t want to do this but you forced me to take this drastic step. You must be worried for me but I am safe ,these people are very nice they care for me and Rhea & Aryan consider me as their own sister. I love u dad.
She stares at stars for a few minutes and then goes to sleep.
While in Mumbai
In Shrinivasan office
Ishaan and Prachi were working in their respective cabin (all other employees left as the time was over). After an hour of working Ishaan approaches Prachi.
Ishaan – Abhigya it’s already too late come let’s go , I’ll drop you also.
Prachi – Ishaan one minute it’s just over..
Ishaan sits beside Prachi and gets mesmerized by seeing her beauty. He was continuously staring at her and was admiring her in his mind. When Prachi finishes her work she notices him she calls out his name several times but he doesn’t respond.. Finally she jolts him.
Ishaan..shouts Prachi while jolting him.
Ishaan- Ahh… What happened Abhigya why are you shouting my name.
What happened that you should tell me I called your name several times but you were busy in your dreamland, what were you thinking so deeply that you didn’t even hear my calls asks Prachi while scolding Ishaan.
Ishaan – Woh.. Actually I was thinking about you.
Prachi – About me?
Ishaan realises what he just said and feels caught but makes an excuse.
Not about you , I mean about the work you are doing right now… You completed it very early says Ishaan stuttering.
Okay then let’s go says Prachi.
They both leave from the office.. In the car both of them were siting quietly, Ishaan begins the conversation after sometime his phone rings, he stops the car at side and picks the call.
On call was his brother Shahank who returned from London today only .
Ishaan picks the call – What? I am coming right now says Ishaan.
What happened Ishaan, is everything okay? asks Prachi.
No, Abhigya actually amma slipped from stairs, I’ll drop you home fast then I need to go to amma says Ishaan while driving the car.
What! Are you mad drive to your home I am also coming with you, aunty is like mother to me says Prachi.
But Abhigya… I said that I am coming says Prachi sternly while interrupting Ishaan.

Ishaan and Prachi drive to Shrinivasan Mansion… After sometime they reach there, both of them enter the mansion.
(The screen freezes on Ishaan and Prachi’s face)

The episode ends

  1. Amazing episode, I was waiting for this episode and finally it is here. Can you please upload the next episode now please please please please please😫🙏🙏💓

    1. Thanks ❤ .. I will update tomorrow as I haven’t written the episode yet.

  2. Really nice episode plz show some pranbir moments

    1. Yeah need them badly

    2. It will be very soon..

  3. In hatred to love, Prachi was also called abhigya, why r u copying her storyline?

    1. She already explained this in the previous update, she’s got permission from the writer

    2. Thanks dear 💕 for supporting me..

    3. Ohh God how many times like literally don’t you know the difference between characters and story? Prachi is a character not a story.. So pls just stop irritating..

  4. Plzz prahaan ki love story mat dekhna l want pranbir

    1. It’s all about Pranbir

  5. Bhuvaneshwari

    Your storyline is very similar to SPCH’s hatred to love 😅. Pls don’t make Kiara bad in the eyes of Mehras yaar. Story is amazingly going.

    1. Again, she already got permission from the writer before starting this book

    2. Thanks dear 💕 for supporting me..

    3. Thanks ❤… Kiara will be loved, don’t worry..

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  12. Di i have an confusion why sunny and ishaan calling abhigya to prachi i don’t understand her name is prachi so they should call her by her real name and who is this ishaan and how dare he too see prachi like that and please we want some abhigya and pranbir romantic scenes pls btw outstanding episode I just love it di💓💓😍😍😘😘🤩🤩

    1. Prachi uses Abhigya name to hide her identity and Ishaan is Prachi best friend.

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