At Disha’s house

Disha gets shocked seeing Arya behind her. She gets scared thinking whether she had heard her conversation with Pragya.

“ Good morning aunty, I didn’t intend to interrupt.” Says Kiara relieving Disha knowing that she hasn’t heard anything.

“ Good morning, beta. ”replies Disha.

“ well aunty I want to leave now. Thanks for saving me yesterday.” Says Kiara.

“ wait…listen you have nowhere to go. Just stay here for now. U can leave after you find a perfect place to live.” shouts Disha.

“ but aunty…”Kiara tries to something.

“ no ifs and buts, you are staying here. You are a girl, it is not safe for you to be alone on roads. Do you have anywhere else to go? Is your father here?” asks Disha.

“ well, yes but I don’t want to go with him. He will take me back home. I will stay here until I find a place to live. And thanks for everything.” Says Kiara.

“ come let’s have breakfast.” saying this Disha takes her.

Sunny comes down.

“ u are still here?” Sunny asks Disha.

“ Sunny?” questions Disha.

“ yes, I am planning to stay here for a long time. Got any problem?” asks Kiara.

“ yes, of course. It was very difficult to tolerate you for one night and now…” Sunny gets interrupted by Kiara.

“ What did I do to that you couldn’t tolerate me?” asks Kiara.

“ well………., you were snoring so loudly that I could hear your snoring till my room. ” complaints Sunny.

“ what? I never snore.” Tells Kiara frowning.

“ I should be the one telling you that as no one would know what they do in sleep. So you should take others words for that.” Tells Sunny.

“ u….”Kiara gets interrupted by Disha.

“ stop it you both. you are fighting like kids. And Sunny whether you like or not she will be staying here for couple of a days and aren’t u getting late for your office come and have breakfast.”

“ fine mom” Sunny grunts and sits to have breakfast.

Kiara’s pov

“ Because of yesterday’s incidents I didn’t think much about it. Sunny is Purab sir’s son that means aunty is sir’s wife. She is so good just like Pragya mam. But why did they separate? What exactly  happened?”

“ is your stomach full, just by looking at dishes? Looks like we don’t have to give her any food. That’s great, at least food will be saved? Right, mom?” mocks Sunny making Kiara to come out of her trance.

“ Sunny,…” says Disha signing Sunny to stop.

Kiara sits to have breakfast.

“ Mom, are you not going to office today? ”asks Sunny.

“ no, I have afternoon duty. Come home for lunch.” says Disha.

“ okay, mom. Bye.” Saying this Sunny leaves to work.

“ well, aunty I wanted to ask you something. ” says Kiara.

“ yeah, go ahead.” Tells Disha.

“ Do you know anything about Kiara? I just know that she is Abhi sir’s and Pragya mama’s daughter. And why does everyone see her in me?” asks Kiara.

At Srinivasans house

“ everyone come here.” Shouts Meenakshi in excitement.

Everyone comes to the living room.

“ where are Kohlis?”asks Meenakshi.

“ They went to Mehra mansion to discuss something regarding the wedding. Did you forget Aryan and Mishti are getting married tomorrow?” Says Mr.Srinivasan.

Shashank feels a chill down his spine on hearing this.

“ I didn’t forget but you are forgetting something.” Says Meenakshi.

“ what?” asks Mr.Srinivasan surprised.

“ Our children wedding. ”replies Meenakshi to which everyone sighs in ignorance.

“ I know you don’t care but I care. So I got relation for Shashank. She is…” Meenakshi gets interrupted by Mr.Srinivasan.

“ wait, u fixed Shashnak’s wedding without asking him? ”Mr. Srinivasan says but he understands that everyone knows about this as no one reacts surprised or shocked.

“ so, I am the last one to know?” asks Mr.Srinivasan. shocked.

“ so, what did she say?” asks Ishaan eagerly looking at Shashnak ready to tease him.

“who?”asks Mr.Srinivasan.

“Shahana, well she…..” Meenakshi gets interrupted by Mr.Srinivasan.

“Shahana? Prachi’s sister? Why didn’t u tell me? and did you ask Shashank whether he likes her or not? ”asks Mr.Srinivasan tensed.

“ Do you really think I will force him to get married without his will? Of course it was an yes.” says Meenakshi.

“ yes? Form whom? From Shahana or Shashank?”asks Mr.Srinivasan.

“ from both”replies Meenakshi happily.

“ Really! That means Shahana agreed?”asks Ishaan shocking Shashank.

“ yes, she agreed and I didn’t force her. She agreed at her own will. I am so happy for you khanna.” tells Meenakshi hugging Shashank who fakes a smile.

“ well, I think we should conduct their engagement soon and …” Meenakshi gets interrupted by Mr.Srinivasan.

“ wait Meenakshi, I know you are very excited and I am happy that the girl you have chosen for Shashank is also very nice but don’t you think Ishaan should be married first. I mean he is the elder one. It’s the tradition. ” says Mr.Srinivasan convincing Meenakshi.

“Come on dad,…” Ishaan gets interrupted by Shashank.

“ yes, mom. I think dad is right. And I and Shahana haven’t met yet. I guess we should meet once at least before we go ahead.”says Shashank.

“ okay fine, you want to meet her right? U can meet her at Misht’s wedding tomorrow? We will invite her over there. If everything goes well, I can introduce my daughter-in-law to everyone. And this is final. No one will try to convince me anymore. ”declares Meenakshi.

Shashank agrees with a heavy heart and leaves to his room.

At Disha’s house

“ Kiara, she was cute, cheerful, always smiling, caring and stubborn girl. Jiju, used to love….. I mean Abhi jiju, Pragya is my siter right? So he is my jiju. He used to love her very much even when he didn’t know that she was his daughter. She was loved by everyone at home.She  loved cakes and pastries especially Red velvet cake. That’s her favourite. ”

“ that’s my favourite too. Does Sunny knew her?” asks Kiara.

“ yes, he was his best friend. At first they fought but later they became best friends. I loved their bond. And you are also just like her. Your attitude, your voice, your talk , your stubbornness reminds Kiara.”

“ How did she….” Kiara doesn’t complete the sentence as she sees Disha’s face expressing meaning that she understood.

“well, she was kidnapped by jiju’s rival called Nikhil. And di and jiju tried their level best to find her and at last King promised di that he would help her. King suggested that if they give the money Nikhil  will return Kiara to them. Di believed King loved Kiara as she was brought  up by him. I don’t know whether you know or not Kiara was considered as his daughter infront of the whole world. Your dad tried to over smart Nikhil but that  lead to Kiara’s death. And Nikhil wanted revenge so he jumped with Kiara.”

Disha breaks into tears Kiara consoles her. Kiara gets some flashes of her past and faints.

At Mehra mansion

“ Aryan , did you find anything?” asks Ranbhir.

“ Rhea is behind everything. She asked Prachi to leave in return of something. I don’t know what is it. Prachi made Shahana promise that she shouldn’t reveal the truth to anyone. So I played yes or no game to make her reveal the name of the culprit but I don’t know what did Rhea promise in return.” tells Aryan.

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