KKB Fan Fiction – God’s will (Episode 3)

The episode starts with  kiara and prachi leaving for the office. They reach office and prachi strike with a handsome guy and fall in his arms. The guy was lost in her eyes and prachi was very uncomfortable.  She came out of his arms and asked can’t you see ??

The guy was smiling. Kiara who saw all this tried to calm down prachi and take her inside the office.

Then they suddenly heard the announcement of a meeting of all the employees with the boss in next 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes all employees were sitting around a table. Prachi and kiara were sitting next to each other.

Then sunny came and said “so today I’m going to announce two important things  and the first is that my bestfriend is now my partner welcome Mr Ahaan khurana”

All employees clapped but prachi’s face colour changed on seeing the guy she met outside the office. Kiara who noticed her said “oh no! You messed up with new boss!”

Prachi made a helpless and innocent face.

While aahan winked at her naughtily.

Sunny continued “second announcement is that our company has got a big project ” MKK group of industries is organizing 25 th anniversary of their company and we have got the work to organize the event” .

All clapped but prachi didn’t listen to it and was lost in her own world of thoughts.

Sunny, aahan and all employees left,  kiara and prachi were left in the room. Kiara said” don’t worry aashi, when your di is here” prachi smiled and hugged her.

While in mehra mansion,  aaliya informs everyone that they are going to celebrate 25 th anniversary of their company in Mumbai with a grand function. All get happy in began preparations to leave for Mumbai the very next day.

Precap mehra, kohli and Khanna families arrive

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