What kind of love is this? (Chapter 7)

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Chapter 7

Alright guys sorry for being late ??? I had an exam and was busy. Didn’t have time to write ???. Ok now enough with my whining. I’ll talk about the story. In the serial they showed Kabir’s last name as “Kapoor” so I’m changing his name to that. It won’t be mentioned on recent chapters but it’s very necessary for my future chapters ???.

Also I want to tell you my dear readers I don’t know Hindi. I’m just trying to understand the language by watching some serials. I use some Hindi words in these chapters but please don’t blame me if they are wrong or grammatically weird ???. Tell me if something’s wrong and I’ll correct it ??? ok? So let’s go to the story now ?

Previously on “what kind of love is this”……

Even the patients were admiring our couple. “May good bless you and lead a long happy marriage life with lots of beautiful babies” an old lady came to them and said.

“WHAT?, we’re not married” they both exclaimed.

“Then get married na, you two look perfect for each other” said another lady.

They looked at each other and looked away. “Is this a hospital or a gossip hall????? Get back to your work” Kabir scolded everyone.

Sanchi too turned to go but she tripped over the hem of her saree. **alright face ready to kiss earth** closed her eyes thinking that but she never fell. Someone’s holding her by waist. She opened her eyes to see Dr. Kabir. “Take care of your girl, young man” said an old man laughing.

Riya was watching this commotion from aside. She was bunrning with anger and jealousy ???. “Sanchi Mishra, I will make your life hell”

Today’s part starts from there.


Sanchi and Kabir did a surgery together in the morning. “Good job Dr. Sanchi, there will be another surgery at 6.00 pm bed no. 201 patient. Study that case and be ready”

“Ok sir” said Sanchi turning to leave.

“Sanchi how was the surgery?” asked Isha.

“It was fine Isha” Sanchi replied back.

“Abae ooo maharaani, kaha thi tum kal raath? We called you your phone’s switched off. At least you could’ve send a message yaar” scolded Pragya.

“Sorry yaar battery went dead” and Sanchi explained all that happened last night.

“??? Not fair Sanchi, you stayed whole night with my hottie?” Whined Isha.

“Sshhhh…!! Don’t shout what if someone hear you? They’ll start to make up stories and that khadoos akdu hitler will surely kill me” Sanchi silenced her.

“Ok ok whatever, Veer was looking for you” said Pragya.

“I don’t have anything to do with him, he already done enough ???” Sanchi replied angrily.

“Sanchi at least hear what he has to say” Pragya tried to convince her.

Veer said appearing out of nowhere asked “Miss Golgappa, how are you?”.Sanchi turned to leave.

“Please Sanchi I just want to talk to you. Please I know what i did was unforgivable, but I want to apologize even if you forgive me or not” Veer begged her.

“There’s nothing to talk about Veer. If you want to play more games with people’s feelings, find someone else because I’m not interested” Sanchi stormed away.

Few days passed like that. Veer trying to convince Sanchi but she is ignoring him. Veer sent her gifts, made her food in the cafeteria. He did everything he could but nothing’s working.

Even Kabir noticed this strange behavior of Veer and told him if he played games like earlier he won’t spare him. But Veer said that he realized his mistake and asked Kabir’s help. Kabir said that he’ll talk to Sanchi.

After that Sanchi agreed to talk to Veer. He invited her to a new Chinese restaurant for dinner.

“I’m sorry Sanchi, I know I made a very big mistake. I don’t even deserve to talk to you. I realized my mistake when Dr. Kabir punched me in the face” said Veer.

“??? Dr. Kabir did what?” Sanchi exclaimed.

“Haa Sanchi, he’s the one who made me realize my mistakes. I know I don’t have any right to ask this but can we start again as friends?” Veer asked timidly.

Saying “Veer Dr. Kabir think of you as his brother. He made you realize your mistake. He even talked to me and said I should talk to you. So if he’s giving you another chance I don’t see why we can’t start over as friends. So friends?”, Sanchi gave him her hand to shake.

But Veer gave her a hug saying “thank you Sanchi”.

Unknown to them someone was watching their exchange with a hurt expression.

Kabir POV

Sanchi and Veer are here. Looks like they have made up ?. But how could Sanchi trust someone who broke her trust once? ??? alright Kabir why would you care? You’re the one who asked her to talk to him. So why are you getting affected? It’s her decision, so get out of here before they see you.

“Dr. Kabir..!! What are you doing here?” said Veer.

Shit! Double shit!! And triple shit!!! They saw me. Now I have to talk to them.

“Veer, Dr. Sanchi, I came with maa for dinner. She had left her phone here and the manager informed me. So came back to take it” I answered them.

“Did Aunty ji came too? ?” Sanchi asked excitedly.

“No she didn’t. So have you two lovebirds have made up?” I couldn’t stop myself from asking bitterly.

“Sir, that’ll take more time-” as Veer was starting Sanchi cut him off.

“Sir, Veer and I are friends. Just friends. Nothing more nothing less. Right Veer? ???” I could see the evil look on her face as she was saying that.

Veer paled visibly. “Yeh..yeah… ???”

They are just friends huh. That’s good ???. Seriously why on earth am I this relieved?”

“Ok I should go now, maa’s alone na. So see you guys tomorrow and Dr. Sanchi get ready for the surgery in the morning” I instructed her.

“Sure sir. I’ll be ready. Tell Aunty ji that I said hi to her” she replied back.

Normal POV

……….next day at hospital……….

Sanchi was getting ready for the surgery. Some medicines she need to give the patient are missing.

“Nurse, where are the meds that kept here?” she asked.

“I don’t know Dr. Maybe they’re finished” said the nurse and went to another ward.

“Then I’ll have to ask the ward boy to bring more” Sanchi was looking for a ward boy but no one’s to be seen. She went herself to bring meds from the store room.

……….inside the store room……….

While Sanchi was looking for meds someone came silently and locked the door. You guessed right guys it’s it’s our famous Riya Malhothra aka Gareebon ki supermodel.

When Sanchi came with meds she couldn’t get out. “How did the door got locked? Koi hai? Help!! Someone please help me!! I’m stuck here” she yelled.

“You always get my Kabir’s attention huh Sanchi. No point of shouting. I won’t let you go to the surgery. Kabir hate carelessness. So he’ll hate you too” said Riya to herself.

After that Riya went to the patient, who Sanchi was supposed to give meds before and gave him meds.

Just then Kabir came talking to Sanchi,”Dr. Sanchi are you ready for the surge- Dr. Riya what are you doing here? Where’s Dr. Sanchi?”

“I don’t know Dr. Kabir, I got to know this patient’s surgery will be in a while but no one prepared him. That’s why I came” said Riya innocently.

“What could’ve happened Sanchi doesn’t work irresponsibly like this!! ???” came Kabir’s thoughtful reply.

“I don’t know sir, she is such an unpredictable person. Who knows maybe she think her personal work is more important” Riya said trying to bad mouth about her.

Kabir frowned at this and said “it’s getting late, since you prepared the patient you can assist me in the surgery”.

The surgery was a complicated one. It took almost three hours. Now it’s 1.00 pm. The first thing Kabir did when he came out of the OT was telling a nurse find Sanchi and ask her to come to his cabin. But nurse couldn’t find her. Around 4.00 pm he asked Pragya & Isha but even they didn’t know.

Meanwhile Sanchi was still trying to get the door open. A glass bottle fell from a rack and broke in to pieces. “Oh god why these kinds of things keep happening to me? That hitler would defineatly kill me for not coming for the surgery ???” said Sanchi and start pacing in the store room.

“AAAAHHHHH meri maaaaa….???” a piece of glass had stuck under her right foot cutting through the sandal.

At 8.00 pm all the interns were leaving. Isha & Pragya were so worried they couldn’t find Sanchi. They went to Kabir’s cabin.

“Excuse me sir, did Sanchi came here?” asked Pragya.

“No she still didn’t come. Where is she?” Asked Kabir.

“We don’t know sir, she’s not anywhere. What if something happened to her ???” Isha said worriedly.

Dr. Kabir called ms. Fernandez, and asked all the interns and nurses to come to his office. When they came he asked if anyone saw Sanchi.

One nurse said that Dr. Sanchi came to the hospital in the morning and start to prepare the patient who had the surgery this morning but she went to the store room as the meds were over.

“Abae yaar…! What if she’s still there? Maybe she got stuck” exclaimed Pragya.

**oh no!! I forgot to open the door. If Kabir go there and found she wasn’t there because she was stuck, my plan to show Sanchi’s careless will go in vain** thought Riya.

Kabir rushed to the store room and tried to open the door but it was locked. So he broke the door. He stopped dead on his tracks when he saw the state she was in. She was unconscious with a bleeding wound on her leg.

“SANCHI!!!!” Kabir ran to her.


Well that’s all for today. In the next chapter you’ll see how Kabir treat Sanchi after he saw her like that in the store room. And there will be a dinner.

I want to add a birthday episode here. So my lovely readers please tell me who’s birthday you guys want to see. Kabir, Sanchi or Veer?

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