Dangerous Instinct – 03

“You are an idiot, accept it right away before I snap your neck by myself” His sister Priyanka Warned him.
Shivaay was there sitting all heartbroken and just like a girl, he was eating a tub of ice-cream and watching Netflix with his sister. But you ask him, he is going to blame her.
“I did not do anything” he defended himself.
“Bullshit, why are still with that Ragsh- I mean Ragini when you found your true mate?” she asked.
“She is a rogue Prinku, she is a rogue. I can’t have the Luna of the most powerful pack as a rogue”
“Right, you can’t have a rogue as your mate, what about your wolf? She inquired.
“I came up with a plan for that, I would marry Anika and she would be my wife and all but Ragini would be Luna for namesake, ” he said.

Priyanka felt disgusted by her brother’s actions.
“I am ashamed to call you my brother! Were you really planning to ruin those 2 girls’ lives? Let’s face I, brother, you lied to Ragini, she is your mate while your real mate is out there and rejected you for your douchiness. She did the right thing! You don’t deserve her. Let your wolf wither and die while you still care about Name and blood” she shouted at him and stormed off the room.
Even though he felt bad after what she said, he accepted himself they were true and he did a terrible thing. But how he explains it, in a world full of powerful Alphas, name mattered the most. Even if his mate was from a pack but with a lower rank, he would happily accept her with open arms but his mate was a rogue, a rogue.
It had been 18 hours since his wolf talked to him.
‘Yes, did you finally realise?’
He was happy, he answered.

‘Maybe, but I still cannot accept the fact she is a rogue, what will-’
‘She won’t be rogue anymore after you accept her as a mate. She will be the Luna’
‘But it matters in the council, they will laugh at my pack would be laughed at all because of a damn mate! Anyways she rejected me’ he was angry and stubborn.
‘Better make things right, first off all break up with that b*t*h. A sight of her makes me cringe in disgust, don’t forget I feel what you feel. Next time I feel her touch, I swear Shivaay I will take control and kill her then and there. Most importantly, I need our mate otherwise I am shutting myself forever, I will leave so will your Alpha title and werewolf abilities. Talk to me, only if our mate is around and not to mention you are an ass hole, Goodbye’
He said and shut himself up, Shivaay was in pain without his wolf he was just a normal weak human. This was an emergency and he needed to get back that Anika as soon as possible.

  1. Thanks, I’ve been waiting forever the next epsiode. Truly enjoy the story.

    1. Thestarkfromhogwarts

      I am sorry this was short, but i will definately make it up in the next!
      Takk for reading

  2. Nita D

    Wow….finally….I was waiting since like…forever….actually u see some other authors also started fantasy ff but then vanished leaving them mid way….Plz say u won’t do that…..

    Abt the episodes…..fantastic…..Even wolf’s care about name n blood…..or it comes with SSO tag….he deserved being told off….n I loved that it came from Priyanka….the way it is going in the show, I’ll some day forget that they have a sister…..
    Plz post next part soon….

    1. Thestarkfromhogwarts

      Haha, Takk Di!
      I most probably won’t leave this unfinished. I may not be punctual but i’ll post it soon. In this I won’t leave Priyanka out of the game, only sisters can keep their brother in control, lol

    2. Aaaand the waits over!!!!
      Only to for the next bout of waiting to be experienced …. When wud it last till?

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    It is nice one dear

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    it was an awesome one dear loved it please post next part soon

    1. Thestarkfromhogwarts

      Hiya Di, I missed you.
      I will post it soon!

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    Superb update…

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    Superb update

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    nice he deserved it

  8. Ohh finally…u made us wait for so long…short but good…wsiting for the next one…i am impressed that how you connected real shivaay with werewolf world…

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