What kind of love is this? (Chapter 17)

Chapter 17

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Ok so let’s go to the story now.

Previously on “what kind of love is this?” Sanchi was planning it confess Kabir that she loves him. When Kabir was about to go he received a video message. (Courtesy of Riya) because of that he misunderstood the situation. The gang is trying their best to reunite them………………………………………

Unknown to them a shadow came near the living room. That dark shadow was listening to their talk. When he saw tears well up in her eyes and fall freely, he was filled with sadness too. He wanted to go there and wipe away her tears but he restrained himself from doing so.

“You want to know what really happened that day right? I’ll tell you but you have to promise me not to tell him” Sanchi said with a weak voice.

“I promise to you I won’t tell him a word” he said and added in his mind **coz you’re telling him yourself**

Today’s part starts from there.


Sanchi POV

“I don’t know whether you know that when we start our internship, Veer was trying to date me and I found out all the things he did was just for a bet he made with his friends”

“He what??” Dev asked angrily. I gestured him to calm down and not to disturb.

“I was so sad and depressed of that. Even my friends weren’t in good terms with Veer. After some time we gave him another chance to be friends. And this time he didn’t dissapoint us” I said with a smile ??? reminiscing how they worked together for Kabir’s birthday surprise.

“One day I saw him talking with Pragya.

“Pragya, yaar just give one chance na!” -Veer

“No Veer I don’t want to go on a date with you” -Pragya

“Lekin kyuuu??” -Veer

“Kyun ki first you played with Sanchi’s feelings, now you want to play with mine” -Pragya

“This time I’m not lying or playing a game Pragya!! I’m serious I really like you!! That’s why I’m asking you to go on a date with me” -Veer

“No yaar sorry” with that Pragya went from there.

Sanchi came and patted Veer’s shoulder. “Veer?”

“Sanchi? Tum yaha???? Did you- did you hear what happened?” Veer asked stammering.

“Yeah I heard all of it. Tell me something, do you really wanna go on a date with Pragya? I mean are you serious about her?” Sanchi asked looking in to his eyes.

“Haa yaar I’m not lying this time” he replied truthfully.

“Then I will help you” when Sanchi said that his face lit up like a kid in a candy store.

“But yaad rakh na, if you do anything to hurt her, me and Isha will kill you and no one will ever find a trace of your body” Sanchi said with a murderous glare ??? and Veer gulped fearfully ???.

“I promise to you Sanchi, that I will never hurt her”
**end of flashback**

“So I talked to Pragya. At first she was hesitant but later she agreed. That’s when I realized she had feelings for him even before my incident happen. Isha & I helped Veer to make a perfect date for Pragya. The day that video incident happened, if you watched that you would’ve noticed that he said **thank you so much Sanchi, I love you so much** Veer was thanking me for helping but Kabir-” I couldn’t say anymore. It’s so painful to even think that he has no trust in me. So Dev competed the sentence for me.

“He said that he loved you in a friendly manner but Kabir misunderstood it” he sighed.

Normal POV

They heard a door creek. Both turned to see Kabir standing there. “Sanchi I-” he started to speak but Sanchi cut him off.

“Dev!!! You said he’s not here!!! You lied didn’t you?” Sanchi yelled at him.

“Sun Sanchi,” Dev began to explain.

“I don’t want to hear anything! I’m going” she tried to leave but Kabir held her hand and stopped her.

“Let me go” she said sternly.

“No!! I did that mistake once, I’m not going to do it again” he said softly.

After hearing his voice, the tears she was holding while telling Dev the truth, fell from her eyes nonstop. “I don’t care!! I just want to go!! LET ME GO!!!!!!!!” she struggled against his hold but it was futile. He held her to him strongly. Meanwhile Dev had disappeared.

“Sanchi, why didn’t you tell me this before?” -Kabir

“I tried, but you didn’t let me” she sobbed.

“I’m so sorry for not listening to you Sanchi! I’m so sorry! This is my fault” Kabir hugged her tight and whispered to her hair again and again.

“It’s no use saying sorry now. What happened, already happened. No one can change that. You should forget it and me” said Sanchi emotionlessly.

He got shocked. He held her face with both of his hands and looked in to her eyes. “No sweetheart don’t say that. Please don’t say that” he pressed his lips on her forehead and stayed like that. After what felt like forever, he looked at her again.

In that instant she freed herself from him. “I should go now” with that she ran until she’s right in front of her room.

……….Next day at SDCH cafeteria……….

“Guys this is difficult than we initially thought” -Dev

“Yaar kasam se! These two are impossible” -Pragya.

“Kal raat hum itni mushkil se ms. Fernandez ko bhi sahara liya aur Dev pretended not to know the true story, just to make sure Dr. Kabir would hear when you guys talk. But still they haven’t made up” -Isha

“Yeh miss Golgappa aur iss ki attitude! Can’t she see that he’s really sorry?” -Veer

“Abae ooo tu nalayak ki baap! You won’t get how a girl’s heart and mind works” -Pragya

“Ok guys stop fighting. We have to work together and do something big, to get them closer again” -Dev

“Mere pass ek idea hai” -Veer

Plan muted.

“Waise idea tho kamal hai. But yaad rakh na! If anything happen they won’t spare us” -Isha

……….time skips……….

Sanchi was checking patients in the ward. A nurse came to her said “Dr. Sanchi, hurry up and come there’s something wrong in the morgue”.

“What happened in the morgue?” She asked while going there. She checked everything but couldn’t find anything wrong. “Nurse, there’s nothing wrong. Nurse? Nurse? Where did she go?”

Meanwhile Veer came to Kabir’s office screaming. “Siirrrrrr…….! ???”

“What the hell Veer? What kind of behavior is this?” Kabir asked angrily ???.

“Sir woh- woh morgue-” Veer said panting.

“What happened to the morgue?” Asked Kabir.

“There’s something wrong with it! Please sir can you come with me? I’m scared ??? to go there and check alone” Veer started to plead.

“How did you became a doctor if you’re afraid to go to the morgue? I have work to do, ask some intern or a nurse or a ward boy to go with you” he replied sternly.

“Please sir, don’t do this to me. All interns are busy with work and if I ask a nurse or a ward boy, they’ll laugh at me!!” He started to whine. “And you always say that I’m like a younger brother to you. Can’t you do this much for your younger brother? Please sir!!!” Veer begged him.

“Ok ok stop your melodrama. I’ll come with you but only for this time. Don’t ask me again” he said while getting up to leave with him.

When they entered there Kabir asked, “so what’s wrong? Veer? Veer?”

“Ss-ss-sir!! I can’t stay here. I’m scared” he said stammering and ran out.

“Veer! Yeh pagal ladka! He left all the work to me and ran away!” Suddenly lights went out.


He heard a girl scream. “Is any one there?” He asked.

“Kyaaaa……!! BHOOOOOOTH……!!!! ???” The voice screamed again.

“Sanchi? Is that you?” Kabir asked.

“Oh god! This ghost even know my name!???” Sanchi screamed and ran to the door. Kabir saw her shadow and followed.

“Why isn’t this door opening? Is anyone there? Please open the door!” She was trying her best to open the door but it wasn’t opening.

Kabir came from behind and tapped her shoulder. “Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!” She screamed again.

He put his hand over her mouth and stopped her. “It’s me Sanchi, Kabir. Not a ghost”. She looked up and saw his eyes “Kabiiiiirrr” she hugged him tight. “I was so scared” she mumbled.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, main hoon na tere saath” he said caressing her head lovingly ???.

At his words she came to her senses and let go of him. Kabir was hurt ???at her sudden move.

“We should try to get out of here” -Sanchi

Both tried but couldn’t get the door opened.

Meanwhile in the cafeteria, gang was talking.

“Yaar Veer tum bhi na! What an amazing actor! Ha ha ha ???” -Dev

“Haa Veer it was so funny when you said you were scared” -Isha

“It will be more funny agar uss hitler ko patha chal gaya mera acting ki bare me” Veer said sarcastically ???.

“Abae ooo chinta math karr mere pyaaaari nalayak, hum hai na tere saath” Pragya said patting his head ???.

“Darling if you talk to me with this much love, main ek baar nahi hazar baar uss hitler ko samne act karunga” Veer teased ???her.

Pragya frowned ??? and hit his head hard. “Alright it’s been two hours now. We should check on them”

All went to the morgue’s door. “Hey we kept a table here to prevent them from opening the door. Who locked it?” Isha asked curiously.

Veer checked the time. “Shit yaar it’s 9.00 p.m. They lock it at 8.00 p.m. Now it can’t be opened till morning”

“Hey what’s this dial pad over here? It’s showing minus digits” -Pragya

“Oh god! It’s a temperature controlling device. It keeps the mougue’s temperature low” Dev panicked. Temperature went few more degrees down.

“We can’t get them out. They’ll have to stay there. Let’s hope they’ll help each other and get closer” Dev said shaking his head.


Okayyyy!! Hope you guys like this chapter. I know it’s very weird with the morgue part. Honestly I don’t even know the nature of a morgue. Just made up all that according to the story. So please don’t blame me of it.

And also I’m planning a medical camp or annual trip for them. So can you guys suggest me a beautiful place in India (beautiful nature + cool weather) it’ll be a great help if you could ???. Ok now until we meet again ???

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