RagSan & RagLak FF : Twists of Fate (Prologue)

This is a RagSan and RagLak FF, yes it is! I am gonna start it from the point where everyone was bashing Ragini after seeing her confessing her “crimes”. Now this is entirely fictional so there maybe things which don’t happen in real and are kinda illogical…basically unreal 😛

I am currently writing another ff titled as “Kuch Rang Pyaar K Aise Bhi” which is a multi couple fanfic. There are some canon and non-canon couples as well, I will disclose only about a few, that are : ShivIka, RuVya, RagSan and SwaLak. You will get to know who the other couples are as the story will progress. You can find the links of the said ff in the posts page of my profile.

So let’s start the story!! Wish me luck 😀
Following is the prologue!!!!!


“I can’t believe that you, Ragini you could do this. What wrong did I do while raising you?” Shekhar spat as he shot a glare in the direction of his daughter.

“I tolerated what you did to me but I can’t tolerate what you did to my daughter. How could you try to kill your sister Ragini! How could you?” Sharmishta shook Ragini hard by her shoulders as she cried as well.

Everybody was taking turns yelling at her, calling her names and lecturing her but no one noticed that Ragini was looking sick as if she was about to puke. A headache bordering migraine was starting to make her feel dizzy. The noises around her blurred and the room started to spin. Oh yes, she was definitely going to faint but then the fog of dizziness went away as soon as it had came and then she heard someone say;

“This is not love Ragini, you don’t love me. You are obsessed with me!” Laksh yelled.

“Say…WHAT?” Ragini turned her head towards Laksh and looked at him appalled.

“Yes! You are obsessed with me!” Laksh repeated making Ragini shudder visibly. No one noticed the change in Ragini, it was so subtle that no one could point out what the difference between the Ragini now and the Ragini a few minutes ago was.

Ragini stretched her arms and snapped her fingers then she rolled her neck as if trying to get rid of some stiffness. She then closed her eyes, rubbed a hand over her face and yawned, it was the moment she opened her eyes that people surrounding her knew that something was different. For starters Ragini’s eyes were no longer sparkling brown in color that they were, her eyes were now the color of forest, the mix shades of green, enchanting and mesmerizing.

“Listen you Mr. The owner of the voice of a broken drum who looks like as if a dog peed on your extra roasted brinjal like face!” she let out a dramatic huff, “I, I am obsessed with you? You must be out of your freaking pea sized mind!” she blasted as she roughly bunched up her saree’s drape over her shoulder.

Now that was more shocking than Ragini confessing her crimes against Swara. First, what happened to Ragini’s eyes? How could they change color like that and, second, Ragini never ever talked like that. What happened to the meek, polite, now manipulative and cunning Ragini. It’s just that Ragini would never use the words that she just used. Oh! What an irony!

“What do you mean by that?!” Swara screeched, she was stunned by how Ragini described Laksh just now.

“Tone down you girl, what’s with you people and yelling right into my ear. I ain’t deaf idiots!” she let out a yawn again and sat down on nearby chair comfortably, “And to answer your question,” she looked at Swara, “I meant exactly what I said. Don’t you see it, I mean how he actually looks like?” Ragini said pointing a finger at Laksh, “Do you really think that I would even crush upon forget being obsessed, on this” she looked at Laksh upside down and then back up, “what looks like a mistake of God?”

It was that moment that a stunned to silence Sanskar came into Ragini’s view, “Now that’s one fine specimen I won’t mind obsessing over.” She pointed at Laksh with a sinful smirk on her face. She stood up and came to stand in front of Sanskar, “What’s your name dude? You’re gorgeous.” She winked.

“Hey bhgwan! This chori has forgotten all the manners; see what kind of way she’s talking to my son!” Sujata said dramatically placing a hand on her throat.

“Ragini!” Dadi roared, “Is this how I raised you? Where are your manners?” she raised a hand to slap Ragini but her hand was stopped in mid as it was caught by Ragini.

“In my whole life not once had any of my family members slapped me for anything. Who in the effing world are you who dared to slap me?” Ragini forcefully lowered Dadi’s hand shocking everybody present in the room.

“Ragini! Is this the way to speak to your elders?” Shekhar pulled her harshly away from Dadi by her arm.

“Leave it Shekhar ji. Ragini is a lost case now.” Said DP in his usual no nonsense tone.

“Excuse me!” Ragini removed her arm from Shekhar’s hold, “When elders forget how they are treating others then why should I respect them? And who is this Ragini you people are talking about?”

She looked around with questioning eyes, “More important than that where in the world am I?”

“What are you saying? You are Ragini! Are you out of your mind or are you trying to fool everyone again?” Swara shouted.

“Stop with the shouting!” Ragini yelled back at her, “And for the record I am not Ragini and what the heck am I wearing?” Ragini inspected her outfit with distaste.

“Are you trying to say that you are not Ragini? Shekhar uncle’s daughter and Laksh’s wife?” Sanskar finally found his voice.

“Yes genius! I am not your uncle’s daughter or this Laksh dude’s wife and my name isn’t Ragini. Actually all the alphabets are same except the last one, it isn’t “i” it’s “a”. I am not Ragini. My name is Ragina, Ragina Baldev Vikram Raghuvanshi.”


The name Ragina means >> Queen. And it suits the story perfectly! 😉 I hope you liked the prologue. Please comment 🙂

  1. Its-Bk

    It was that moment that a stunned to silence Sanskar came into Ragini’s view, “Now that’s one fine specimen I won’t mind obsessing over.” She pointed at “Sanskar” with a sinful smirk on her face. She stood up and came to stand in front of Sanskar, “What’s your name dude? You’re gorgeous.” She winked.

    ^^ I mistakenly wrote Laksh instead of Sanskar in the above stated paragraph.

    1. Its-Bk

      Cool!! So many comments 😀

  2. I really loved it please please don’t show swasan or swa–lak yar.in serial too they show lakshya n sanskar both love swara. Thanks at least you are going to show raglak n ragsan means lakshya n sanskar will may be love ragini (tejasswi) ignoring swara.n all the best. Update soon. Eagerly waiting for some different n scary ff.

    1. Its-Bk

      Even I didn’t like both Laksh and Sanskar falling for Swara and Ragini being treated as secondary character. In this story of mine ragini and Ragina are different people. I have posted the teaser as well in which you can vote for your choice of couples.

    1. Its-Bk

      Thank you Aleeza

  3. Fairy

    Omggg!!!!superbbb yaaar???? n dat name RAGINA (QUEEN) uff!!!hatts off to u!!!loved it so so sooo muchhh!!!such a mindblowng story!!!keep rockng n stay blessed sweety???loatz of love????

    1. Its-Bk

      Thank you dear 🙂
      I am glad that you liked the start and the name “Ragina” as well.
      Thank you for commenting and all you best wishes as well 🙂

  4. Amazinggggggggg but final want RAGSAN

    1. Its-Bk

      Oh RagSan are a pair and so are RagLak because we have one Ragini and one Ragina 😉

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      Thank you vini 🙂

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    Awesome loved it

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  6. Interesting

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      Glad about it 🙂

  7. Awesome but want raginisanskar

    1. Its-Bk

      You want Ragini-Sanskar or Ragina-Sanskar??
      Because Ragini and Ragina are different.

  8. Nice thanks for ragsan

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      My pleasure sweetie 🙂
      I love RagSan the most <3 TeVar <3

  9. Awesome sissy

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      Thanks nive 🙂

  10. Nymisha281

    It’s mind blowing dear….I can’t describe ittttt….u did a great job….loved ur ff to the core….keep writing…take care

    1. Its-Bk

      Thanks for appreciating my story 😀
      I am glad that you liked it 😀

  11. Pluto

    Want raglak

    1. Its-Bk

      You are going to get RagLak along RagSan because I am gonna write about both the pairs 😉

  12. it’s new amazing but plzz be regular
    its a request to all raglak ff writer plzz write bcoz now days so less plzz writee be active we are missing raglak so much the only way we have is ff plzz writer write more ff if u complete raglak ff write new one or some writer stop in the middle plzz be regular and be active raglak ff writer every less ff in fb and in T U and inwattpad as all are not active as ee need u guys its heart broken ppk gonna off air

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      Oh I am planning to be regular 😀 😛

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  14. What a creative mind please be regular ?????and your gf is super

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      Thank you..I am glad that you liked the prologue 🙂

      My “gf is super”?? What’s that?? 🙂

  15. Interesting ragsan plzzzzzz

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      Yes…I am gonna make RagSan a pair 🙂

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    Amazing yaar best of luck for upcoming ur ff keep going ?

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  17. Interesting

  18. I am unable to login but hey, THIS IS IT! I am loving it already and I am sure that Ragina will show them their place smartly. Loved this???

    PS Ragina with Sanskaar??

    1. Its-Bk

      Oh I assure you that it is gonna be Ragina who will teach these Maheshwaris and Gadodias that people can’t be classified in white and black and that this is a modern era so they should let go of their orthodox system.

      You want Ragina with Sanskar or Ragini??
      Do tell me that in the upcoming teaser of this ff. Cause I have asked people to vote.

    1. Its-Bk

      Thnx Akshata 🙂

  19. Amazing dr welcome to ragsan family ragini with sanskar

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      Thank you MK 😀

  20. Asra

    awesome dear…it’s soo interesting….ragina superbbb yar..way of giving answer to everyone superbbb…loved it…eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear

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      I am glad that you liked it Asra 🙂
      And that you liked Ragina as well 😉

  21. Richa19

    It’s amazing dude!!! Interesting n different!! But I’m sad….. I thought to use the name Ragina in my next ff …. But u grabbed it!!! Koi na. ….all the best for both ur FFS!!! ?

    1. Its-Bk

      So what I used the name Ragina…you can use it as well 😀
      Our FF’s are different na..so don’t be sad and use the name if you want :d

      And thanks a lot for commenting, I am glad that you liked the prologue.

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