What kind of love is this? (Chapter 15)

Chapter 15

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Previously on “what kind of love is this”, Kabir was super jealous seeing Sanchi and Kunal together. So he confessed his love to Sanchi indirectly. Sanchi was so confused about his feelings, but realized that she loves him too. She didn’t say her feelings to Kabir yet.

Today’s story starts from there.


……….at Malhothra mansion……….

After Vikrant incident as the gang call it, Priya, Sanchi, Pragya & Isha became very good friends. She invited them to all her and Sanket’s wedding functions. Engagement & haldi ceremonies ended without drama. Today’s their mehendi & sangeet and the wedding, as usual the gang was invited plus Kabir and Dev.

In the morning it’s the mehendi ceremony, Priya asked Sanchi to apply mehendi on her hands.

“Arre waa you’re a good artist!! These designs are fabulous. My hands will be so pretty. If you ever got tired of being a doctor you should become a mehendi artist” said Priya and both started to laugh.

“What a brilliant idea!!??? Waise where should I write Sanket jiju ka name?” Sanchi asked while applying mehendi.

“What do you think of Kabir?” asked Priya.

“Kyaa?” was Sanchi’s intelligent reply.

“I’m asking about Kabir, he seems to like you. Do you like him?” Priya asked curiously.

“You know we’ll get to know how much jiju loves you by the darkness of your mehendi” said Sanchi innocently.

“Hey….!! Don’t even think to change the topic ok?” Priya said ??? frowning. “I know Kabir for a long time, it’s the first time I saw him interested in a girl. You’re so lucky Sanchi!” She said.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Priya” -Sanchi ???

“Oh really? Then why are you blushing? Aww just look at him, he keep looking at you like he can’t keep his eyes away from you” Priya ??? teased her.

“Yeh baat to ek dham sahi hai Priya” -Pragya

“Yeah yaar how cute he’s looking at you? But you don’t even look” -Isha

“Arre chup karr!! You three start and there’s no stoping you. Can’t you see I’m busy” Sanchi pretended to concentrate on the work at hand but other three noticed she stealing glances at Kabir.

They shared a look ??? and Isha said “Sanchi, you’re done applying mehendi on Priya’s hands na. So now let’s apply on your hands”

“Yeh meri ya Priya ki mehendi hai” asked Sanchi.

“A little bit na Sanchi, c’mon please?? Mere liye?” Priya gave her best puppy dog eyes to her.

Sanchi agreed hesitantly ??? and Pragya applied mehendi on one of her hands coz she didn’t want it in both of her hands.

After that she went to help others with preparations for sangeet in the evening, so she didn’t notice what Pragya wrote on her hand.

……….in the evening……….

Pragya & Isha wore matching lehengas in blue and pink. They came down the stairs together. Veer and Dev came near the staircase and held there hand to them (English style, like escorting to a party). Veer-Pragya, Dev-Isha.

Behind them Sanchi & Riya came with Priya. Riya was wearing a heavy, expensive brown lehenga. Priya was looking so beautiful in her red bridal lehenga.

While everyone was admiring the beauty of the bride to be, Kabir had his eyes on Sanchi. He was just mesmerized by her beauty. She was wearing a white lehenga with silver work all over it. She looked so simple yet elegant. Even she couldn’t take her eyes away from him. He was wearing a white sherwani looking so handsome.

Both Kabir and Sanket came near stairs. Riya had a million dollar smile seeing Kabir come near them. Sanket held his hand for Priya and lead her away first. Then Kabir held his hand. When Riya was about to accept his hand, she saw he’s already holding some other’s hand. She turned and saw Kabir & Sanchi was lost in each others eyes. He escorted her and Riya was left behind. Suddenly she felt Garv was holding her and and lead her away.

Sanchi came carrying a tray full of gifts, to keep on a table. When she was about to leave, someone pulled her by hand covering her mouth and pressed her to a pillar.

“Where are you going in such a hurry?” asked a very familiar voice.

“Mow maupi ma moo mu mask me mu smeak men moo mer moring mi mou..!!!???” said Sanchi.

“What are you saying? Speak clearly?” Kabir said while laughing ???.

Using her other hand she gestured to his hand covering her mouth. He removed his hand and asked “So? What were you saying?”

“I was saying ‘how stupid are you to ask me to speak when you were covering my mouth’!!” Sanchi said sarcastically.

“Hey are you insulting your senior?” Kabir asked.

“Didn’t you told me that we’re friends?” Sanchi questioned back.

“We’re just friends then?” -Kabir

“What else?” -Sanchi

“You didn’t answer my question that day” Kabir whispered to her.

“What question?” Sanchi asked softly.

“Do you want to know who’s the girl that I love?” Kabir asked lovingly.

“I already know who she is” she tried to leave but Kabir pulled her to him. Her back pressed to his chest. Their heartbeats ??? increased.

“If you know who she is then why did you wrote my name on your hand with mehendi?” he asked showing her hand ✋✋✋.

“Pragya applied mehendi on my hand. I didn’t know what she wrote. I’m sorry it won’t happen again” Sanchi said while trying to go but he held her by her waist like hugging from behind.

“Why it won’t happen again? It should happen again and again. Each and every time you apply mehendi” he said in her ears huskily.

Sanchi was blushing ??? madly and said “Kabir, let me go na? Someone might see us”.

“When Kabir Kapoor got hold of something he never let that go. That theory applies to people too. Now you have to get used to it” -Kabir

“Oh dear where did this Sanchi disappeared to?” They heard someone say near by.

“But for now I’ll let you go, only coz you have work and this is one of my best friend’s wedding” saying that he turned her to face him. Looking at her eyes he placed a little kiss on her palm where his name was written.

Sangeet ceremony starts. Anand, Gayathri, Adarsh, Neeta, Dadi and Veer all danced.

Suddenly all lights went out and a spot light came to middle showing Dev, he started.

Ishq Hai……

Light showed Veer and he started to say….

Yo people in the house
This is a tribute to the power of love

Lights went out and music starts to play. The spot light came again showing a tall guy wearing a white sherwani. (Guess who? ?)

**the guy starts to sing**

Teri Aankhon Ke Matvaale Kaajal Ko Mera Salaam
Zulfon Ke Kale Kale Baadal Ko Mera Salaam

Lights came on and everyone surprised to see Kabir singing.

Teri Aankhon Ke Matvaale Kaajal Ko Mera Salaam
Zulfon Ke Kale Kale Baadal Ko Mera Salaam
Ghayal Kar De Mujhe Yaar Tere Paayal Ke Jhankar
Hey Soni Sone Teri Soni Har Adaa Ko Salaam

Veer and Dev joined him.

Salaam-E-Ishq Ishq Ishq Salaam-E-Ishq… (2)
( Ho Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E-
Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E- )… (2) Ishq Hai….

“Dhek na maharaani, tumara maharaaj is singing for you give him a reply” said Pragya.

Sanchi went to front too and starts to dance.

Ho Teri Mastaani Anjaani Bataon Ko Mera Salaam
Rangon Mein Doobi Doobi Raaton Ko Mera Slaaam
Khwaabon Mein Kho Gayi Main Deewani Ho Gayi Main
Soney Soney Aisse Soney Har Adaa Ko Salaam

Pragya and Isha joined her. ???

Salaam-E-Ishq Ishq Ishq Salaam-E-Ishq… (2)
( Ho Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E-
Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E- )… (2) Ishq Hai….

Ho Teri Hathhawitch Mehandi Ka Rang Khila Hain

Tujhe Sapano Da Changa Mehboob Mila Hain

Sanchi, Pragya & Isha sang together for Priya. ???

Meri Banno Pyaari Pyaari Sari Duniya Se Nyaari
Ise Doli Mein Tu Leja Doliyaan, Doliyaan…

Dev came front holding Isha’s hand and sang.

Teri Meri Nazar Jo Mili Pehli Baar
Ho Gaya Ho Gaya Tujhse Pyaar
Dil Hai Kya Dil Hai Kya Jaan Bhi Tujhpe Nisaar
Maine Tujhe Kiya Aitbaar

Ho Main Bhi Toh Tujhpe Mar Gayi
Deewanapan Kya Kar Gayi
Meri Har Dhakan Betaab Hai
Palkon Vich Tera Khwaab Hai

Ho Jaan Se Bhi Pyaari Pyaari Jaaniya Ko Salaam
Salaam-E-Ishq, ( Salaam-E-Ishq Ishq Ishq Salaam-E-Ishq )… (2)
( Ho Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E-
Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E )… (2) Ishq Hai….

Kabir came to Sanchi and sang lovingly while dancing with her. ???

Main Tere Ishq Mein Do Jahan Vaar Doon
Mere Vaade Pe Kar Le Yakeen
Keh Rahe Hai Zameen Keh Raha Aasman
Tere Jaissa Dooja Nahin

Sanchi sang to Kabir teasingly. ???

Ho Aisse Jaadoon Na Daal Ve
Naa Aaon Tere Naal Ve
Jhooti Tereefein Chodh De
Ab Dil Mere Dil Se Jod De

Ho Jo Abhi Hai Dil Se Nikli Uss Dua Ko Salaam
Salaam-E-Ishq Ishq Ishq Salaam-E-Ishq… (2)
( Ho Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E-
Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E- )… (2) Ishq Hai….

Veer came to Pragya holding his ears, acting dramatically.

Rab Se Hai Iltija Maaf Kar De Mujhe
Main Toh Teri Ibaadat Karoon
Aye Meri Soniye Na Khabar Hai Tujhe
Tujhase Kitni Mohobbat Karoon

Pragya too started to act dramatically.

Tere Bin Sab Kuch Benoor Hai
Meri Maang Mein Tere Sindoor Hai
Sanson Mein Yehi Paigaam Hai
Mera Sab Kuch Tere Naam Hai

Ho Dhadkanon Mein Rehnewaali Soniye Ko Salaam


Teri Aankhon Ke Matvaale Kaajal Ko Mera Salaam
Zulfon Ke Kale Kale Baadal Ko Mera Salaam

Khwaabon Mein Kho Gayi Main Deewani Ho Gayi Main
Soney Soney Teri Soney Har Adaa Ko Salaam
Salaam-E-Ishq Ishq Ishq Salaam-E-Ishq… (2)

All danced crazily. Even Dr. Malhothra joined with Priya and Sanket.

( Ho Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E-
Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E- )… (3) Ishq Hai….

All were enjoying thoroughly but someone was there that wasn’t happy. Yes you guessed it right guys it’s Riya. “Kabir why are you getting close to that Sanchi? No I won’t let her take you away from me. You wait and watch Sanchi, I’ll make him hate you” she said to herself.

After sangeet the wedding went fine. Priya and Sanket went with everyone’s blessings.

Anand had arrenged cars for our gang to go back to hostel and doctors quarters. While they wait for the cars, Sanchi and Kabir were talking with Anand and others were having a secret talk.

“Abae yaar kasam se how did you managed to make that khadoos sing?” -Pragya

“Ha ha ha that’s what you call talent sweetheart ?” Veer said with a wink.

“Tu aur teri talent!!” Dev came and whacked Veer’s head. “If I didn’t blackmail him, there’s no way we get him to do that”

“Dev!! You blackmailed him?? We’ll defineatly get record room duty at least for a month” Isha whined.

“Chillax babe, I blackmailed him in two ways. 1) he has to sing and dance or else I’ll tell all the embarrassing things happened to him. 2) if he give us any punishment I’ll tell those to the whole SDCH. Simple” he said putting his arm around her shoulders.


I hope you guys didn’t face any difficulties coz I wrote stuff between the song.

And if any of you have any confusion, in this story Gayatri isn’t evil. She loves Priya and Veer like her own but a little special towards Riya.

Ok that’s all for today. On next one something big is gonna happen. Will Sanchi confess her love for Kabir? Or will Riya do something to separate them? Stay tuned to know ?.

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