kanchi or sanveer true love sdch (part 4)

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hello everyone and thanks for your comments so on your request dr kabir will not die.and this part is last one..

Next morning kanchi wakes up and go to have breakfast..
In malhotras mansion
Veer wakes up and remembers previous night . He decides to say sorry to kanchi over his reaction..
Veer calls sanchi..
Sanchi-bolo veer
Veer-sanchi i am sorry..i overeacted
Sanchi realises tht veer regrets
Sanchi-its ok veer.
Veer-cant be we again friends
Sanchi-on one condition that you will call me mrs golgappa
They both laugh
Dr kabir hears their talks and gets glad that all things have sorted..out
dr kabir gets call from hospital
Peon-sir the HOD(senior head of neuro deptt) sir wants you to come back.as health minister is having some health complications .you have treated him so,its imp..
Dr kabir-ok then i will come till morning..
Sanchi comes
Dr kabir narrates whole thing..
Sanchi-sir you go as its imp
Dr kabir-but tommorrow is your health check up
Sanchi-sir i will go with maa
Dr kabir-ok then

Sanchi packs dr kabirs bag..
Sanchi-sir when your going
Dr kabir-chandigrah is not so far so i will go at night around 8 pm
Sanchi-sir but..
Dr kabir-sanchi at night highway is clear so i will reach early..are u gonna miss me
Dr kabir and sanchi spends some quality time
Veer calls isha
Veer-are u free
Isha-yaa but why u asked
Veer-ok then lets go to club and party
Isha-oh our serious dr veer has again become fun
Veer-isha now get ready..
Dr kabir says bye to sanchi and drives off to chandigrah
Jaya informs sanchi tht she has to go near city to clear chakli orders and tells her tht she will be living at her relatives home for night
Jaya-sanchi take care and eat medicines on time
Jaya leaves
Dr kabir is driving car suddenly a truck trashes his car as truck driver was drunk.

The driver fles people gather
Sanchi feels restless and decides to call kabir if he has reaches safely
A man standing near the car attends call
Man-hello kya aap inke rishtadar hai come fast we are taking him to hospital he is injured a truck driver hit his car
Sanchi gets shocked and panics .she calls jaya but her phone is unreachable.sanchi calls veer.
Veer -hi mrs golgappa
Sanchi crys she faints
Veer gets tensed
Isha and veer leaves club and goes to jayas home.
Veer and isha spots sanchi unconsicsious
They rush her to hospital
Sanchi contiously says save kabir sir he has met an accident
Veergets call from sanchis phone
Man-madam aap ke pati bilkul thik hai woh aap se baat karna chahte hain
dr kabir-sanchi mai thik hun dont worry
Veer narrates whole incident to dr kabir
Dr kabir comes to hospital with help of people
Dr kabir-veer sanchi kaise hai.
is she fine and baby?
Veer-is she preganat oh god save her
Doc comes out
Doc-she is fine but ..we couldnt save the baby..
Dr kabir breaks down veer consoles him
Dr kabir-its all my fault .she told me again and again not to travel at night but..
Veer-sir have courage go to sanchi.
Isha-veer i think we should go
Veer-yeah right they should themselves cope with this
They both leave

in hospital room
sanchi is crying badly and kusum has also come along with jaya.
Sanchi is cryind in kusums shoulder
Sanchi to kusum-maa your dream broke i am sorry
Kusum-beta let it be my dream is not imp than you.god saved you thts imp for me
Dr kabir enters room
Jaya and kusum leaves
Sanchi tightly hugs dr kabir
After 1 year
Veer and isha are getting married
Isha-sanchi i am getting nervous
Sanchi-its normal isha..come see bharat has come.
Veer gets mesmerised by seeing isha.
After weeding kanchi comes home.
Just then sanchi enters room
She sees bedroom decorated.
Dr kabir-how did you like preparations
Sanchi-sir yeah bahut khobsoorat hai
Dr kabir comes near sanchi.they spend blissful night in each others arms.
After 8 months sanchi gets pregant and this time dr kabir is amazed to see how mush sanchi is taking care of herself and following doc order routinely.
After 4 years a small girl is roaming and dr kabir and sanchi is running behing her
sanchi-ira beta come and get ready for school
Dr kabir catches her
Dr kabir-ira get ready or i say about your pranks to your mom
Sanchi glares
Trio laughs..scene freezes on their smiles

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  1. Thanks a lot fr keeping our request…nice ending…

  2. Thank you very very much kabir didn’t died and this was outstanding superb mindblowing and many more

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  4. wow………such a lovely episode………kanchi moments……..awwww……so cute………
    but got sad on reading this one’s the last part……….really yaar……….gonna miss ur osm updates after this………..plz don’t stop writing………if u like, u may start another ff regarding kanchi’s life post marriage, like their children & the journey of growing their children……..(this one’s completely upto u dear)……..luv u a lot………..

  5. Richa1496

    Thanks a lot dear for accepting our request….. ff was superb, mindblowing…. ?

  6. Moonlight25

    Thanks a lot for accepting out request…it means a lot to…comimg to the episode of was breath taking…..kanchi scenes were awesome….and Veer and Isha are a good pair….plzzz do come with another ff….you rock

  7. So do so beautiful story.thanks yaar????????

  8. Thank you very much kabir didn’t die and this was awesome

  9. Lahari99

    It was an awesome episode but I hope you write more episodes like Riya suggested and it is completely up to you.
    You are such a good writer?

  10. Sajnana900

    Thnx RJ to accept our request and cmng 2 the epi that was suprb mindblowing fabulous and the pair of veer and isha was best

  11. Sajnana900

    Thnx RJ to accept our request and cmng 2 the epi that was suprb mindblowing fabulous and the pair of veer and isha was best and ya hope to see an othore os or ff from u

  12. Thanks rj for not letting kabir die nd sorry for not commenting on previous ep nd kanchi scenes were wowsome loved it to the core nd waiting for another Os or ff from u.

  13. Oh relived that kabir didn’t die. Kaanchi was too lovely to handle. Nice ff. Please do come back with a new one. I loved ur writing.

  14. Niyaaa

    Thanks rj n sorry 4 not commtng i m ill so thats why thanks again for uniting kaanchi

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