Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 8th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 8th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aasshi prays I hope my uncle aunty and friends stay happy. Vishesh prays aashi should always stay happy and my parents should never have any trouble because of me. He turns back, his family is coming in. He stops and says mummy papa. His mom hugs him. She is in tears. His dad says nettu came to meet us and told us everything. SHe can’t tell the whole world but explained everything to us. Aashi recalls asking nettu to express the truth. His mom says forgive us. Bintin says thanks aashi if you had not asked nettu we would never be one today. Vishesh says mummy papa this is aashi. When whole world was against me she stood by with me. his dad says we feel ashamed of we. We couldn’t trust vishesh like you did. His mom says you made us one again. I hope you stay happy. Aashi says you are nice people its not my credit. His mom says lets go with us son. He recalls when she scolded at him in the temple. Vishesh hugs her and says I was carving to listen this. But I won’t go home.

Ashish and Mansi are looking a new flat. the owner is flattering them. Aashi says wow I like this flat. Ashish says finally we got our house. I wanted my parents to be here too but they don’t want to live here. Mansi says this house will start our new life and we have to forget the bitter past.

Vishesh says I have to forget that I had a family. Everyone is shocked. his dad asks why are you saying that? aashi says you should be happy that you are getting your family back. Vishesh says for the world I am still a criminal. I don’t want my family to suffer due to me. I don’t want your heads to be down because of me. His mom says I am concerned about you not the world. I already made a mistake now I don’t wanna repeat it. I will take yu back in front of the same world. They all hug vishesh.

Scene 3
mansi and ashsih go to gupta and do the final formalities. Gupta says when will you clear the house? Ashish says just with in one or two days.

Vishesh is packing his stuff. Aashi is with him. She hugs him. Aashi says I will miss you a lot. I am really happy to see you with your family because I know what is the value of family. Well we both live here and I know you won’t forget us so I am giving you this picture it will make you miss us. He says I know. binti says lets go bhaiya. Vishesh recalls all his moments he spent with aashi. he takes a picture of aashi with him. Vishesh goes downstairs and meets everyone for one last time. he hugs everyone. Vishesh takes aashi’s money box and puts another coin in it. he says thank you. aashi says you are welcome. His dad says lets go vishesh. Aashi says bye. He says bye. They leave aashi smiles at her money box.

Scene 3
At night, ashis says to mansi we wil buy a fish tank for tukur. Mansi says we will keep the master bedroom and the other one for tukur and third one for.. Ashish says for a servant. I have no room for mummy papa in my house. They think aashi will keep them forever.

Vishesh is eating with his family. He says its really tasty maa. She says I made this for you. I know you like it a lot. Vishes sleeps in his mom’s lap.

Asshi says to her laptop I missing vishesh a lot but I am happy for him. I hope everything goes fine in uncle aunty’s life too. I said to mummy papa I will be waiting for their reply. Doorbell rings. She goes out and says it must be sahil. When she opens the door its sunil and rupa. aashi is shocked to see them. Sunil says we thought a lot. Rupa says this is not possible. sunil says you are young they are using you. aashi says they are really nice. sunil says I just came here to tell you that you are a kid. aashi says why you don’t understand. You just want to prove them wrong for that piece of land. Sunil says enough. I have said you won’t meet them again. Prabha and Vishnu come out. Sunul and rupa are dazed to see them.

Precap-aashi says papa I won’t be rude with you but I want to tell you its not what you think like. sunil says ask them to leave my house right now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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