Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 4th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 4th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
aashi satyus i think i like you i mena i love you.. Vishesh holds her hand and says i ove you too. I couldn’t even say this i wqas scared of rejection. SHe syas i love you more than you. He syas wy are your eyes wet? ashi says you know, nothing wqas in control now i am hving ths ove/ I am really happy. Vishesh says you look good with siles not these tears, ashi hugs hijm and says i love you. He says u kive you too. Sahil sees them and goes to his room. He writes a letter leaving. when he opens the door jhabro is there syas asks where are you going? sahil runs. she says please stop. Jjhabro comes and tells ashi.SHe sas i tried to stop him but he didn’t.ashi goes to his room and sees that he has left with his stuff. vish3esh f8inds the letter. It says, aashi i tried to tell myself bu7t couldn’t. friend can be frined but not husband. You love vihesh he will be everything for you. staying here wil ache me so i am leaving. i am always away from you by one call. Keep smiling. aashi is in tears. vishesh says i wil do something. Aashi says he cant leve me like this

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Aashi calls sahil but his numbers are off. He picks the call aashi says why you left? are you mad? i want you here in 10 minutes. Sahil comes home. Aashi goes and hugs him. ashi says are you mad? Why you left? do best friend do this? saho says i went to brng Vishnu uncle. Aashi says stop lying. Vishnu says he came to us and said i did this to teaqse her. pundit ji comes in. Aashi says why w have to hurry up
? Vishnu syas wedding has Vishnu says punditji find a date. He says 25th December is best. Aashi says isn’t it to fast? sahil says 25 days are so much. pundit syas tomorrow is good for engagement. Then all cheer. prabha says you wont take case till thbe wedding. Sahil dances.aashi and vishesh says weddin g should be simple. aashi says yeah vishesh is right sahil says yeah now se wil only listen about vishesh aashi runsa after hm.

Scene 2
Gupta syas to sunil don’t forget that we have only lerft s session court. we will get their house and wont pay them i will show them his worth, sunil sa6ys we need to o to hugh court soon, gupta tells them about aashsi’s wedding They are boh shocked. rupa says she has gone amd, i will stop this wedding.

Rupe goes go aashi’s house and says you cant marry that third class. aashi says i will do whats right. rupa says turing our head down pleases you? aash8i says i am marrying him and that’s final. come if you have time, rupa leaves.

rupa says to sunil she should focus on carer and now she is marrying. sunil do something g we have to stop her. Sunil says what is teasing you? her marriage or vishesh? you are scared that she will be out of our hands after wedding. she says i am her mom i care about her. sunil says good joke. he says you are just jmad because she insulted you. You never cared about her. where did this mom come from? rupa says doesn’t this hurt you that she doesn’t call us parents? she is a kid we hould teach her. Jabalpur is a small tiem and eve4ryone is laughing. you are letting her marry vishehs? why ou don’t stop this weddng. do something.

Scene 3
Its engagement. everyone is getting ready. vishesh comes in sahil hugs him. Prabha says huirry up the groom is here. jhabro says vishesh is bring impatient. vishesh gets a call a man says you will receive a gif you wont forget. go to the back side of house. He goes there. some people kidnap him.

Precap-aashi says to sahil a man called me and forget vishesh i have killed him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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