Doli Armaanon Ki 4th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 4th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sushma’s residence
Urmi comes with tea, and finds ishaan working hard on his case. She asks him to take a break and have tea, but he is too immersed. she smiles and begins to go. He stops her and asks her to tell why she doesnt want to hand shaurya over to samrat. urmi is boggled, but when ishaan says that he wants to hear it from a strictly legal point of view, urmi relates everything to ishaan, about all the atrocities that samrat put even their son though. urmi says that she had given him happily away to samrat, and hid her grief, but shaurya himself doesnt want to go, then how can she send him there. Urmi tells ishaan, that she cant have faith in samrat’s parenting, as he doesnt love his own son even and is just using him to get to her, and shaurya

is no more than a means to satiate his ego. ishaan says that he understood and says that he would handle everything, and give it everything to get shaurya’s custody. urmi smiles at him.

Urmi comes looking around for shaurya, to give him apple, and finds tiwariji sleeping, who she accidentally wakes up. they both find ishaan and shaurya playing cricket with other kids, in which ishaan intentionally favours shaurya to make him the local hero. As ishaan and shaurya play with each other, and urmi eyes lovingly, shaurya comments that his dad never did this to him. urmi gets tensed. ishaan says that now his uncle is here. tiwari is overwhelmed.

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Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s residence and Niranjan’s office
Samrat remembers ishaan’s stern comment, and is angered and frustrated. Shashi comes and says that she would give him an oil massage, and he refuses. She hesitatingly asks him when is he going to hand over the property and he gets angry and throws her out. She leaves, while he is tensed. He finds radha passing in the corridor, and hollers at her, eyeing the oil. She eyes his room tensedly, and awkwardly enters, visibly tensed and nervous. she nervously asks whats vthe matter, as he eyes her voluptous body lustily. He asks her to put oil, and she says that kanchan would get angry. He asks her not to say this to Kanchan. He holds out the oil, saying that she can atleast do this for him. She awkwardly comes and takes the oil. He sits on the stool, facing the mirror, eyeing her sternly. As she is about to begin, he asks her to close the door, saying that he doesnt want anyone to think or comment anything wrong about her. She silently complies, while he eyes her amused. He asks her to get to business. she takes the oil and starts massaging his head, with her eyes lowered, and small smile on her lips, while he starts narrating his grief that he is fed up of his wife, who has made life unbearable for him. She is tensed. he thinks that he trapped her in his sob story, and now he can use her to his advantage.

Meanwhile, Niranjan gets samrat’s call, asking him about his future planning. he asks samrat to come straighaway to his office, as he has something very important to talk. A person comes in, and samrat promises to come soon. He looks over the papers the person brought, and hollers for shashi. shashi hurriedly comes, when she gets to know that he is signing away the entire property to her. samrat eyes her angrily, as she is overexcited. when the person leaves, samrat warns her that if there’s anything that goes wrong, he reminds her that he didnt hesitate at all, before shooting urmi. she gets tensed. He leaves. She thinks smiling, that whatever be the reason, he has given off the property and that now she owns everything.

Scene 3
Location: Hospital
All congratulate each other, as asha gives birht to a baby boy. asha stupidly rants that her abay got changed. Her mother too comes, and starts congratulating everyone. All are amused at her incoherent rant yet again. Annu asks her to let go, while asha is severely tensed. Her mother says that she needs an expensive gift now, as her daughter, gave them what they wanted for all these years. granny happily complies and agrees.

Scene 4:
Location: Niranjan’s office
Samrat comes and asks him whats he doing, as ishaan is weighing on them. Niranjan gets angry, saying that is losing due to him, his stupidity and lack of information, and says that he made the biggest mistake of his life. samrat asks him not to do this, as ishaan is standing beside his client all the time. samrat asks whats done its done, and that now they should get past it, and move on, as he cant afford another chance, as ishaan would come with full preparations. Niranjan says that there’s one fatal attack. Niranjan asks samrat to find out one person, on whom urmi’s hold is very influential, to testify against urmi only, and brand her as characterless, as that would get the court against him. samrat is surprised and instantly gets to getting urmi’s immediate family for all this. He assures niranjan, that her own family shall show how characterless she is. Niranjan is tensed, as he listens intently. The screen freezes on samrat’s face, as he gives niranjan his guarantee.

Precap: urmi talks to rudra, asking if he would be able to testify for her, and against samrat in the court. Meanwhile, samrat and shashi come, on the pretext of congratulating them, on the child. Anu says that there’s definitely something. Saroj too complies and thinks the same. samrat eyes them sadistically.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. fan of the show

    After what samRat has done to Urmi and her blood relatives, I can’t figure out why they tolerate his presence, and don’t just tell him he’s not welcome, they have severed all ties, get lost, permanently.

  2. Samrat is a heartless man.I do not believe there is any human being as him in his country.Urmi will win.

    1. fan of the show

      Maybe no man has ALL his faults, but many men hve SOME of his faults…. But then, nobody’s perfect

    2. fan of the show

      Urmi has already won in some ways – she no longer has to live with the Rat; she is becomng self-sufficient; she as not lost her character or good qualities;she has stpped weaving unrealistic dreams (except for the one that Shaurya will alwys be with her); she turned around her former captors Shushma nd Tiwari and made them love her; and she fearlessly spoke her mind to the Rat

  3. When will dis show end?

    1. it will end every serial has its end

    2. fan of the show

      It will end every tme you decide nt o watch or read updates…..

  4. IT just enternament

  5. samrath why don’t you just give up let urmi be shauyna deserves to be with his mom and that is what shauyna wants too. samrath you are so evil you know very will that you do not love urmi or her child shauyna so please just stop all you nonsense and do the right thing once and for all in your life bow out gracefully that is if you have any grace at all. to speak the truth I will like to see urmi with a husband like Ishaan who is so loving and caring to her. I like annu for Ishaan but I also like urmi for Ishaan tooooooooo. anyway when all comes to all let urmi win the case over samrath.

  6. Plzz let Ishan and urmi marry

  7. They have to bring back TAUJI !!!!!! He will testify against Samrat !

  8. Rudra is shameless man he got the chance to show his difference from samrat but he is puppet live under samrats control he could have standy for only truth and no body else like father like son additi would have a better choice for urmi over rudra to testify for her , and in which way can samrat pressure urmi ‘s family and which kind of vedio can it be which made soraj to lie about her own daughter ‘s character so badly and put shaurya ‘s life at stake how can a mather ruin her daughter by the safety of the other daughter ? what nonsense

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