Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 24th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 24th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aashi asks vishesh what is the case? Vishesh says there is no particular case. They see some women saying lets go to work. They are extremely tired. One says but we have to work or the boss will nt leave us. One of them is even pregnant. When the pregnant one stands up she is about to faint. Vishesh and aashi support her. Aashi says ae you okay? SHe says I am fine. She leaves. Aashi and vishehs are extremely sad for them. aashi says I think there is some problem They follow them. The boss say to the lady why are you 10 minures late? Lady says my child was hungry. He says I don’t care. He is treating the women so bad. Its a fire crackers company. Aashi syas they are making them work forcefully and its illegitimate. Vishesh says this women can be killed there is no safety in this fire cracker factory. Aashi says we can’t let them live like this.

Jhabro comes to prabha and asks where is everyone? prabha says thye are all busy in their work. aashi is with vishesh I am never worried for her when aasho is with vishesh. jhabro says I know he is such a nice gu. I feel remorseful that I blamed him. Prabha says he is nice. Jhabro eats the sweets Prabha has made. SHe says teach me to sometime. She says lets go and buy some metal for tomorrow’s festival. Prabha says I will be celebrating it out of house for first time She has done a lot for us. I want to do something for her. jhavbro says borrow some money from me. prabha says no I will do something myself.

Aashi says vishesh what are you thinking ? We have to stop them he says where are you going? This isn’t that easy and there is aproper way to solve every problem. We have to adopt the legal way.
Vishnu comes home. he says its Diwali students didn’t want to study so I left tgem before time Prabha says can we do something for aashi? she syas I was thinking the same but what can we do. I don’t have that money. Prabha says I hope God shows some ways. She finds a bucket in the closet.

Aashi goes in the factory an says what are you doing, to a lady, she says yo can’t eat before washing hands. She gives her a handkerchief. Even kids are working there. Asho says to vishesh look at their miserable condition. There is not a single fire extinguisher. They have been working for hours. Vishesh says we have no right to stop anyone’s factory. Aashi says you know its worng why don’t you stip them. ashi says I will stay here with them. the boss comes and says talk to me. he says who are you? aashi says we are the one who will put and end to think work. Its a crime to force these women to work. There is no safety for them. Do you have the license. You will be jailed for this. He says stop it. I will bury you right here. Give this law lecture to someone else. Vishesh says to aashi lets go. They leave. The boss orders his men to keep an eye on him.

Prabha takes out some stuff for aashi.

Vishesh says why you neverf listen to me? She says I couldn’t see them working like this. He says in heart others’ pain give you tears. There is so much love in your hert. Vishehs says I understand but luck is not always with you. I can’t bear anyone harm to you. She says I know I create problem every time I can’t stand these atrocities. He sasy don’t worry just be careful. She syas you are here to take care of me. Why didn’t you tell me you were talking about this case. She says sorry.She says do something urgently vishesh. he says we should go to police.

Prabha says years before I sewed for tukur. will I be able to sew for aashi? He syas I can help you with this. I will make tea for both of us. SHe sew the dress for aashi. Vishnu makes tea for her.

Cops come to the factory and say whats going on here? stop all this. aashi comes in front. Aashi says why are you not shouting now? They burst into laughter. boss says why you came here inspector. Did you talk to ASP khana ? He knows about all this and gets his gift every month. Yes my kids go and play with fire crackers. Don’t mess with ballu.

Precap-inspector orders to arrest ballu. ballu says in jail on this Diwali there will be a blast in her life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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