Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avantika saying Adi to help them in finding Ayush. She says we won’t call police, as kidnappers can harm him, I will give away anything to save Ayush. Rubel asks Adi to stay here till this matter get solved. Adi agrees. Avantika feels like fainting. Adi holds her and asks her to come to the room. She says I m fine. He says you are not, come. He takes her. Adi brings her to the room ad makes her sit. He gives her water. He starts leaving. Avantika says don’t you have 10mins for your mum, I know I should be punished. Adi says don’t worry, we will get Ayush. She says I know you will find him. She asks will you. He says you take care, I will just come.

He gets Harish’s call. Harish asks about Ayush and Avantika. Adi says she is stressed, she is attached to Ayush. Harish asks Adi to take care of Avantika, and her BP gets high. Adi says please you don’t take stress, I m here, I will keep updating you. Pankhudi comes to Adi and asks why is he doing this, will he punish her for supporting mum. He says I did not stop you ever, but you should have not hide it. She says would truth change. He says no, we would have not reacted this time, damage is done and nothing can change now. Anuj says what to do, we can’t inform police. Adi says we have to wait for the call.

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Adi gets the call. The kidnapper says Ayush is with us. Adi asks how can I be sure. Ayush shouts for help. Adi says don’t harm Ayush, I will give you anything. He asks what do you want. He says wait for next call. Adi says we can’t wait now, we have to do anything. He asks Rubel to call Chandan who can help us in tracking. Rubel says yes, I will ask him, forward me the numbers. Sheela says Adi, Avantika is calling you and Pankhudi. They come to Avantika. She asks about the call. Adi says not yet. She asks him sit holding his hand. She signs Pankhudi to come.

She says don’t get angry on Pankhudi, its my mistake, I should have trusted Harish and told him everything. Adi asks her to rest. Avantika asks did kidnappers call. Adi says its dad’s call. Harish asks Adi how is Avantika. Adi looks at her and says mum is fine. I m with her, I will call you back. Avantika says I have lost everything. She cries. Adi says I will be back and leaves. Payal talks to someone and says keep me informed. Sheela comes to her and Payal is shocked.

Sheela asks with whom is she talking. Payal says how does it matter. Sheela says what happened to you, I don’t like this behavior, why are you fighting with family always. Payal smiles and says you came to give me lecture, why are you concerned about Ayush, its good he is gone, he is unwanted burden. Sheela says did you kidnap him. She says see Payal, you are my bahu, don’t do anything, that ruins my and my family name. Payal says wow, you are worried today, you wanted to break the family till now and advising me now. Sheela says be in limits. Payal says what limits, and talks about Avantika’s illegitimate son. Sheela shouts Payal and slaps her. She says Avantika is your Bua, she is elder, talk with respect. She says remember, I won’t feel bad to slap you again. She leaves.
Adi gets the kidnapper’s call. The man says you won’t reach us by tracing number. Adi says sorry, we won’t do that, tell me what you want. The man says Rs 50 lakhs cash. Adi says where to send. The man says a car is outside your house, reach in one hour to us by the car. Adi tells Pankhudi. She says what will we do. He says we can’t inform police, I will arrange money and go. Adi tells Rubel that he needs the money. Rubel says who will go. Adi says I will go, car is outside. Rubel says we can’t risk your life. Adi says nothing will happen, does Ayush’s life not imp. Rubel says he is not a family member. Adi says Ayush is son of this house, he is your brother.

Sheela tells Avantika that Adi wants to go alone. Avantika says you won’t go alone, I can’t put my other son in danger. Adi says I have to go for you. I promise you Ayush will come safe. Avantika says I want my two sons safe. Anuj says I will come along. Adi says kidnappers are following us. Sheela says yes, we don’t know who will inform them. Pankhudi says she will come. Adi says its not picnic. She insists. Adi says come. Rubel says all the best, keep me posted. Sheela looks at Payal. Adi and Pankhudi get the money bad and see the car. She says she is coming with him. He gets the yellow chit in car and reads the address.

He says 35mins now, we need to rush. Rubel says he can’t wait, he has to go. Payal says where will you go. Rubel says I will follow Adi’s car, if Adi can risk his life for Ayush, I can risk my life for Adi. Avantika says she will go with Rubel. They don’t allow her. She says I can’t put you in danger. They leave. Anuj gets Harish’s call and says we have to tell him the truth. Pankhudi asks Adi not to worry. Adi asks her to go home, its risky. She says she won’t leave him alone. He says he is not a hero and can’t save her from problems. She says you are my hero, even if you can’t fight 10 goons. Adi apologizes to her for being angry on her. She says its my mistake, I should have told you everything.

Adi and Pankhudi come to find Ayush. Pankhudi sees the blood stained clothes and says did they do something to him. Adi says no and sees Ayush sitting there. Ayush smiles. Adi and Pankhudi rush to free him. Adi asks is he fine, and hugs him. He says thank God you are safe. Ayush starts laughing. Adi and Pankhudi are shocked.

Harish tells Adi that he is happy that he accepted Ayush and Avantika, but for me, I have just one son. Avantika looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow episode is awesome..but the thing I hate is that whenever a serial ends very nicely..while in the middle they bring a boring story

  2. Haha I had a feeling that this was a childish prank of ayush… To bring them closer… And I believe shanky also was in this 😛

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