Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 21st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 21st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vishesh says I know pushkar must go to meet his son. sahil says that means they are both in Jabalpur. Vishesh says we have to find them. I know some people who know every corner of Jabalpur. Aashi says I am very excited. Vishesh says you think its a joke? its not funny. Its a court case and its related to someone’s life. I don’t want your help. Now you both will go home. Aashi says why we always create problem when we try to help.

Jhabro says let me catch her red handed. Prabh says please stop. Jhabro says why should we? Prabha says we should know whats going on? jhabro says she will steal everything. We have to do something. Jhabro says let me call. Prabha says she is busy in case. We should stop by the time she coms back home. jhabro says we can’t stay quite. prabha says we don’t have right to say anything to her. Jhabro says I will keep an eye on her.

Vishesh shows the men the photo and says we have to find this woman. They where she goes every day? He says she will go to places that are abandoned. They say we will find her don’t worry.

ashi comes in her room, kaki is there. Aashi says I can’t find my diary. Kaki says let me get you something to drink. Jahbro says ashi will be upset to know her reality. But we have to tell her. Aashi sees her vase in kaki’s purse. She says this is my silver pot. Kaki says I am cleaning the stuff. Aashi says you don’t; have to clean all this. This is not silver this is artificial. kaki gets upset when she gets to know It. AAshi says I got an idea. She hugs her.

Jahbro and prabha stop aashi. aashi says I am in a hurry. I am going to shail’s place I will be late.

The man find the woman with vishesh. Vishesh stops her. There is a child in her hands too. Vishesh sees the photo. Vishesh says sorry I thought you are someone else.
aashi is searching on net. She finds photo of seema’s sister in law. Sahil syas why are you involving in it now? Vishehs asked you not to get into it. SHe says he asked me not to come. I am in-door. Sahil gives her coffee and says I am getting bored. Aashi says I am using photoshop. Vishesh comes there,aashi says I made a mistake and I want to rectify it. Look here. aashi shows him the photo.

Vishnu comes home. He says students are having exams so I had to take extra classes. Jahbro says you didn’t tell him? prabha says she went early. Jhabro tells Vishnu everything. Vishnu says does aashi know? Jhabro says we are waiting for her. Prabha says we can’t tell her. aashi will stay at sahil’s home and they will go to court after that. Prabha says when aashi will know about her kakai she will be really upset.

Scene 2
Next mprning the hearing of court starts. Rusha comes. Vishesh asks what is the age of seema’s son. SHe says 8 months. She asks who used to handle him? She says we all and her mom. Me and my mom and sometimes my brother. vishesh says did it ever happen that you had to take care of him all day? She says yes. He asks when? SHe says when sima left the house. Vishesh says so why was seema thrown out of hosue? She says they used to fight a lot. he asks when she left the home? she says one month. He asks and when was the kid kidnapped ? She says 5 days. He says that means since 5 days you have the child. she says he is abducted for 5 days. Vishesh says so tell me how much he ate ? She says four or five times. She knows the timings. He syas you have taken care just once and you know everything bout him. He asks does he cry when seema wasn’t there? She says yes. He asks what did you do for him then? she says I sand lullaby. He says same kind of news came a few days ago on tv. The other lawyer says why would they keep the kid at their plot ? vishesh shows her the photo and says is that you? She says the photo is not clear. vishesh shows judge the photo and says this was taken days ago when she was running with the kid. She says what are you saying. Vishehs says where were you? SHe says I was in temole. She says what color were you wearing? She says I was wearing pink and the kid was wearing black. she says that in tension. Vishehs says that exactly what the truth is.

Precap-jhabro tells aashi about the stealing. aashi says my kaki? she is you relative prabha aunty

Update Credit to: Atiba

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