Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 20th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 20th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vishesh wonders where is the child cry coming from and so does aashi. They both follow the voice. Vishesh sees some containers and says he must be in one of these. Aashi trips over some plants. Sahil hears her scream. He goes in to look for. Vishesh is sneaking towards the containers. He sees a lady with a kid. Aashi hears some animal roar she is scared. She says who is it? Aashi is trying to get out of the plants. she says I can’t scream. Her phone rings both vishesh and sahil hear it. Vishesh leaves to look for aashi. The woman calls someone. Vishesh is looking for aashi and so is sahil. Vishesh sees aashi holds the tree he says aashi come out of it. SAhil sees them. He hauls aashi out of the bushes. Aashi hugs vishesh. He says are you okay? She is sobbing. She says vishesh something was there. Vishesh says I asked you not to come in. They hear a car. Vishesh says they are fleeing with the kid we have to stop them. A lady comes and takes the kid with her. aashi clicks a photo. She says sorry I did all she shows her photo to vishesh. sahil says lets check container once again. They rummage through the container. Vishesh says you won’t ever understand. Thye both ran from here. aashi sys I want to help you all the time I create problems for you. vishesh says its not just about the case its about your safety what if something happened to you? Aashi says I know when you are around nothing will happen to me. sahil says whats next? Vishesh says they know we are following them. They might kill the child, aashi says we won’t let that happen.

Scene 2
Next morning, prabha comes with arti to aashi’s room who is still sleeping. Prabha sys to Vishnu looks like they have worked hard on the case last night. They see a bruise on aashi’s foot. Aashi wakes up and says its so small. prabha says will you tell me what happened. aashi says nothing. Vishnu says tell us the truth. Aashi says we went to pushkar’s farm house to find seema’s son. She tells them whole story. Prabha says you should be careful. aashi says I am fine. vishesh and sahil were with me. Vishnu sys where is first aid? She tells him. Vishnu dresses her bruise. Vishnu says you should have listened to vishesh. sHe says I know nothing will happen to me as your love is with me. She hugs prabha. ‘

Vishesh gets ready. He recalls how ashi hugged him. He says you are very stupid aashi. He sees his conscience saying you only think about aashi what a dedication you are showing to work.

Aashi says to kaki you write ram ram? She says I don’t know how to write. Aashi says I am getting late vishesh is waiting for me. Vishnu says eat first. Kaki is eating a lot. she gets a call. She says its must be from my house. She goes out. Prabha says we wanted to talk to you about kaki. she is quite different. She is nice but she is weird sometimes. Aashi says I have no problem with her.

Vishesh shows the photo to seema. she says he is my kid, I made this sweeter for her. vishesh says do you know this woman? She says she is my sister in law. she wanted me to be out of house. vishesh says are you sure? She says I am sure. take me to my kid. Vishesh says this picture is not enough to prove. She says I know that they have my son. I want my son back she is crying hard.

Jhabro aunty comes to prabha. she says I was getting bored so I came here. she asks where is everyone/ prabha says they are all busy in new case. She says where is kaki? Jhabro opens the dustbin and calls prabha. there is a lot of meat in the bin. SHe says no one eats non veg here. Prabha says where did this come from/ Jhabro says kaki.

Aashi says kid is safe there and pusskar kidnapped him. aashi says we can prove with this photo. vishesh says we can’t prove this now. sahil says what will we do now?

Kaki comes in. She says no one is home. She starts stealing the stuff. Jhabro and prabha are spying on her. Jhabro sys she is stealing stuff. Prabha says I am really scared.

Vishesh says there is just one way. Only the child will prove that seem ais innocent. We have to bring the kid to the court, I don’t know how. Sahil says its not easy. Vishehs says I know but we have to do this.

Precap-Vishesh asks ashi why yiu called me here? there is a lot of tenson. We know nothing. aashi says I made a mistake yesterday so I will rectify it now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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