Humsafars 20th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Humsafars 20th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Arzoo informing Alvira about her mom’s hospitalization and requests to permit her to go to Lucknow. Alvira consoles her and permits her.

Sarfaraz’s second wife informs him about kicking out Nausheen and her daughters from their house. He gets sad hearing that and asks what about his mom. Wife says she is also kicked out for helping Nausheen and says we will get another tenant.

Zaki enters Arzoo’s room and sees his sent bouquet in dustbin. He starts his usual jokes and says she broke his heart. She says she did not know that he sent bouquet. He gives her anklet. She gets happy and asks where did he get it from. He says from a place which is as lifeless as she is and asks if he can take her out today. She says she will go on a long drive with him, but she will drive. He agrees and they leave for a long drive. He says he thought Lucknow people are late learners, but she is not. They both stop in a sidewalk and start talking. She says she had a bad opinion about him before, but now it is changed seeing him so lively and full of life. He says he is searching humsafar. She asks what kind of girl he needs. He tells his requirement and she laughs hearing it. Sahil sees them while passing by in his car and thinks Arzoo told lie and took leave to meet Zaki.

Arzoo reaches home. Phurti aapa scolds her for being out of house and asks when will she prepare food. Arzoo gets into kitchen and sees whole fridge empty. Servant says Phurti ugly aapa threw it. Phurti comes and says all vegetables were stale, so he threw them. Arzoo says she bought vegetables 2 days back. Phurti says they got stale because she touched it. Arzoo asks servant to get vegetables from market. He says it will take 30 min, but Sahir needs food by 9:30, in 3 minutes. She sees besan box and says she will prepare kadi chawal. Servant says it is not prepared since many years. She says then they should prepare kadi chawal only.

Phurti ugly aapa starts scolding Arzoo for preparing kadi chawal. Alvira comes and says kadi chawal is not prepred since 7 years. Phurti starts acting and crying. Anam comes and asks Arzoo to apologize Phurti for her mistake. Arzoo says she did not make any mistake. Phurti starts crying again. Anam says Alvira will not let Phurti being insulted. Alvira asks her to apologize Phurti. Arzoo apologizes. Anam says she did not hear her apology. Arzoo apologizes again. Anam says she should remember from now who is the boss here. Arzoo asks Alvira why kadi chalwa is not made since 7 years. Phurti ugly asks her to ask Sahil. Alvira tries to console Arzoo. Arzoo asks to tell the reason. Alvira says some secrets have to be kept secret. Arzoo thinks she has to find out.

Arzoo reaches office and sees all staff hurriedly working. She asks Sahir’s secretary about it. She says it is Thursday today and Sahir comes only for 2 hours and vanishes for the whole day, so they have to finish work in 2 days. Arzoo asks her to calm down. Sahir comes to office and staff to get the files. Anam comes and says she has cracked diwali collection and if he will see them, he will make her VP. He checks them and angrily throws saying these are Milan fashion week’s spring collection. He says Sayyara is known for its original designs and asks her to work properly, else he will make Zaki VP.

Arzoo calls Zaki and informs him that she is going to a club.

Precap: Police arrests Zaki and Arzoo from a club. Anam thinks now lets see what Sahir will do.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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