Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 9th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 9th September 2013 Written Episode, Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 9th September 2013 Written Update

The show opens up with Ami sleeping. She imagines her father, Harsh, coming to wake her up and telling her not to be afraid from any exam. She will have to face tougher exams in the future. Ami tells him, you will be with me, right? Harsh says, always. Ami says, then I will never be afraid of any exam.

Ami’s mother, Shruti, and her sister, Khushboo, enter Ami’s room. Shruti asks Ami to get up and get ready as it’s their results day today, but Ami wishes to sleep more and skip the school as it’s just a results day. Ami is also scared to see her report card. Shruti tells her, look at Khushboo, she is ready since 8′o clock. Khushboo corrects Shruti and says, since 7 35am. Shruti is proud of Khushboo. Ami tells Shruti to leave otherwise

she will be late for her office. Shruti says today it’s a results day and she will go to school with them. She asks Ami to get ready and leaves. Khushboo teases Shruti saying she can run away after she fails today.

Ami is getting ready and prays to God to pass her in her exams, especially math. She says she will do this and that if she passes this time. She seems to be very weak in counting. She says I have been a good kid almost whole month, 25 days, no 15 days, and you pass good children, right? Ami comes out and Khushboo is praying there. read full updates daily only at She joins her and asks the God why he made the person who invented math. She then says, everyone makes mistake, even you did, so let’s forgive each other and please pass me in math. Khushboo teases her again and tells her to ask God for money which will be useful to her when she runs away. Ami asks the God for the blessings and some wall falls on her head from the roof. Ami’s dadi tells Shruti, I had told you to get it fixed, next time whole wall will come down. Shruti says everything will be done next week. Dadi asks if she is getting any lottery. Shruti says, insurance money is going to come. Khushboo and Ami also tells Shrui what they want. Shruti then asks Ami to get blessings from her dad too. Ami goes to his photo and takes the blessings.

Shruti, Amit, Khushboo all are set on Shruti’s scooty to go to school. They are going and are stopped by a woman, Jassoo Ben. She asks Shruti if she is going for the results and tells her to brings sweets when coming back. Shruti is getting late, but Jassoo Ben still calls her to give order for something. Ami is irritated with Jassoo Ben. Ami tells Khusbhoo as Jassoo Ben, bad luck, came in their way, her results will definitely be bad. She says, I will have to do something. She decides not to eat Khaman for a year. Khushboo takes out her lunch box which has Khaman and asks Ami, you won’t eat this for a year? Ami says, 1 year is too much right? I won’t eat for 6 months, no 1 month is good enough. Shruti comes back and they leave.

On the road, Ami sees a girl on a bike with his father and it reminds her of her father.

They arrive at the school. Shruti is all set to go with them, but on the last moment she receives a call from her boss who says no for coming late. Ami is happy. Shruti tells Ami to get results for both and take care of her sister. Shruti leaves.

Ami and Khushboo enter the school. Ami is very nervous, scared, and walking very slow. Khusbhoo pulls her and takes her in. They come near Ami’s classroom and Ami says they will take Khushboo’s results first. Khushboo gets her report card and she gets 90%. Ami is now rushing out to the school, but Khusbhoo says, mum said to take results for both of us. She takes her to the classroom.

In the office, Shruti is nervous and is talking with Dadi on the phone. She tells Dadi to call her right away when Ami and Khushboo return. Shruti’s boss comes there. Shruti tries to tell him that it’s results day for her daughters, but he doesn’t listen and asks her to get back to the work.

Ami is crying and eating Khamans as she failed math subject. Khushboo tells her, you said you won’t eat for a month and you broke your promise already. Ami says, so what? God broke his promise too by failing me in math exam. They are going back to home now. They arrive at the house. Ami tells Khushboo to go in and she will come. Khushboo leaves.

Ami comes her Nani’s house. She writes a note and puts it outside her Nani’s house. She rings the doorbell and runs away. Nani reads the note and is shocked.

At home, everyone is worried and waiting for Ami. Khusbhoo tells them that in joke she told Ami to run away if she fails. Dadi tells Khushboo not to blame herself, it’s not her fault. Nani comes in and shows them Ami’s note and says, she ran away. Shruti is shocked. She reads the note. Ami says in the note that she is very bad girl. She didn’t study and now failed in the exam. She says, mum I know you will get hurt a lot, so I am leaving. Shruti is crying and says, how did she think that she is a bad girl. She matters more to me than exams and marks. They turn and find Ami standing there.

Precap: Ami says she was just hiding in the house and was waiting for Shruti to cool down and say that Ami matters more than anything. Shruti gets angry and locks herself in a room. Ami calls her Sanjay uncle and tells him about Shruti.

Update Credit to: priyaa20

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