Savitri 9th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Savitri 9th September 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 9th September 2013 Written Update

Vishkanya identifies Gulika’s men inside mahal
Episode starts with Rahukaal saying to guli and mahamantri that all his powers is in that mani and it must be kept safe as if some1 gets the mani RK will gets weak. Mahamntri asks if RK needs help in tht to which RK says Mahamantri only to help by finding a way for him to marry damyanti. Vishkanya who overhears the conversation finds out that its mahamantri who is guli’s men inside mahal.

Damyanti upset over RK’s arrival but vishkanya manages to cheer her
Damu at room is very angry abour the Prince’s look towards her..She complains to naki and uttara regarding the way the rajkumar looked..Naki says it was as if he likes you and uttara supports saying that perhaps he mi8 have heard of her beauty and sweetness

which made him like you in the very first sight. Damyanti says he is free to think but then she will surely deny him.Vishkany who comes in hears the words and is happy. Nakshatra shouts at vishi for coming in so and overhearing but damyanti says its priyamvadha and that she can be relied. Naki is disappointed. Uttara says that they know damyanti’s decision but then for king’s satisfaction, she needs to meet the prince and spend some time because otherwise she won’t get any reason for rejecting him. Damyanti says a no to it but vishi says that uttara is ri8 and offers help to make it easier for damyanti in fulfilling her wish.

Sugandha traps Veer in her drama against fake Senapati
A lady comes and hands over a letter to Veer which says that Sugandha needs to meet him to give information about chandal singh’s kidnapping. In the Veer is asked to follow the messenger woman and he does so. Reaching a place the messenger woman goes away while Veer come across Sugandha. She thanks veer for coming there but veer says its his duty and asks whats that she has to say. Sugandha all dramatically says that she doubts Senapati ‘s work in chandu’s missing as both of them had a fight other day which ended up in senapati threatening not to spare chandu. She says even she is being followed by men and according to what she heard from them, they have kept chandu in the uttar region of forest. Veer thanks and says that since sugu is followed by men, he shall accompany her to home.Sugu says a no to it and veer leaves to check jungle..Sugu happily says that their plan worked and now nakli senapati will be trapped soon.

RK behind parasmani
RK guli and Vishi is walking to bhojanalay that RK feels uneasiness on way and gulika enquires. RK asked Vishi if she checked parasmani location. RK says perhaps parasmni is near and hence he is feeling weakness. Vishi nodes in yes but Guli says its not ri8 time as if some1 overhears them, then they mi8 be in great problem. RK shouts on Guli that its all fine for him and asks her to go.He adds not to think of him. Gulika disappointedly moves towards bhojanalay.

King Queen, Damu and MM is already there at bhojanalay waiting for Vhandrapan n chandrika . King asks Mahamantri abt rajguru to which he says that rajguru went to check on kaalibhoomi presence. King is worried over kaalibhoomi presence within kingdom. King welcomes Chandrika(gulika) and asks for king to which she says that he shall join soon.

Vishi takes RK to the place where parasmani room entrance starts but then she sees rajguru coming and hides with RK. Rajguru says to his ayyar that he send his best men to check the place of kaalibhoomi presence because he felt his presence was more important inside mahal.

Rajguru suspicious about gulika but fails to identify RK
Rajguru reaches the dining area and repeats same to King. King introduces chandrika and rajguru feels awkward, but then RK enters soon taking the highlight and King welcomes him to start food.

All along dining RK is continuously looking at damyanti. After food king says that next evening damyanti shall take chandrapan for a look at garden from where sunset is beautiful. RK nodes and asks permission to assist damu till her room. King agrees and both starts…

RK tries to impress Damyanti; result: failure
RK starts that he heard about damyanti being a good warrior and asks if they can have a match as he had never lose. Damyanti who is all in veer’s memories won’t utter a word that RK asks again. Damu smiles and says that he never fought with the best warrior of kingdom and thats why he didn’t lose. RK(Chandrapan) says he would be delighted to meet the man.

Damyanti tries to disappoint RK; result: failure
Damyanti asks RK why he wanted to marry her as she is never a perfect princess and starts saying her drawbacks. She says unlike other princess she hates in getting ready, and putting makeup to which RK counter saying she is already beautiful and a smile of her is enough to highlight all her beauty. Damu says she love prajabhojan and says herself to be ghamandi. RK smiles and enquires if she was saying her positive or negative traits.He says he is interested in all this. Damyanti comes up with final idea and asks RK to come closer. She whispers to him that at ni8 she gets transformed to an ugly woman at ni8, and till morning she will be so. Hence none would marry her..
RK smiles at her antiques and asks her to come closer, when he whispers that he sleeps well at ni8 and hence won’t realise all this..Damu is irked and says her room is near and wants to leave..RK agrees. Damyanti moves to her room that RK makes a chutki, which makes damyanti fall…RK takes her in arms nd looks at her all crazily. Damyanti soon frees herself and leaves the place tahnking him.RK announces proudly to himself that he came to the mahal with a promise of making her his and he won’t leave without attaining it.

Damyanti at Veer’s hut but then he realises her sound as to be savitri’s.

Update Credit to: snowdream

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