Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 11th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 11th December 2013 Written Episode, Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 11th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with ami coming and telling prabha sorry. Ami then comes and tells prabha sorry by praying her hands at her and telling her that she will not repeat such a mistake again. Then prabha forgives her. then dad tells that’s good. Then prabha tells that everyone thinks that her heart is small but she is very kind. Then ami says to herself in her mind that she did not tells sorry from inside her heart but on shruti’s saying and one day she will show everyone prabha’s real image. Then prabha tells that now they should go for dinner. Then sanjay tells shruti that he did not think that mom and ami’s dispute will get over so fast. Then dad tells that shruti has proved that she is a good mother. Prabha goes on the terrace and is

remembering how shruti became the daughter in law and that her plan failed of not making her daughter in law. Then riddhi calls prabha on the phone and then prabha says “hello” in an angry voice, riddhi tells that is she angry. Then prabha tells that yes because of shruti, riddhi tells that did she do a new plan, prabha tells that shruti is very cunning and that she has played very smartly. She then tells riddhi everything and then riddhi tells that slowly shruti will take her place. Then prabha tells that she knows but she will not let that happen and that she will put shruti in such a trap that she will not be able to come out from that.

Next morning the sweeping maid comes and prabha tells her to go, the maid tells that she has come early then mom tells that go and just take a holiday today and then gives her money and tells her that if anyone asks then tells that she was not feeling well. Then prabha takes the broom and starts sweeping the house and then she says loudly that the maid is absent and all maids are such lazy and that she is very tires. Shruti listens and then tells prabha that she will do the sweeping and all the work. Prabha acts and tells that no as how will she do all the work. Then shruti tells that she will do and prabha goes smiling cunningly. Shruti takes that brooms and then sweeps the floor and then takes the mop and then swipes the floor and then sits on the sofa tired. Then prabha who is seeing from up tells shruti that there are clothes also and who will do it. Shruti tells she will do and she goes and does it. After sometime prabha’s friends come and shruti opens the door. Then prabha calls shruti that she forgot that her friends are going to come and she did not make food and that parul has gone out and shani also and how will she do it? Then she tells that they should order from outside or….shruti tells no and tells that she will make it. Then parul comes from the market and then prabha takes her aside and tells that she forgot that her friend were going to come for kitty party and that she did not make food and that she had also gone out and shani also so shruti told that she will do and that she is doing by herself. Then prabha tells that she had to say yes as she was forced to allow shruti to do the work so she said yes and that it is not her(parul) work to do as she cant do household work together. Then parul feels insulted and is jealous of shruti. Then she goes at the door of the kitchen and sees shruti and tells to herself in mind that shruti is interested in doing work so let her do and now that she is not doing so I will rest.

Then a jeweler comes and gives prabha a platinum bangle and goes. Prabha tells him thanks. She then shows to her friend that she made for trisha. Ami and khushboo see from behind. Prabha keeps the bangle on the table. Then khushboo also tells ami that she is going to washroom. Then ami gets up to take the bangle and see it. Then she goes and takes the bangle on the table and wears it when prabha catches her hand and removes the bangle and tells that the thing that does not belong to her should not be touched by her. then she tells her to go and ami goes. Then prabha tells friends that how many times she has scolded this girl but she does not listen. Then prabha tells that lets play cards and they all start to play. Behind ami says to herself in mind that she will not leave prabha and that will teach her a lesson and that prabha is very miser on money and she will teach her a lesson or else her name will not be ami. Shruti brings out the breakfast and then everyone eat the dhoklas made by her. they all like it and tells it is very soft and tasty. Sanjay comes home. Prabha asks why so early he tells that he did not wanted to miss her kitty party. Then all friends give shruti shagun as money. Then sanjay takes shruti at the dinner table and is going to tells something when prabha comes to show the bangle made for trisha. Then she opens the case when sees that it is vanished and not inside the case.

Precap: prabha Is knocking ami’s room door and banging it and telling her to come out and then dad comes and asks what happened, prabha is still banging the door.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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