Jee Le Zara 11th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Jee Le Zara 11th December 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 11th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Nani asking Dhruv to talk to them. Dhruv says he was just teaching Saanchi how to clean the kitchen. Nani tells him that you went on a date with Saanchi and have introduced Saanchi to your friends. She asks him to proceed further. Dhruv says he is ready and asks for Saanchi’s opinion. Saanchi says Dhruv’s parents shall accept the proposal. Dhruv says he will talk to his mom. Saanchi asks Dhruv to talk to his mom after she returns from the tour. Dhruv tells nani and aaji that Saanchi cares for his mom and he is sure that his mom will love her. Saanchi comes to her room and cries. Dhruv comes and tells her that you stopped me from talking to my mom. Dhruv tells her that he just loves her. Saanchi says but Ankita loves you. Dhruv asks her to fight for her love

along with him. Saanchi says it is a vast difference in our worlds. Dhruv says yes and says he is brave and you are a coward. Saanchi says their love story is difficult and says Ankita is of same age as his but Dhruv says he likes a older girl.

Saanchi says your mom likes Ankita. Dhruv says but my mom loves me and will definitely accept my love. Dhruv says he loves her so much. Saanchi asks, why? Dhruv says he doesn’t know why he loves her so much and says he wants to spend his life with her trying to search a answer of this question. Saanchi melts and hugs her emotionally. Dhruv romances with her while Saanchi is trying to go. Saanchi tells him that Aaji came. Dhruv leaves her. Dhruv tells her that he will show his romantic side after marriage. He falls on the bed with her….jee le zara plays….while they get close. Dhruv asks for a kiss, but Saanchi refuses saying it is wrong. Dhruv does some poetry and says if their love is not wrong then kiss is also not wrong. Dhruv closes his eyes and is about to kiss Saanchi but Saanchi pushes him. She tells him to wait. Dhruv tells her that she is testing his patience and says he will get a kiss anyway.

Nani asks Aaji to have medicine. Aaji says she is upset with her and asks, why you didn’t fight with me when I told you are guest. Nani says you was angry then. Aaji says you should have fight with me but you had decided to leave the house. She tells her, why she thought to go. She tells Nani never to leave the house. They cries and make up. Aaji asks Nani to call Prachi. Sunil comes and tells Prachi that he will attend the call and asks Prachi to go outside. His mom looks on. Sunil picks the call and tells them that he can’t give the call to Prachi and gives the call to his mom. Sunil’s mom speaks to Nani and tells that her daughter in law have become a topic of discussion. Aaji takes the call, Sunil mom tells them that she couldn’t allow Prachi to talk to them and insults Saanchi. Aaji says it is nothing like that. Sunil’s mom insults even more and asks aaji to let Prachi be away from Saanchi. Aaji cries, Nani gives her courage and asks her not to worry.

Dhruv comes and sees them tensed. He asks, what happened? Aaji tells him that their reputation is stolen. Nani tells him about Prachi’s mom in law words. Dhruv says they are small minded people. Saanchi tells him that it does matter to them. Dhruv tells her that small minded people are in every society and says he has a solution. He says everyone will keep quiet after their alliance gets fixed. Dhruv says he will talk his Dad after he returns from US and asks them to get a locks to close everyone’s mouth. Aaji and Nani smiles.

Dhruv asks Saanchi, if she is ready. Saanchi nods shyly. Dhruv proceeds to kiss her.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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