Kesari Nandan 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kesari caught in a storm

Kesari Nandan 12th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Hanumant saying Kala has committed a suicide. Zoravar says I have killed Kala. Bijli gets shocked. Bhairav reads the letter of Kala’s crime confession and suicide. Hanumant sees Kala’s torn uniform and says Kesari got this medals, maybe its of Kala’s uniform, it means Kala has done all this. Bhairav says he is dead, how will we take revenge. Hanumant says Kesari is safe now, her life isn’t in danger. Bijli says he was your friend. Zoravar says he could have become my enemy, I killed him.

He recalls leaving the proof and then killing Kala by feeding him the poison. He says I m planting drugs here, we will reap it and get more money, none should know this, especially Rana ji. She nods. He says see how I ruin Hanumant’s family, I will become Dhanwa’s king. Pappu says its good that kidnapper is found. Kesari says I feel something is wrong, Kala was not so foolish, why will he commit suicide. Pappu says yes, right. Zoravar hears the news of the sand storm approaching neighbor villages. He goes and sees Kesari. Madhavi asks Kesari not to worry and think of giving statement to police.

She says I will ask your dad to take us for lunch. Kesari says I will call Kalki and invite. Zoravar says Bijli, this storm will come as a blessing for me. Kalki says you think I will accept your invitation, how can you think. Kesari says you are a sportsman, you should come. Kalki says no way. Pappu says I told you not to call her. Hanumant says Madhavi, I can’t come, I have to testify for Kala’s death incident, Kala has done wrong with Jagat and Kesari, he tried to kill Kesari, Jagat got handicapped because of him. Madhavi says you care for Kesari, thanks, go to Jaisalmer and take Kesari out when you return. He says fine, thanks. She smiles.

He says Kesari really wants to go. She says yes. He says then we will keep her heart. He calls Zoravar and asks him to take Kesari and friends for lunch. He says I m going out for a day. Zoravar gets happy. He says fine, I will take her. Madhavi says but the storm news…. Hanumant says storm isn’t coming in this village. He goes. Zoravar says our work will be done. Hanumant and Bhairav are on the way. Bhairav sings and laughs. He plays radio. Ek pyaar ka nagma….plays… Hanumant asks is the storm coming this way. Bhairav asks him not to worry. Zoravar takes Kesari and her friends to the dhaba and asks them to give the order. Zoravar checks news. He says I will just come, I will get a good surprise for you. The man calls him and asks for drugs. Zoravar says let me save my life first. He bids bye to Kesari. He leaves.

Kesari and her friends see the windy storm. Hanumant and Bhairav hear the storm news. Bhairav stops the jeep. Hanumant says it means storm is coming in Dhanwa’s direction, Kesari went out with her friends. Bhairav says I will take the car back. Hanumant says I will call Madhavi, phone isn’t connecting. Bhairav drives in high speed. Madhavi asks Jagat to call Zoravar. They hear the warning about the sand storm. Zoravar comes and asks did Kesari come home, I m worried. Madhavi worries. Jagat says I will come. Madhavi says no, you stay at home. Bijli says you don’t go out in storm. Madhavi runs out. Zoravar smiles.

Kesari and her friends eat food. Pappu feels the spice and shouts water. Pappu drinks water. Kalki comes laughing. Kesari gets angry. Kalki argues with them. They see the sand storm approaching. Kesari asks them to get in. Pappu gets unwell. Kesari asks Kalki to take Pappu with her, he is unwell. Kalki says get lost. She leaves in the car. Kesari worries for Pappu. Kesari asks him not to worry, he will get fine. People run here and there. Kesari asks them to get inside the kitchen. The people say this isn’t a safe place, we should hide somewhere else. Kesari asks the man to help Pappu. The lady asks her to give honey and haldi to Pappu. Kesari feeds honey and haldi to Pappu. Kesari asks the girls to go, she will be with Pappu. The dhaba kitchen roof gets falling down. The people shout and run out. The girls say how will we manage, the wind is so strong. Kesari sees a rope.

The bus gets stuck near the cliff. Kesari asks them not to move and try to go ahead. Kesari is left alone in the bus. The door gets locked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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